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Beginners guide to the League

Last updated on December 11, 2012
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Last hitting

Arguably one of the most important aspects of LOL for new players, basically this means you get the 'last hit' on minions, i cannot stress how important it is to do this.

Watch this link for an in-depth guide to last htting

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League terms

AD - Attack Damage, this is basically damage dealt by AD champs.

AP - Ability Power, this magical equivilent of AD.

ADC - Attack Damage Carry.

CC - Crowd Control meaning stuns, snares etc.

M.I.A or SS - Missing in action or missing, this means that there is a champion on the opposing team who has gone out of lane and may be preparing to attack another lane, Calling either of these is VERY important, so start getting used to it!

GG - Good game, say this at then end of a game, even if you lost, no one likes a sore loser.

CS - Creep Score, basically killing minions

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Wait, i'm new to LOL, how does the game work?

For New players, who have little to no knowledge of champion roles i will quickly explain the roles played in League of Legends.

So typically in beginner level games (levels 1 - 10) the standard team set up is 2 top lane players, 1 mid and 2 bottom, however once you get into more serious play, this set up changes once again, with the typical set up being now, Solo top, Solo mid, duo bot and a Jungler, i will now explain these roles.

- Top lane: Usually a 'bruiser' meaning they are reasonably tanky and can also dish out a decent DPS, these champs are also often Melee with a few exceptions, examples include; Olaf, Darius, Riven.

- Mid lane: Mostly the AP carry will be here, these champions rely on Ability power, meaning they are more mage like, and typically have high burst damge, examples include; Ryze, Veigar, Annie.

- Bot lane: This is usually a duo lane, consisting of the ADC (Attack Damage Carry) and the support player, The ADC is the champ that dishes out most of his/her damage using they basic auto attacks, this often seems a very appealing role in-game due to players wanting to get the most kills, however the ADC is very squishy, meaning they will die very fast, and this is where the support comes in. The support usually will be tanky and/or have heals, stuns or any other CC. The support is very important to the team, so respect your support!

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Playing the game

Play bot games until you are comfortable to begin your real League experience, also have fun, remember to call M.I.A and don;t be a sore loser.

Now go and begin playing! :)


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