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League of Legends Build Guide Author OverzealousAxe

Ashe - Yes, You Are A Carry

OverzealousAxe Last updated on June 14, 2010
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This guide is intended to showcase my personal play style when using Ashe. I was told the other day by someone that "Ashe is not a carry because she doesn't have an aoe stun" so I set out to prove this person wrong. Obviously this is not the end-all, be-all, "this is the only way to play her" Ashe guide, but I've had great success using it.

Summoner Spells
Flash - One of the most useful summoner abilities for Ashe. Ashe is very squishy, so Flash can be used to get away from someone and slow them, but it can also be used to tower dive someone and flash out. Increases her mobility greatly.
*Note: Flash can be replaced with Ghost if preferred to allow for a more prolonged mobility increase. I personally run Flash because I like the fact that it is an instant jump.

Ignite - Extra damage. That's what Ignite is good for obviously. Useful to make sure someone dies when you hit them with Enchanted Crystal Arrow. Makes early kills much easier to get, and the sooner you start getting kills the better off you'll be.

*As a note. I've seen lots of Ashes that use the whole Enchanted Crystal Arrow + Teleport trick to get kills. I stray from this because I find it makes Ashe very dependent on this technique. People learn to rely on it far too much, but it is very easy to dodge if you know what to watch for, rendering it fairly useless as a gank technique.

Pretty standard DPS mastery build. 6 into defense for the extra armor and magic resist to make you a little less squishy, and 3 into utility to help your mana and health regeneration, especially early in the game. Between these three points and your runes you can pretty much spam Volley without ever running out of mana.

Armor Penetration for your Marks and Quintessences. Ashe does all physical damage except for with her ult, so armor penetration is a huge boost. Between runes and masteries you have pretty much 100% armor penetration against enemies at the start of the game, giving you a nice advantage over them.

Glyphs and Seals of Clarity. Some may argue with this, but by doing this you get enough mana regeneration to sustain you the entire game without any items. Some like to put dodge runes into their yellow slots, which is acceptable, but if you do this you need to watch your mana a little more closely.

Basic Priority list for Ashe:
R > W > Q > E

Frost Shot lets you slow your enemies to catch up to them. This is good throughout the entire game to help you get kills.

Volley is extra damage - extra damage is good obviously.

Plentiful Bounty is ****. The extra gold is negligible, so this skill should be taken only once you've maxed everything else out. By this time you should be able to wreck minions, so it becomes a factor, but especially early game you aren't killing enough minions for it to matter. (In the first 10 minutes I usually average around 50-60 minion kills, so it would only amount to an extra say, 100g, even if I was focusing on it)

Enchanted Crystal Arrow is your bread and butter. Does great damage, especially early on, and provides a stun effect. Use it to go in for the kill. Arrow, hit them, volley, ignite, and watch them die. If you've been harassing well, as soon as you hit level 6 you should have a kill, if not sooner.

Play Style
Rule #1: Take mid. You are the carry for your team, and you need to hit level 6 ASAP to start getting those kills racked up. You'll have enough health and damage with the Doran's Blade to do well at mid.

Early Game
Start with your Doran's Blade and a Health Potion. Save your first shot for the enemy champion, even if it means waiting a while. Since your first shot will guaranteed be a crit, you can hit someone for over 100 damage with that first shot alone and put them on their heels right away. Combine that with a volley and most people will be at half health from the start.

Harass with volley and auto shots, making sure to last hit minions as much as possible. If the enemy is being exceptionally aggressive, don't be afraid to go for a kill before level 6. Preferably keep them far enough away that they aren't getting experience from the minion kills, so that you overlevel them too.

Once you've gotten one or two kills, Recall back and grab your boots.

Mid Game
By now you should have a few kills under your belt and be quite overleveled compared to the rest of the field. Your next priority is to build Infinity Edge, and start obliterating people. If the lanes are doing well on their own ganks, stick with mid and push. If not, go wipe out an enemy lane and push that one. The name of the game at this point is hitting someone with your arrow, and then taking them down in a couple of hits.

After Infinity Edge build Last Whisper for some extra attack speed and armor penetration. As discussed earlier, armor penetration is very helpful for Ashe. The extra attack speed will ensure that your target stays slowed as well.

Next you have to decide between Bloodthirster and Black Cleaver. If you are taking lots of hits for for the lifesteal. If the opponents have a lot of armor, the cleaver. It's up to you - just use your judgement.

Late Game
By now the enemy should be scared of you. That mean's you will be targeted first, so stand back and don't initiate. Build the other between Bloodthirster and Black Cleaver to pump your damage even higher.

If the game is really dragging on, sell your Doran's Blade in favor of a Phantom Dancer. The extra move speed, crit, and attack speed will make you even more deadly.

If you play your cards right, and you have a decent team, you can easily carry your team to victory. Ashe is one of the best carries, even if she is extremely easy to play. Any questions, comments, concerns, etc are more than welcome. Thanks for reading!