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League of Legends Build Guide Author JDavis116

Basic Build

JDavis116 Last updated on April 18, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hey everyone, before everyone flips out on me this is my first guide. I havn't been playing long but for the time that i have Brand is by far my favorite character. This is basically a guide to start out on with Brand. I use this build because it is basic and works.

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This passive is just awesome, ever hated all those champions that got away with 50hp? well do not look any further for a counter, this is it! This passive is a DoT and therefore it might not always gets its full duration, but! instead of not getting full duration... it refreshes with each spell! keeping your blaze up is very important for harassing. you will only need to hit the enemy champion once every 4 seconds, and they will just burn to their base and grant you a lvl advantadge.

This low mana cost spell is ur main 1v1 spell, since it stuns an enemy for 2 whole seconds at rank 1 (if target is ablaze). It is a skillshot so some of you might find it hard to hit this spell, but just try to practice it alot.

Pillar of Flame
This is your biggest non-ulti AoE dmg, try to hit as many enemys with it and try to ablaze targets first. It will also allow you to farm efficiently.

This spell is also a nice AoE dmg when used correctly. It also helps u get a blaze on the enemy for ur bigger spell combo's. Also helps in farming.

This ulti reminds me of ryze his spell flux, but this ulti has much greater potential since it also activates your passive and bounces up to 5 times! always use in team fights when they are pretty close to each other.
Note: if it hits a it will not bounce any further.

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This is my item build sequence:
1. start off with a
this gives you plenty of mana to harass and farm.
2. next item is up to you, you can either take:
or it really depends on what you need most.
3. The next item is the item you didn't take at step 2.
4a. NEW IDEA!! --> you can go This item does require you to have a good game. But I experimented with it after i had 3/1/0 or something. The end score of the game was 13/2/10, so in my opinion this item can be a valuable item in your build. ( you cannot build Zhonya's Hourglass if you go soulstealer. But: soulstealer gives more AP if you get your stacks up high and it works wonders with deathcap early game.)
Note: If the game takes really long you could sell your and buy a
4b. At this point you want to rush a or if you really need survivability take
5. If you took go for your now.
6. Now the next item is something you should take, UNLESS NOBODY gets any magic resist, This item really works wonders with your passive, since your passive does not scale with AP you need magic penetration to do the job.
Short to middle games end by now (depends if your fed)
If the game takes any longer here is what I build next:
7. for more survival and a slow, I take

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Pros and Cons

Here are the Pros and Cons of Brand:

- He Deals Large AoE damage.
- He got a stun.
- He can be a carry.
- He is good early,mid and late game.
- He is not very item dependant.

- He will probably gets focused.
- Ge can be squishy if you don't have yet.
- You need to hit your skillshots in order to do your nuke.

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Team Work

Working in a team is not taht hard with Brand. all you have to do is try to stay alive and nuke your whole enemy team. Even if you can just kill 1 its good, cause 5v4 is easier than 5v5. You basic combo will be --> before activates use on the carry real fast. then use your to deal more aoe dmg, and go for to stun the carry. at this time your might be off CD again and you can continue your nuke.

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Unique Skills

The unique skills abour brands are the following:
- You can nuke your opponents team and still leave a DoT on team with % dmg. This will not only BURN their hp but also their courage to fight!
- Brand is also great 1v1 throughout the whole game.

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The only creep jungling you will do is mid/late game, you can farm on the Wraith camps with your , also you could get the blue buff for a bit cooldown reduction. Just don't take it if one of your team mates needs it more.

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Farming is pretty easy with Brand...
jsut use this on low level on caster creeps:
wait for it to burn them, then use for the AoE kill.
Later in the game you can use to kill the caster creeps or the whole wave when they stand really close.

note: Farming is one of the best things in LoL, it will help you get your items alot faster. Remember 10 minion kills is worth about 1 normal champion kill. So if you farm hard, they will not be able to stop you.

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These are the last words I will put in this guide, and I will try to keep it short.
"Let Em Burn"

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This being my first guide i will try to update it and let everyone know some tips on Brand. Thanks and leave me so comments and recommends please.