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beginners experience of cho'gath

Last updated on September 7, 2014
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so having only played LOL for a week or two
and my first purchased character being cho'gath i have played around a bit and find i do equally well solo (jungle) or in double.
the problem i do find with cho though is that its harder to use him effectively at the beginning of the game. this is for two main reasons.
1. its hard to utilise his abilities when you only have one or two, and its only when the 4 are used in combination that you are really onto something (this kind of goes without saying though)
2. the mana drain. i can only assume its because of his leaching nature that they made a large mana cost to balance it out, but the begin with he can only cast out 3 or 4 spells before he is depleted. so use them effectively.

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Skill Sequence

whilst his vorpal spikes (E) come in very handy, especially against minions and monsters, they can sometimes be a pain
if attacking a enemy tower with enemy characters around, turn them off lest they hit said character and the tower target you. this said, it is wise to clear the area anyway.

i always activate vocal scream first (W) just because it packs a nice little punch against enemy summoners and can be used at a distance-ish
but if you want to gain exp asap, vorpal spike is very good for cleaning up minions then running home (especially to get those lovely coins to buy items and get that edge)

vocal scream is my favourite move (expect of course devour as it is immediate, has a mid range (best chances of hitting) and can do some lovely damage to a enemy once powered up
so can rupture (Q), buut with the 0.5 sec delay on it, rupture tends to miss a bit more.

devour is a bit of a dream move really, heavy (true) damage that depletes enemy and boasts your own character (if enemy is slain)
however with a full minute recharge it is best to use it carefully
also note that with enemy summoners a small red circle will appear around them if devour will kill them, i find this very useful

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item set

as i have said, i find chi's biggest flaws present at the beginning of the game, so i tend to buy these asap.
1. tears of goddess- cost 700- gives 250 mana and 7 regain per 5 sec
2. boots of mobility- cost 800- unique, + 45 move speed, (5 secs out of battle= 105 move speed)
3. giants belt- cost 100- gives 380 health

after this i find that gaining money and slaying enemies isn't really a problem and so can get what you like
i recommend getting something for cool down time, and attack speed though
after that anything is a bonus


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