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League of Legends Build Guide Author JewishMazeFucker

Before one can say Jack Robinson

JewishMazeFucker Last updated on October 3, 2010
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Twitch was the first and the last character I bought in LOL. Sometimes I play with others, but they could not really bring me that feeling of satisfaction with kills. So, if you like fu**ing up enemies, and can't live a single day without rampage that guide is for you!

For those, who are not familliar with idioms, "Before one can Jack Robinson" means extremely fast. Pure logic whispers: "Something is gonna be really fast in twitch builded like JewishMaze****er offered!!!" Daddy's gonna tell you what: the attack speed (AS)!!!
One more direction is dodge. Twitch becomes the main aim before you can say Jack Robinsos ;). I see no point in maxing hp for insurance. The only solution - max dodge chance. I love gambling!!!

Mastery tree description
I think my mastery tree is gonna surprise you. Most points are in attack. But something is wrong... Why do we need 1 pont in exhaust?! we have skill 2 (poison) instead of it!!! But it is extremely useful, when enemies come 1 by 1 (1 dies, second hurries to help him) and they are so surprised that they are always slowed and easily killed. Moreover, now exhaust gives -10 armor and magic resist to your victim, so making first blood in first 1-2 minutes becomes as easy as hot knife slices butter.
In defence we give equal points to armor and magic resist, just to escape discrimination. Then we max evasion, and take the only point in nimbleness (so you can run away if you get ganked).

Skill Sequence description
Expunge is your main skill! That is the secret of your success in killing/stealing/lasthitting/whatever-you-want. So, maximise it first!
Ambush is upped at level 2. If you are a skilled player (and you MUST become so be4 buying twitch) you will not need it for a while.
Until level 4 you can live vithout slowing poison.
Ulti is upped at 6, 11, 16... standart

Rune buid description
Here everything is clear. 9 seals evasion for (oh my god!! what for?!!?!?) evasion, 9 marks of alacrity for AS. Choosing glyps I decided to buy 4 for crit chance and 5 for crit damage. You can purchase more for AS, but I found for myself that crit chance and dmg is a pleasuring bonus while killing characters. And 3 quinessences for dodge are required (one of the main streams of the guide is supported)

Item perchases description
The main topic in my guide. I have made VERY detailed item purchases, which I didn't see in any guide. Remeber that simple items unite later in grosser ones, so don't be afraid about the number of items bought.
I don suggest to purchase items on hp, armor, magic resist and so on. The motto of the build is "Kill him, beofre he kills you" (c) Billy Joel.

If your enemies did not surrender until you finally got infinity edge, it means that now you can kill any enemy hero in couple of seconds.

Final Suggestion: do not initiate any massive fights! wait until tanks do it. You are assasin, so you should get assured that you are 1 on 1 with you victim twice before you start killing it.

I wish you good hunt, my dears. And remember, that guide did not exist... ever...

This is my first guide, guys. I need to know how to make it better (by these words I mean, what extra information to include... I don't give a **** to what should be excluded... really) Thanks for you attantion. If you liked it - give me thumbs)