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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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Azir Conquest

Last updated on July 11, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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A Little About Me

Hi my name is godfl0w this is my first guide! I'm currently sitting at Plat 2 and believe I can make diamond this season. I recently picked up Azir and felt compelled to play him because of his high skill ceiling and difficulty. He is now one of my most played champs and I feel that I have a good understanding of his kit and playstyle. I hope you can learn a thing or two about Shurima!

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Pros and Cons

-Strong laner
-God like late game
-Can clear waves with low mana
-Can make game changing plays
-High skill cap
-Kills baron super fast

-Early damage is meh
-High skill cap
-Super farm dependent
-Early mana problems

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Abilities and Summoners

Starting the game
You always max Q first on Azir, putting points into his ult when you can. I prefer to level E to level 3 after maxing Q and after champion level 11 I max W. W max over E actually gives you higher damage as you can have 3 soldiers up more of the time with its reduced cooldown. You want to use Azir's passive either when you have taken their tower and are still trying to pressure them (be sure to ward up if you're doing this by yourself), or when your team has grouped and preparing to team fight.

I always take a defensive summoner spell on Azir as there shouldn't be too many times you'll be in range for ignite. The other reason is every second longer Azir can stay alive he does incredible damage, way more than ignite will do. Barrier is the best all around defensive summoner for Azir.

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Starting the game
So let me explain a little more in depth about my item choices. Beginning the game I almost always start doran's ring and 2 pots, flask is also viable it depends whether or not you are playing against an aggressive match up like leblanc for example. Doran's is best for melee match ups and weaker laners.

First back
On your first back I pick up another dorans ring if I'm not going morello to help sustain better, and to help lane dominance.

Core Items
The ap item rework effected Azir quite a bit, a lot of items are just better on him now. One of those being Rylais due to it slowing a lot more for aoe abilities. If you end up going Lyandris the synergy is great. The ap boost nashor's got makes it a better purchase than morello, because it gives you not only a better early and mid game but a better late game as well as most of the time you usually end up selling morello for nashor's when you get full build.

Late mid game
If you're farmed or fed enough you'll be getting this around 30 minutes, pretty standard ap items, don't need much explanation.

Last items and other options
If your against heavy AP poke or multiple AP threats abyssal is a good pick up say after nashors, if you want the highest possible DPS Lyandris is the best option especially against tanky champions. If you feel like your getting dove a lot or are going to be doing a lot of Shurima shuffling Zhonya's is solid.

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Gameplay (Combos)

Early game
This probably the hardest thing I found learning the champ, is how to play the laning phase effectively. I watched plenty of pro stream and found this is how its done.
As soon as you get in to lane you want to start pushing the wave with your W, place your soldier near their melee minions in a way that hits all three if possible. Once the melees are cleared do the same with the casters. If you're against a melee match up you want to be autoing them as much as you can with basic attacks and soldiers if they are in range. Be sure to continue harassing melees at tower once you've pushed them in at level 1. You'd be surprised how much health you can chip away with basic aa. It takes 7 minions to get level 2 so as the second wave roles in (6 minions in each) try not to push as much and only use autos to last hit. This is the key, you don't want to be using your mana on the wave anymore causing it to shove. As soon as you hit level 2 just last hit with basic autos and W>Q aa them when they try to last hit. A lot times people will get complacent and forget your soldiers zone or not walk far enough out, be sure to punish them with a soldier aa every time they step in range. Be sure to try and always have a soldier charge ready to escape and as I said dont push the wave after level 2 as before it was not possible to get ganked. DO NOT GIVE UP CS OVER HARASS. Probably the most important thing is having good cs with Azir.

Once you are 6 you can start looking for a Shurima shuffle. The best way to do this is to chip your opponent down with a E>Q aa as you did at level 2 and still only last hitting with basic aa until they are at about 3/4 health. When you think you are ready make sure you have soldier out and try to have it by their caster minions. As soon as they get to close to your soldier just E to your soldier and before reaching it Q to extend your dash distance and try to collide with them. Ult them back away from their tower and place another soldier where they got displaced to by your ult. The way to maximize your dashes distance is by "E"ing and timing your Q when your as close to the soldier mid dash as possible.

[b]Mid Game[/b]
Just keep farming and harassing, bank on your late game strength and just try to get as much cs as possible. Try to roam when possible but do not give up CS to do it. If you can, coordinate shurima shuffles with your jungler. Ward up.

Late Game
Late game is when Azir truly shines, he plays very much like an adc. Position smartly and just try to attack the nearest possible target. Fighting in narrow areas is very good for Azir. It usually isn't the greatest idea to shurima shuffle in teamfights unless you've built a Zhonya's or someone is severely out of position. If anyone manages to get on to you ult them back. Try to sneak objectives with your jungler if you have good map vision, the jungler and Azir can kill baron and drag disgustingly fast.