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Bashing his head against a wall - Alistar one-hitting towers

Last updated on August 23, 2010
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Diving towers is for noobs... head-butting them is divine!

The idea this time is pretty simple: Often, way too often, you stand arond a tower 5v5 or even worse: 5v3 and somebody is going like "Oh hell noooo, we cant attack them, there is a tower close to them". No matter how squishy they are, no matter how superior your team is... there will for some godforsaken reason always be at least one guy that screws the whole action by wetting his pants instead of engaging.

To get rid of this problem, Alistar will smack down that friggin tower with one or two (alternate build) hits, so that we can focus on other things.
As you will see, this build is highly focussed on AP. I choose Alistar for this tryout, since,
1st he is a natural born tower killer and
2nd his skills scale great with AP.

The way to one to two-hitting towers
In order to one-hit a tower, we would need to deal 2150 dmg to it. 2.150 HP / 1,6 (building dmg modifier) = 1.344 dmg needed.

Our equipment and runes
[380 AP (items) + 83,1 (runes) + 70 (ralley) + 4.460 * 0,12 (4x archangels)] * 1,25 = 1.167 AP.
With lichbane active, that means: 1.335 extra dmg.
1.344 - 1.335 = 9 dmg left
Our dmg will be 118 on lvl 18, + 35 from our ralley and another +90 from the ulti, so it's a 243 dmg where only 9 would be needed.

In total, you will deal: (243 + 1.335) * 1,6 * 1,05 (masteries) = 2.651 dmg to any sturcture!
After we are done with that one attack, the tower will be nothing but dust and memories of the good old time, the days before their team was ran over.

Sideeffects of this build
- You are slow. Honestly, you are really slow. You will need ghost, or somebody to carry you around on his shoulders (but Alistar is too fat for that, ppl will refuse to do so...)
- You will lack armor. 77 armor will only grant you 43% reduced dmg.
- You are a good healer: 714HP for you, 357HP for your allies, every 12s is decent.
- You have a decent dmg output as well: A combo of pulverize and head butt will deal 1.605 AoE dmg followed by 1.635 single target dmg. That is 3.240 magic dmg on a single target. (And as it is magic dmg, it will be less reduced than normal dmg would be, as most players fail in investing in MR) Followed by a normal attack (lich bane will be active) it's another 1.657 dmg. - 4.897 dmg in 3s. Try to find you a squishy hero or a semi-tank, and show him what the tower he hugged all the time felt like ;).

Changes for more comfortable gaming experience (two hit build)
While the above setup has the one and only aim to rush towards a tower (head butting close enemie target) and then blowing it up in one devastating attack, you might want to make some alterations, in order to keep Alistar a bit more present on the battlefield, and lowering the costs of your build.

Alternate equip
Mercury threads, rod of ages, lichbane, 2x archangels, zhonyas you will be faster, and have way more life (+650 life, +walkspeed, +debuff reduction by 35%).
Runes and summoner skills
As you will have to go for any tower twice afterall (or just are fine with dealing pervert but not one-hitting dmg) you might want to swap ralley for exhaust or cleanse, which will further increase your survivability.

For the rune setup I suggest:
9x Mark of shielding (11,34 MR on lvl18)
9x Seal of evasion (6,75% dodge chance)
9x Glyph of shielding (24,3 MR on lvl18)
3x Quintessence of defense (20,52 armor on lvl18)
in order to further increase your survivability. With that runes and equip, you will have
85,64 MR, granting you 53,87% reduced magic dmg, and
97,52 armor, granting you 50,63% reduced dmg.

You will still have 737 AP. Attacking with lich bane, that means:
(118 + 90 + 737) * 1,05 * 1,6 = 1.588 dmg to any structure (992 to units).

Your roar will heal 475 HP to you, 237,5 HP to your teammates. That is not to be compared with Soraka or Taric, but it will still help your team out in team fights. If you are really a friendly guy, take "heal" with you as well, to make it 975/487,5 HP.


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