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League of Legends Build Guide Author Chaotic Bliss

Avoidance Teemo

Chaotic Bliss Last updated on December 7, 2010
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Im not the best with Teemo, but I know that he can be a pain in the *** to play against. He was free one day and I decided I would give him a try. He is kinda like in the fact he is a ranged physical dmg champ. So I rolled him with my ArP set up. And it was fun. But than I thought that Teemo is just to squishy. And this is what I came up with.

Masteries & Summoner Spells

Ive taken the more tanky route and went with 0/21/9 build. This build will make him less squishy and as time goes on, he will gain AS through Ardor. Most Teemo builds are about stacking AS, so I figured if it aint broke done fix it.

Ive taken and . This is named Avoidance Teemo, and these will help you avoid trouble. The reason behind is the ability to go anywhere on the map. You can port to any friendly non-champion (minions, turrets, wards, and SHROOMS), so dropping multiple Shrooms in key locations can help you transverse the map in seconds. is self explainatory lol.

This set up makes more durible and always able to get out of a tough spot.


Most players like to start with , but I like to start with . Think of this as a mini Exhaust minus the slowing effect. They cant hit you if they cant see you ;) And for that reason Ive made this my 3/5 skill at LvL5. And since this is all bout mobility and avoidance, it only makes sense to have it.

I have one rank of each spell at LvL3. Dot and movement speed are great to have early game. Movement in SR is important, and if Teemo can make it anywhere, than there is trouble.

I work next and last.

NOTE: SHOULD BE PLACED IN KEY LOCATIONS AS SOON AS ITS UP. Put these by Dragon, Nashor, Buffs, and River.

Runes These runes are a lil different for Teemo.

Marks Ive taken ArP. These will help since Teemo is a phsyical dmg champion. His Auto-Attack I mean. So these marks arent a bad idea. Plus this is build also benefits from AS, faster attacks that negate armor is a good thing.

Seals I got Dodge. Nothing is more annoying than a Teemo you cant hit ;) As for as melee champs go anyway. When it comes to casters, these might not help as much. Never-the-less, Ive taken Dodge Seals

Glyphs Ive taken Health per LvL. This will help with his duribility.

Quintessences movement speed. This will help him on his road to uber mobility. Getting from lane to lane will not be an issue ;)


is your first item. Why you may ask? Well it gives you great stats, plus its active adds to the mobility and AS of the build. Now even though its only a 4s duration, that 4s can help you deal a great amount of dmg, AND give you a lil more speed to chase or get away. Plus its a good way to get shrooms where they need to be. Its all about getting where needs to be.

is next on the list. Great AS, and an awesome passive. Teemo doesnt hit too hard, but when he is attacking fast and the target has little to no armor, those hits will seem hard. Its also fairly cheap to build. You can build this or Ghostblade first. Your choice.

is always gonna be your third item. NEVER should it come before or [icon=Last Whisper size=30. Main reason is, you wont have enough points in to get the great dmg from their combined on hit effects. Most players will say > , but the way and work together is just sweet sweet synergy

x2 will be what you need to around this build off. The extra speed, crit, and dodge cap off the avoidance you are looking for. This is one of those items that everyone uses, so if it aint broke dont fix it.

are taken for the avoidance and duribility factors. If you find that there is a lot of CC. are better for you.

Other items can be , , Wits End, , , to name a few.

Game Play

Early Game

You will be harassing the hell out of everyone. Take and and head to your lane. This will be a great mid lane build. You will want to keep on your target as much as possible. That will give you time to get a few seconds of free farming.

At LvL2 get . This will help you farm a lot better, and your harassment power will be great too. Make sure that you watch the map. If someone is mia, they might be coming to shut you down.

Now once you've had your fun and go back to get some items, make sure that or is first. can wait. You want to get as much dmg before going for uber AS. It will work better I promise. You will get a total of about 180ish dmg if you get and before . That is with one rank of . It only gets better as the game goes on.

Mid Game

You will be working on and s in this game. You should be doing great in all ways. Your Shrooms should be all over the map, you're mobility will help you set up ganks, get to mates to help or to save, and with shrooms everywhere, your team will have map control. I cant stress enough the power of your Shrooms. Putting a small collection of them around dragon, baron, and buffs can help you with control. You and others with telephone can port to those locations. You might lose a few shrooms in the process but thats why you put extra down ;)

Late Game

This is where you will be a ghost. You will be able to go from one side of the map to the other in a flash. You wont even need to use You may not even need boots. Just keep setting up shrooms and controlling the map and victory will be yours.

1v1 & Jungling

is one of the best 1v1 champs out there. Once you get past his squishiness lol. His passive is a great way to engage someone, and if he is scouting, than he will be sure to get the drop on someone. The power of his AS, mobility, and synergy between and will be just too much. Jungling you will want the buffs. All the buffs. Golem for CDR(SR), Lizard for extra dmg, Wraith for speed (TT), Wolf for AS(TT), and Baron(SR) cuz it just looks cool.

Ganking & Team Pushes

Ganking is gonna be something that you excel at. Tele-Ganking using shrooms, and ward if you took , will make you seem like you hacking. Enjoy the QQ its gonna be funny. Also, you will be able to flank with your mobility. They might think you are running away, but you will just be turning around and flanking them. Its good stuff being a scout.

Team pushing will be like ganking. Keep moving and use them shrooms. Remember a well placed shroom can give your team and edge. You will be dishing out so much DPS that you will be hated the whole game lol

Friends & Enemies

Friends are anyone that can slow, stun, or taunt. As long as they arent beating on you you will be ok. And with you will doing them a favor and saving them from incoming dmg. Phsyical dmg anyway.

Enemies... EVERYONE!

NOTE: if you like this, Ill be working on an AP and a Tanky soon. Those will be fun