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Gragas Build Guide by Berke Unal

Top Berke Unal's Gragas (Season 10 Complete Combo Guide)

By Berke Unal | Updated on April 22, 2020
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Runes: Burst Build

1 2 3
Sudden Impact
Eyeball Collection
Ultimate Hunter

Manaflow Band

+1-10% CDR (lvls 1-18)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+15-90 HP (lvls 1-18)


1 2 3
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


LeagueSpy Logo
Jungle Role
Ranked #44 in
Jungle Role
Win 46%
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Champion Build Guide

Berke Unal's Gragas (Season 10 Complete Combo Guide)

By Berke Unal
I started League of Legends at the beginning of season 5. As an inexperienced player, I finished season 6 with the failure of not achieving gold division. When season 7 started, I focused on a specific role: jungle. Because I was playing with low elo players, it was easy to gank lanes. I played Amumu, Diana (with a bruiser build), Malphite, Nautilus, Pantheon, Warwick, and my dear friend Gragas. I was feeling confident with tanky, but risky heroes. My risky playstyle was unexpected for most players, yet I was tanky enough to compensate for my mistakes. When the end of season 7 neared, I was a Gold V player.

The season after, I realized how marvelous Gragas is. Different from my other junglers, he was able to deal a decent amount of damage with so much disengage. I was playing unranked games often, so I had enough time to understand the potential of Gragas. He can be a strong top laner, I thought. I developed my “controller build” over time. I was like a burst mage, with tons of survivability. At low ranks, laning is super important since no one cares about team play and objectives. My Gragas was so powerful against players who were seeing an off-tank, lane bullying Gragas for the first time.

Over time, I learned my champions’ weaknesses better. My new idea was to play him as a complete assassin. While I was developing my “burst build”, I was getting used to the new playstyle. At first, it was so hard for me to play the build properly. I was playing him still as a top laner, however, I was able to play mid too when I got used to some damage combos. I adjusted the build a little bit to make the build playable as a jungler. At the end, what I got was, when played properly, an omnipotent annihilator who was able to destroy the entire enemy team. After my development, I always stayed in the first 1000 Gragas players according to several ranking databases. As my top rank, I was the world’s 27th when the date was 27 January 2018. I finished season 8 as a Platinum I player with the MMR of Diamond IV. Because I am no longer playing League of Legends seriously, this guide was written to immortalize my Gragas experience.
Animation Cancelling and Gragas Back to Top
Abilities, item actives, and auto attacks have animations in League of Legends. Animation cancelling is a trick that overlaps the animations to execute such commands quicker. While the trick gives a little advantage to most heroes, it makes a huge difference in Gragas’s game impact. Because Gragas has long ability cooldowns, it is important to deal maximum damage as fast as he can, giving no response time to the victim. Damage dealing combos and functional ability rotations will be introduced in the next section. This section involves handy animation cancels along with some useful tips.

Barrel Roll and Explosive Cask have similar animations; disarming and snaring Gragas briefly. Differently, Drunken Rage has a unique 0.75 seconds channel that disarms but does not snare. In short, Gragas is not able to use other abilities while performing his ability animations, however, he can move while drinking from his barrel. Both the crowd control effect and the animation of Body Slam is much more complicated than the other abilities’. We will talk about this special animation after some discussion about specifications of skillshots.

There are two types of skillshots in League of Legends: one has fixed travel speed, the other has fixed travel time. Even though they are both self-explanatory, the difference between them are quite important. Barrel Roll, the Gragas Q, is a fixed travel speed ability, which means, it reaches the target earlier if the target is close. With some practice, this situation can be used as an advantage. However, Explosive Cask, the Gragas ultimate ability, is a fixed travel time ability. The time it takes the barrel to explode does not depend on the distance.

Now we can turn back to Body Slam and its fascination. We start with its crowd control effect. Body Slam not only stuns for 1 second, but also knocks the enemy back shortly. Different from a common stun, the knock back effect can interrupt almost all abilities in the entire game. The animation of Body Slam on the other hand, is not an actual animation. It is just a visual one. Most people have no idea what this means, however, it is what makes Gragas extremely complicated and ultimately powerful. During the Body Slam animation, Barrel Roll and Explosive Cask can be used which completely “cancels” their animations. Even auto attack and item active animations can be performed during this time.

