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Beginners Guide to League of Legends for first time players.

Last updated on April 28, 2014
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Guides Purpose

The purpose of this guide is for people who really have no idea how to play League of Legends and how to win. This guide will explain the basics and outline of League of Legends and really any "DOTA" game. I started playing nearing the end of Season 1 as BoyToy247 and currently play as CodA (previously Atlasx). I started off as bad as they come and now im Gold. And you can be too.

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Outline of DOTA and League of Legends

The way you win a League of Legends game is by killing the enemy nexus. To get to that nexus you need to kill the turrets and inhibitors on the map. There are 2 in each lane, 1 that protects the inhibitor(per lane) and 2 that protect the nexus.
The picture above shows the map. Either way, the way to kill them is by pushing the minion wave(minions spawn automatically in each lane) and hitting the tower down until it dies. And you can move forward with the lane until youve pushed it all the way to the enemy base.

Generally, the team with the most towers and enemies killed, wins the game.

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Your champion, your lane, your role

Now the champion you pick is very important to winning. Each champion has a role, and each role is assigned to a lane. There are 5 players to a team and 4 positions they might go. The positions are TOP, MID, JUNGLE, or BOT. And the roles are TOP laner, MID laner, Jungler, ADC, and support. Some of the roles match the lane, obviously. But a few dont.

The top laner is usually high health, but lower damage output champions. The mid laner is usually an ability powered champion, to add variety in damages. The ADC goes bot lane and is high damage output with the lowest health, SO he needs a support. The support also goes bot lane and helps the adc. NOW, the jungler is possibly the most important to know. The jungler kills the minions in the jungle and "ganks" or surprises every lane to try and kill the enemy(and the enemy jungler tries to kill you). If the jungler ganks successfully and the enemy dies, you can easily push lanes and get turrets.

The last things youll need to know on this subject is that your champion has health and mana bars that you need to keep an eye on. There are champions who dont use mana, and use energy or no mana at all, but there are few and they are often difficult to play. But for the most part, all champions use mana, and EVERY champion has a health bar. If you lose all your health, you die and you have to wait a while to respawn while the enemy pushes your lane. Mana is used when you use you abilities Q,W,E and R. Every champion has a unique set of abilities youll use to kill enemy champions. We will cover that later on.

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Earning gold

Now, to buy items, to make you stronger than your enemy youll need gold. To get gold you need to kill the constantly spawning minions that come from both bases. The more minions you kill, the more gold youll recieve. Another way to get gold is to kill an enemy, this gives you a lot of gold. And also, puts you at an advantage over that player. Everytime you kill a tower, you get gold as well. The last way to recieve gold is by items that give you more gold per second. This is similar to gambling, in which you PAY for an item to give you more gold in the long run.

There are also objectives in the jungle like dragon and baron that take your whole team to fight that gives everyone a decent amount of gold and respawn later. The jungler is in charge of setting that up.

The team that has the most gold, has the most items, and is the stronger team. The stronger team, kills the weaker team, and pushes the lane and wins.

Generally, the team that has the most kills, and most towers, wins games.
Getting dragon, baron, more minions, can beat the team with the most kills and towers but that doesnt always work. Especially since the other team can "farm" minions too and get dragons and barons.

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Buying items that make sense

This is the tricky part and often requires googling the champion you want to play. There are many ways to build a champion. But the 3 main ways is TANK, APC, and ADC.
The tank buys armor, magic resistant and health.
The APC (ability power carry) builds magic damage.
The ADC (attack damage carry) builds attack damage.

Each champion in League of Legends is either Ability power, Attack damage OR some of both.
You can tell by looking in game at your champions Q,W,E and R. (Green) represents AP and (Orange) represents AD. As you buy items, youll see the number in green or orange get higher and that means youre stronger.

Its an advanced skill to learn, but googling a champions build online will tell you exactly what to buy.

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While in game dont forget....

You grow 18 levels per game. Each time you level up, you must upgrade one of your 4 moves unigue to your champion. (Q, W, E and R)

Your "R" is your ultimate ability and you dont get it too often. This is your best ability and does the most power.
Your Q,W, and E are moves you have often and came be used all the time on enemies.


You also get 2 summoner spells which are "D" and "F". These every person gets and help you stay alive or chase someone down. They can be heal, ignite, flash, sprint, exhaust, or anything else you want. You can pick the 2 that suite you most.

You also get the "B" button and that lets you recall to base to restore your health and mana and also buy items.

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Now all thats left is to play and learn on your own. You will most definitely be pretty bad and die 10 times more than you kill. And youll lose a lot. I know because that was me and anyone else who played League of Legends for the first time. When i played, i didnt have this, so i hope it helps you get by faster. Dont give up and youll get great eventually.

-CodeA (Atlasx and BoyToy247)


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