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Twisted Fate Build Guide by xXRhageXx

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author xXRhageXx

Badass Hybrid Twisted

xXRhageXx Last updated on April 24, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello everybody ;)
I know this build seems not sooo extremly strong, but it is!
I win 90% of my games with Twited with this.
I usualy play him in mid lane, because his build is very expensive and he is very fast, when his ally ganks or TF wants to gank bot or top lane.

I decided to play TF as a Hybrid, because when you play him as AP he is only strong in early game, but later he can only do 2 Skills, run, comes back after ca. 4 seconds, do 2 skills and so he goes on.
AD TF does very low dmg in early game, but in late game he is able to take down enemys very fast (also the tank).
So i used the AP from Nashor's Tooth and Trinity Force to get even more dmg on my skills for late game.

I hope you will enjoy this guide ;)

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I took those runes to get a good early game.
With help of the attack speed runes you will get the attack speed maximum of 2.5 so you do as more as two attacks per second.
The armor penetration runes are very helpful, because in early game nearly no champion stacks armor, so you crush their champion related armor down ^^

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The masteries are very very offensive, but this is the way TF should be played, because when he is played too defensive, he will get to few farm and in his lategame he is useless, because of no damage etc...
The masterie "archmage" is not the most important, you can switch it if you want to.
I use it to maximiz emy AP-dmg in lategame when i bought Nashor and Trinity, so that it multiplies the Ap got from those Items.

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First of all there is Vampiric Scepter.
Why not Doran's Blade?
With your Pick A Card and Vampiric Scepter you nearly can survive for hours on your lane.

Then you go for some atk speed, so you can very easily last hit and push, or get blue or/and red buff.
For this you should also have already bought Madred's Razors so the buff-monsters will only last some seconds.
With Phage your "First build" is complete.
You got, dmg and armor, a lot atk speed, life and some slow.
from now on, enemys can only hardly escape.

They got away? ok use your Destiny to get there, kill them and when you need it, escape with Flash.

The "second-build" is dependend on your team and the enemys.
wether you need some more dmg to take down the tank, or some more CC or or or....
Use your own brain, but normaly you can just follow this items.

Q: Why do i not use Last Whisper?
A: Because it only gives some dmg and the armor penetration is only useful against tanks which stacks armor.
But most tanks also use Thornmail so you will be dead befor you noticed it.
Other champions (carrys, supporters, ...) usually get very few armor, so that Madred's Bloodrazor will beat them down ;)
Focus on carrys etc... to get your kills and help kill the tank in teamfights.

Q: Why no Infinity Edge?
A: Yeah, Infinity Edge does a lot of dmg, but i decided to get The Bloodthirster instead of Infinity, because it is nearly the same dmg (except crits, but full stacked Bloodthirster gived 100 dmg instead of the 80 dmg from Infinity) and gives you life steal, so you get some more survivability.

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Skill Sequence

Some people will think this skill Sequence is stupid, because i level up Wild Cards last, but the other two are more important in early and mid game.
When your team have a jungler he is very early (level 2) able to gank, because you got some more atk speed and cooldown reduction + your stun from Pick A Card. this makes you very strong.
Wild Cards will get more important in late game to get escaping enemys down.

Destiny is very useful, but to skill it up early is ABSOLUTELY USELESS.
You just need to react fast... Thats all. You don`t need to look over the map for hours!
Press R, look, teleport, kill! and keep alive while escaping ;)

And don`t forget:
Just remember... Yellow Blue Red Yellow Blue Red Picking the right card when you need to is vital to success, and comes with practice.

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Summoner Spells

I use Ignite and Flash, because Flash is helpfull in a lot of situations, i would not miss it.
Ignite is a nice skill to do damage, while your ultimate dosn`t!
With help of Flash and Ignite it is very easy to get first blood:

1. Make sure your next hit will proc Stacked Deck for extra damage
2. Lock in your Yellow Card when you're within Flash distance.
3. Flash and stun them with your card.
4. Aim your Wild Cards at them, when you're right beside them and they're stunned so you can't miss.
5. Ignite if you need it.
6. Profit.

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Team Work

In Teamfights TF is essential, because he has the slow ( Phage/ Trinity Force), stun and some AoE dmg.

So wait for the start, or start yourself with your stun. At best you hit the Carry with your stun, so that the number 1 dmg source will die first.
Now lets do some attack dmg and focus on enemys with low health.
Because of Phagethey can`t realy leave the fight, except by using Flash.
So use Flash yourself or your Destiny to catch them.
While casting your Ultimate you are able to activate Pick A Card and while you teleport you can select the yellow card, so when you appear you will be able to stun immediatly!

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I hoped you enjoyed this guide, and pls i know there will be some spelling mistakes, but don`t blame me for that...

This guide helped me to master Twisted Fate and some guys already said: OMG i never knew TF could be sooo amazing O.o
So hopefully you will play him a few times more to let people know that TF is a very powerfull Hybrid-carry which can gank you everywhere ^^

So... have fun xD