Because Hextech Protobelt-01’s active animation cancels will be introduced in annihilation combos section, here I want to introduce two golden tricks. The auto attack after completing the channel of Drunken Rage can only be cancelled by killing Gragas. A wise trick is to use the active of Zhonya's Hourglass immediately after the start of the auto attack animation. It is super useful when the auto attack damage is enough to kill the enemy since the item active makes Gragas invulnerable for 2.5 seconds. A similar effect of the active of Zhonya's Hourglass can be used with Body Slam. Gragas still charges forward dealing damage and knocking back, but using other abilities is no more possible. The synergy of the active of Zhonya's Hourglass with Body Slam is brilliant in execution situations similar to Drunken Rage’s synergy. While Vayne’s E, Condemn, interrupts Body Slam, it is useless against a golden f.a.t.s.o.
Gragas Annihilation Combos Back to Top
In this section, damage-dealing combos are listed and explained in detail. My work names all combos, from foreknown ones to my own creations. When analyzing the damage of combos, I will use a specific notation. “[X-Y]” means, the combo deals X flat damage at the least possible champion level, and it does maximum Y flat damage. Remark: Calculations are done by ignoring runes and fermentation of Barrel Roll unless otherwise stated.
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I. The Fundamental Trio:

  • Classical Damage Combo
  • Double Barrel Combo
  • All-in Combo

Classical Damage Combo is the primary damage-dealing combo. Different from most of the others, Explosive Cask is not used in this combo. The core animation cancel of the combo is using Barrel Roll during Body Slam animation. The simplest form of the combo is casting Barrel Roll just after Body Slam starts, ending with an auto attack and reactivation of Barrel Roll. This combo deals

[160-520] + 130% ability power magic damage
[64-121] + 100% bonus attack damage physical damage

and applies on-hit effects once. Using Drunken Rage before the combo is used adds a decent amount of damage to the combo. This combo can be developed further by using Flash during the Body Slam animation; however, the Barrel Roll target also be changed to the Flash position before the Flash is used. Lich Bane adds so much damage to the combo since it is an on-hit buff, and Hextech Protobelt-01’s active improves its damage further. The most complicated form of the combo: channel Drunken Rage first, use Body Slam and Barrel Roll to the target location, Flash on top of the target, use Hextech Protobelt-01’s active immediately, and reactivate Barrel Roll while auto attacking with the Drunken Rage and Lich Bane auto attack buffs. In less than one second, this form of the combo deals

[360-1006] + 272.5% ability power + 8% target’s maximum health magic damage
[64-121] + 100% bonus attack damage physical damage

and applies other on-hit effects once. After three items, this combo deletes squishy damage dealers and supports.

The Double Barrel Combo is designed for dealing damage without taking any risk. The idea of this combo is using Barrel Roll and Explosive Cask in succession. Because of the crowd control effect of Explosive Cask, Barrel Roll should be reactivated as early as possible. Even though Drunken Rage and Body Slam is not used at all, the combo deals decent damage. Because the combo does not proc on hit attacks, Lich Bane does not improve the combo’s damage; however, Hextech Protobelt-01’s active can still be used. Luden's Echo’s passive is also beneficial for this combo. This combo deals

[280-640] + 140% ability power magic damage

without any special items, and deals

[477-890] + 175% ability power magic damage

with Hextech Protobelt-01’s active and Luden's Echo’s passive.

The last combo of the trio is the All-in Combo. The combo is simply throwing everything at the enemy champions’ heads. It is an extension of the Classical Damage Combo to which Gragas’s ultimate ability, Explosive Cask, is added. The biggest problem of the combo is the enemy champion can escape easily if he or she does not die to it. That is why getting used to calculating the damage potential of Gragas is important. The key part of the combo is using Explosive Cask before Barrel Roll. This way is noticeably more difficult; however, its advantage is so important. The traditional way can be dodged with blinks and some dashes with a little bit of tenacity. Unlike the traditional one, the difficult way cannot be dodged when the chain crowd control has started. To dodge the combo, the target needs about 85% tenacity. Fun fact: Because tenacity stacks multiplicatively, the highest possible tenacity (excluding abilities) is 65.7%. Therefore, the ability rotation that I recommend is Drunken Rage, Body Slam, Explosive Cask, Barrel Roll, Flash (optional), spam both Barrel Roll and auto attack, Hextech Protobelt-01’s active (optional). Without any special items, All-in Combo deals

