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Bard the dark horse

Last updated on August 30, 2015
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Introduction and end

Bard is an amazing jungler! however he has a slow start, you should try to get a hard leash on Krugs. get your q first and stun them together the little ones do a little bit of damage. get your w second and lay out one before you start red. halfway through red you should be able to put out another one. use when needed. if you accidentally reset red you're jungling is going to be set back hard. with this build i can two or three hit a fed teemo. Your main problems will be hard CC so avoid. you can use your ult to bank low people under turrets, ult the turret and magical journey in. q them preferably stunning them and with runeglaive they're dead. you then may get hit once by the turret as your ult wears off but that should be fine.

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Pros / Cons


    No-one expects the length of the stun
    able to leave behind healing stations, plan your escape routes!
    ult is one of the most useful in the game you just need to know how to use it
    very fun champion to play especially when you're 6/0 and their garen can't catch you!

    Hard to get used to, you have to keep in mind how long it takes you to magical journey.
    you can be cc'd out of the journey (sometimes it's weird)
    your ult can be messed up easily
    if you get cced with this build you're essentially dead
    warwick-leona-blitzcrank-nautilus can stop your ganks easily unless you play it right.

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Ranked Play

Don't… unless you're really confident! it's a good build but everyone in ranked is playing riven at the moment!

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Basic ap runes

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you need your basic 21/9 favouring ap and the juggling masteries (without these jungling is impossible with bard)