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Assasin Evelynn

Last updated on November 24, 2010
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Evelynn Build

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So, Evelynn. One of the most fragile champions, and a meeler to boot. With her ultimate, malice and spite, she can be one of the fastest champions, and I play to abuse that. I use her as an assassin- I find half hp or lower people, and I finish them off. It doesn't matter where they are, bushes, standing next to a tower, I've even killed people inside their own base, with all the tower up, and gotten away clean. She's difficult though.

A note of her skills:

Hate Spike: This is your farming skill, and the skill you use to proc lichbane. It has, with just a little bit of cooldown reduction/blue golem buff a half second cooldown. Too bad it only takes a fraction of your AP into account, and isn't that strong, but you can spam the heck out of it. Does that little bit of extra damage.

Shadow walk: Your lifesaver. Most of my deaths occur while this is on cooldown, cooldown reduction is gotten primarily for this skill, so I can cloak again faster. When you snipe someone from a team of people, they are going to try to hunt you down. You will be running as fast as you can, until you can cloak. Then laugh as all 4 of them are standing in the bush you're in. (Keep running if they have oracles.)

Ravage: A lovely, lovely skill that will take off a giant chunk of your opponent's hp- if they're below 1/2, and not a tank, it can finish them outright. It uses 100% of your AP, so all the AP you can get is good.

Malic and Spite: completely underrated in my opinion. It almost reads "dive target tower"- here's how it works. Passively, killing someone or getting an assist gives a large chunk of life back, starting at 350. Activating it gives a move speed/attack speed boost. Whenever an enemy champion dies, the cooldown refreshes, and you can use it again. It does NOT stack with itself. Whenever I get a kill, I immediately activate it to get the heck away from their team. Whenever I see a potential kill, or need to get somewhere, I activate it. Once midgame starts, you'll rarely need it and not have it, as the cooldown looks at all champions dying. For tower diving: the life boost means you can survive an extra shot or two that you couldn't otherwise. The speed boost means you take fewer shots. This all adds up to taking only one shot moving in, getting a life boost that'll eat the second shot, and hopefully being out of range by then.

Summoner skills:

Ghost: A must. This is a very mobile, getting around type build/playstyle. You have to be able to get where you're going fast.

The second skill is up to you- I personally use ignite to help me with the early game, all possible options:

Ignite: Helps in the early game when you need that tiny bit of extra damage. My personal favorite (for now)

Smite: Helps farm in the early game (which Evelynn desperately needs), also, you can snipe the golem from the opponent's jungler (if you decide not to just flat out kill him)

Flash: OMFG I need to get out. Rarely used offensively, as you're dang fast. Adds a bit to Evelynn's survivability if you're new with her.

The rest, =S. I don't really see a need for any of them.


I rush Mejai's. I generally dislike the item, as people seeing you with it, and seeing it get big will try to focus you. Evelynn's my exception to my "no snowball" rule, as she's very, very difficult to hunt down and kill. (provided that you learn how to stay alive). I've experimented with rushing lich bane, but I found I didn't have the AP to actually kill people.

Boots of mobility: you need to get around fast. Your ultimate + these boots + ghost (for when you really need to move fast) you can break almost 600 move speed. So, you see a fight going on across the map, you can get there in time to finish the person off.

Lichbane: The last core item. This essentially doubles your burst (not quite, more like 80%), and has the effect of every two seconds, your AP is added to your attack. (Since you can spam hate spike faster than that). This means your first kick will do massive damage against someone (after the opening), and two seconds later, the next kick will do massive damage. This item is needed.

After the core, it's up to you. Some item choices that I've found work are listed below:

Zhonya's ring: I almost always gte this for the massive AP boost. I can think of one situation to activate it, when you're stuck in the middle of their team, for whatever reason, and you're team is fighting them, and you can't run. In ~70 games, I've never activated it.

Deathfire Grasp- combined with hex gunblade, you get one of the highest bursts possible. You open with a regular attack to stun, DFG them, ravage, kick, gunblade, hate spike (all hitting close to the same time), and you deal a LOT of damage. I've been able to take 80% off of a tank with this.

Void staff: 40% magic penetration? Yes please. Get this over abyssal specter- you'll rarely be with your team to take advantage of it.

Rylai's: If things are going all wrong, and for whatever reason, you need a bit of extra survivability/you want to be able to slow your opponents. I've only gotten this when fighting another Evelynn, at which point I grabbed an oracles and stuck with my team.