[440-1060] + 250% ability power + 8% target’s maximum health magic damage
[75-121] + 100% bonus attack damage physical damage

and applies on-hit effects once. When we add Lich Bane’s passive, Hextech Protobelt-01’s active, and Luden's Echo’s passive, the combo deals

[761-1506] + 352.5% ability power + 8% target’s maximum health magic damage
[75-121] + 100% bonus attack damage physical damage

and applies other on-hit effects once. This All-in Combo simply exterminates enemies, obliterating them through Maw of Malmortius’ shield. Remember, runes are not added to the calculation yet. While the combo deals more than 4000 magic damage with 700 ability power, it still lacks the damage bonus of fermentation.

II. Barrel Lovers’ Trio:

  • Slam into Barrel Combo
  • Cask into Barrel Combo
  • Hidden Barrel Combo

Barrel Roll ferments for the first 2 seconds of its 4 seconds maximum staying time. A completely fermented barrel deals 50% more damage than its initial damage and slows 50% more. This bonus damage is equal to

[40-120] + 35% ability power magic damage

Besides genius enemy players who walk into fully charged barrels, enemies walk away from it as fast as they can. However, the abilities of Gragas can be used in harmony to benefit from the advantages of fermentation. The damage bonus of fermentation looks very low for a person who reads it for the first time. In fact, it is tons since much lower values are used when balancing the game. Sometimes it is literally a matter of life and death as Gragas is powerless without his abilities and the target can kill him easily.

If the enemy champion stays close to a barrel, the Slam into Barrel Combo can be used. The main idea of the combo is using the knock back of Body Slam to push the enemy into the barrel. Because the Slam into Barrel Combo is quite similar to the Classical Damage Combo, the same improvements can be made, such as channeling Drunken Rage just before the combo. Without Explosive Cask and any special items, the combo deals

[240-800] + 215% ability power + 8% target’s maximum health magic damage
[67-121] + 100% bonus attack damage physical damage

and applies on-hit effects once. This combo is very useful in the laning phase when Explosive Cask is not learned yet or is on cooldown. If possible, using Body Slam before Flash is more unexpected; however, the fact that Body Slam knocks back to the direction, it should only be done with careful consideration.

The Cask into Barrel Combo is one of Gragas’s outstanding combos. Here the idea is to throw enemies into the fully fermented barrel. Different from the Slam into Barrel Combo, the crowd control effect of Explosive Cask is used instead of Body Slam’s. Because of the knock back distance of Explosive Cask, the combo can be used to push enemies further from the barrel. The combo is performed like that: There is a barrel on the ground, Drunken Rage, Body Slam, Explosive Cask, Flash (optional), auto attack, explode the barrel when target reaches it. It is recommended to use Explosive Cask during the Body Slam animation. The little knock back of Body Slam should be considered while throwing Explosive Cask. I usually put the barrel on the minions so that enemies think I used Barrel Roll to kill minions, giving me a better chance to surprise them. Some players run away or get ready when I use Drunken Rage as the initiator of the combo. Another version of performing the combo is channeling Drunken Rage during the flight of the target to the barrel, then auto attacking. There is a barrel on the ground, Body Slam, Explosive Cask, Flash (optional), channel Drunken Rage while walking to the barrel, explode the barrel when target reaches it, There is a barrel on the ground, Drunken Rage, Body Slam, Explosive Cask, Flash (optional), auto attack, explode the barrel when target reaches it. Both ways, the combo deals

[480-1180] + 285% ability power + 8% target’s maximum health magic damage
[75-121] + 100% bonus attack damage physical damage

and applies on-hit effects once without any special items. This combo can one shot most enemies at level 6 with the help of Hextech Revolver, Ignite, and Electrocute.

