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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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Attack speed/ Ap hybrid lulu

Last updated on March 9, 2014
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Hi, My name is General Morte and I am a Gold player in the LAN servers. This guide is how I build lulu. The use of attack speed allows you to do constant damage, very similar to an adc damage late game. I have a 52% win rate with lulu and most of the matches I have lost with her are because I played her support which is not my forte.

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Pros and cons

Good damage and great harass early.
A lot of utility.
Very mobile.

Abilities don't scale to well.
weaker late game if controlled early.
squishy (kinda)

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Your passive: your passive is amazing, it gives you a ton of extra damage early and scales pretty well into late. This passive is the reason we build lulu as an attack speed character. Remember that minions can block the damage done by pix however.

Q: Your bread and butter spell. Great wave clear, amazing slow, tons of damage. Enough said.
Late game it'll make catching up with you EXTREMELY difficult.

W: great spell; when used on yourself it gives you a lot of movement speed. Use it on yourself if you're facing skill shot champs and leave them in the dust, gragas barrels ahri balls; they're a thing of the past. Practice makes perfect I guess. Use it on the enemy if he is an assassin or he needs an ability to get away. (eg. Lee sin Zed or kassadin) Use it on the enemy jungler trying to steal baron/dragon and remove pressure from your jungler. EZ SMITE GG!

E: A sheild on yourself or some damage and reveal on the enemy. Sheilding yourself is pretty straight forward. Using it on an enemy takes out stealth, so using it on vayne early in the fight wrecks her, or twitch, or akali. A little tip is that when you use the E on an enemy it will put pix on them. This means your passive will connect no matter what. Early game use this on your enemy and then auto attack for tons of damage.

R: your ult. Save people yeah or better yet, initiate. This is what your teamcomp is for. we'll talk about this in the teamwork section.

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Athene's for cooldown and mana regen.
Nashor's for the autoattack buff and attack speed.
Rabadon's for AP
BOTRK for the active and the extra auto attack damage. It'll make it hard to build defenses for you because you'll be dealing both ap and ad.
Consider swithching Athene's for Tear into manamune. it deals a lot of damage but you'll run out of mana early

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Anything with a strong AOE initiate that you can follow up with your ult.
kha zix.
pretty much anything, just make sure to ult them when they're surrounded and knock everyone up

After the initial battle has begun your job is to help the ADC kill whatever he's killing or anything close to you. keep auto-attacking. Actually, now that I think about it until you get some ap or nashor's tooth prioritize waiting for your cooldowns and not using your auto attacks unless your target takes damage. Once you have nashor's and BOTRK you will do damage to anyone.

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Ok here goes. Every lane I have faced so far is a skill matchup but difficult matchups include.

Annie: she is easy early levels once she gets 6 she has the potential of one shotting you despite of your defensive abilities. You might survive but you won't be able to deal damage to her. with your E.

Cassiopeia: She lands her ult you're dead. Unless you W her before she can stun you. and even then your ult might not save you.

Kassadin: he takes all your damage pretty well, consider rushing BOTRK to get past his passive.
His silence is annoying but you can use your W before he silences you making it an even thing except you can auto him.

Gragas: He takes all your damage pretty well too. He hurts if he touches you, make sure he doesn't. farm and push, be cautious ward and wait for your jungler. He will outscale you if you let him.

Yasuo: hard to harass, he can kill you and be annoying. he isn't that hard just W him if he ults you and you'll survive. Killing him however is another story.

Any other champions can counter you by bursting you down with chained cc. Know your limits there's a thin line between what you can and can't do

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Thanks for reading. Post your results with my guide and I hope you like it.