Runes: I know very little about runes, I'll be honest. Please don't downvote just because of this- I'd suspect early game survivability, flat AP, and possibly move speed would be best. (HP quints, flat AP across the board, maybe a mana section) Early game is your biggest issue, late game you're fine- rune as you must to be able to get through it. I'm open to suggestions about them.

Early game: You want to focus on last hitting minions. You're very, very fragile, and a great target. I have been able to get away with ganks at level 1- thus the ignite. You can hop up a lane, and go for that fast gank. If your opponent has a jungler, and you've picked smite, you can hide in the bushes and steal the blue buff, or you can try to flat out kill the jungler.

As for the lane I pick: If I'm on bottom, I'll pick the top lane. If I spawn on top, I'll lane on the bottom. The reason for this is the round-about rush distance to the tower- It's easier to get to the tower from behind picking lanes this way. You CAN tower dive once you have your ultimate, as long as you know you can finish it with one hit. (And considering how much ravage does, one hit is a lot). If you get your opponents low, rush behind the tower, quickly see if they're running back still- if they are, give chase till the second tower (being cloaked all the time!! It won't work if they know you're there XD). If they run all the way past their second tower, not much you can do. If they choose to "hide" in the bushes, go in and kill them. Stand next to the first or second tower, kill them. Your ultimate will give you the life and speed boost needed to survive this, assuming your opponents don't see you coming. Knowing if you can actually one shot them or not takes lots of practice.

Keep an eye out for weakened people in other lanes, and I have a preference for randomly cloaking. This can keep people off of your tower if you're mid, or if you're in a side lane, it gives you time to reach another lane before MIA is called. If they call MIA every time you cloak... boy who cried wolf. They'll start getting less wary of "evelynn MIA" calls, and then you have a chance. Or they'll be wary every time, and not push out. Good teammates are needed for hunting down weakened players.

Ganking a bunch, even with boots of moblity/teleport to help you out will result in a level deficit. Once in awhile, stop, go jungle/solo a lane to get those levels back, then go back to what you were doing. You can't gank someone 5 levels higher than you with much success.

Team fights: If they're smart, they'll have two people with oracles, they won't travel alone, and they'll have a healing support to prevent anyone from getting too low on HP. Any one of those missing, and you have free reign. Ask your teammates to focus down people with oracles. When a fight occurs, I'm not with my team- I'm generally hiding in the bushes/jungle behind the fight, waiting for people with lowered hp to head back to base. The moment one does, I go and kill them, then run back to the bushes to stop them from hunting me. I'll run around, getting in position while cloak cools down, then repeat. I've gotten 4 people one after another like this- the last person my team killed off. If the person with oracles is weakened, and in a team, hit your ultimate and ghost, and sprint for the kill. You have a move speed of ~600, and not too many people have the reflexes to manage to kill you before you finish off the oracles person- then try to run. If your team is good, they'll also engage.

If you get in a fight with someone, and you find you can't actually drop them, don't be afraid to run. You can outrun anyone (without crowd control), and take advantage of this. I had a sivir run from me once, starting at the top tower. I cloaked and followed. I caught up, and she died. After 5 seconds, remember, your boots of mobility go to move speed 5, and your ultimate also provides a nice speed boost. You can't run from Evelynn. (I've caught a fleeing teemo with his move speed activated) If there's a squishy in a team, and they have no oracles and limited CC, you can move in, drop the squishy from full, and bail, late game.

Rage: You will cause a lot of it. Mostly from the other team, as they thought they were safe, and suddenly they died. (Boom, headshot ^^). I've had an entire team raging at me (and my own team at the same time). Your own team, if they don't know Evelynn very well, will rage at you. Rage that you just "last shot" people, and nothing else, (partly true, you do your best to finish off people), rage that you don't stay in fights (you hit, you kill, you run your *** off- you're too fragile to stand and fight). Ignore it.

Notes: You're a support character, not a tank, not a carry, not anything else. You just play differently from other supports. Evelynn is EXTREMELY DIFFICULT to learn and play- it took me 30 games before I was getting a positive kill-death ratio. Please don't downvote just because you tried this, and died horribly your first game. The first dozen games or so you will most likely die horribly, it's part of the nature of playing Evelynn. However, after early game, you rarely, if ever, die. I've gone games where I haven't died at all, and gotten 18 kills. My first time using her I ended up with something like 1/16/5. Please leave feedback how this worked for you, and remember: you need practice with Evelynn. This isn't twitch. If downvoting you must, please leave feedback as to why, along with any suggestions you may have.