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Sona Build Guide by Guest

Support Beast Sona (Queen Of Spam)

Support Beast Sona (Queen Of Spam)

Updated on September 20, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Build Guide By Guest 2,078 Views 0 Comments
2,078 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Sona Build Guide By Guest Updated on September 20, 2013
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This build focuses on early game utility by adding items like the Tear and Chalice for CD and mana regen for you to spam your heals and harass the enemy PLENTY, as well as early game money from the rushed philo and good vision from the early sightstone.

Basically Rush Philo followed by sightstone and play passively while using safe harassment. Try warding smartly and communicating to your ADC when and where wards are or will be expiring since early game is limited on wards.

After you get the Philo and Sightstone, you need move speed, so go for tier 1 boots and start on your CD or mana regen based on how the game is progressing. (early chalice for MR and mana, or early Tear to start the stacks) Proceed with the builds by purchasing the remaining items (Tier 2 boots and either Tear or Chalice).

Once you get all of the base items, proceed to upgrade the items you have. ( Chalice to Athenes, Boots Enchantment, Tear to Archangels, etc.)

Lastly, fill out the build with whatever is needed based on enemies you are facing. Build armor for AD (zhonyas, Randuins, Locket, etc.) or MR for many AP users (void staff, banshees). Also, health is always a possibility with added utility with something such as Rylai's. PLUS, you can always add a rabbadan's for extreme heals and poke. Add a little AP to you heals and poke with already great spammability, and you will be one fierce suppoer who brings plenty of utility to your team.

All this and don't forget one important aspect... Buy wards WHEN NEEDED. Don't waste billions of early game gold on unneeded wards. Save pinks to clear ONLY when jungle is ganking or other pinks, if you know there is a pink somewhere, tell your ADC and ward in a safe location. SAVE MONEY and ward smartly, this will make the difference between a good support and a bad support, KNOW where and when to ward.
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Pros / Cons


Spammability is EXTREMELY useful (Sona slow/speed, powerchord, CONSTANT stream of heals, etc.)
Low CD means plenty of ults and good setups for teammates
Great poke and harass potential
Late game you will lead your team to VICTORY!


Early game has limited wards
Makes little use of actives such as Shurelya's and the Locket
You don't build against the enemy team till late game (you must know when to go in and play safe)
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Buy smart (if you have extra gold buy more items, don't B if you can't buy anything unless forced to).

Ward when needed, don't spam them early game. (ward tri OR river, watch river and bushes, play smart until you get your sightstone)

Once you start your CD and mana regen, spam your skills, keep powerchord up.

Keep your ADC and yourself topped off for health, don't heal ONLY when needed, that's what CD and mana regen is for.

Harass with your Q powerchord as often as safely possible.
League of Legends Build Guide Author
Guest Sona Guide
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Beast Sona (Queen Of Spam)

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