Warding and map awareness have always been quite important for League of Legends. There is a specific combo for players good at “macro play”. The Hidden Barrel Combo is a special version of the Cask into Barrel Combo. A competent Gragas player should predict the walking path of the enemies. Staying in a bush near the path gives the opportunity to “hide” the barrel in the bush and throw clueless enemies into it. Both pre-Drunken-Rage and post-Drunken-Rage versions work well. The Hidden Barrel Combo is also handy when enemies are chasing Gragas without vision. While running away, the hunter becomes the hunted. Sweeping Lens is highly recommended to make sure that the bush is not warded.

III. The Playmakers’ Trio:

  • Skillshot Cask into Barrel Combo
  • Phantom Barrel Combo
  • Woody Fruity Combo

The playmakers’ trio includes Gragas’s most insane combos. Each combo is developed for enhancing the devastation techniques of Gragas in different ways. However, in order to perform these combos properly, an excessive amount of experience, practice, and mind reading is necessary. Because of that, never try them in ranked games before feeling confident enough.

The Cask into Barrel Combo separates Gragas and the target of the combo, making him harder to chase if the target does not take the lethal damage. During a team fight, using this combo may leave Gragas naked in the middle of the enemy team. Despite the fact that Zhonya's Hourglass’s active can compensate for this drawback, there is an alternative version of the Cask into Barrel Combo that does not involve separation or nakedness. The Skillshot Cask into Barrel Combo pulls enemies to a nearby fermented barrel, not only providing a fully charged barrel explosion but also guaranteeing Body Slam and an auto attack. Another significant advantage of the combo is it does not require Flash to victimize enemies from a distance. Clearly, this combo can be strengthened with various items. While the player can channel Drunken Rage before using Explosive Cask, because of the aforementioned reasons, it is recommended to channel Drunken Rage just after using Explosive Cask. This combo is also applicable in the laning phase since minions block Body Slam, making most combos impossible to perform. The biggest problem of the combo is, as mentioned before, its foresight requirement. The throwing animation and travel time of Explosive Cask takes more than an entire second. Only a Gragas virtuoso who can estimate the future position of his enemy can accomplish the Skillshot Cask into Barrel Combo.

Another extreme extension of the Cask into Barrel Combo takes inspiration from the Hidden Barrel Combo’s unexpectedness. Instead of a bush, the Phantom Barrel Combo hides the barrel under Gragas’s cuddlesome belly. The combo starts with a deviated Body Slam followed by a Barrel Roll in the same direction of Body Slam. When the abilities are used in this way, it is almost impossible to notice the barrel in that moment. Later on, Flash is used for a successive hit of Body Slam followed by Explosive Cask to throw the prey into a red shuddering barrel. During the target’s safe flight, Drunken Rage is channeled while walking with him. The dramatic combo ends with the explosion of the barrel and an auto attack. A great advantage of the Phantom Barrel Combo is it does not require a barrel to stay on the ground. In most cases, enemies wait far-off until the barrel explodes by itself, restraining Gragas from using his combos from the Barrel Lovers’ Trio. The Phantom Barrel Combo does require less prediction; however, it brings Gragas’s game mechanics to another level. It is indisputably the most difficult mechanical combo of Gragas.

All of Gragas’s abilities deal AoE damage making him a fearsome team fight burst mage. However, his primary multiple annihilation trick, the All-in Combo, separates enemies due to the crowd control effect of Explosive Cask. For most champions, it is better to fight against enemies staying on top of each other. A high elo Gragas one-trick pony, Woody Fruity, came up with an outstanding idea. This is the reason why I gave his name to the combo. His idea was to interrupt Explosive Cask’s crowd control effect using Body Slam’s. The Woody Fruity Combo is simply Explosive Cask plus Classical Damage Combo with Flash. The timing is crucial here. Flash should be used just after Explosive Cask hits the ground. Flashing too early, does not interrupt the crowd control effect of Explosive Cask while using Flash too late will not let all abilities to land on all enemies.

Here is a short video summarizing all combos:
Conclusion Back to Top
I advocate that Gragas is not only the most flexible champion in League of Legends, but also the most difficult one. Gragas can play top lane, jungle, mid lane, support, and even carry. He can build full damage, full tank, offtank, and support, allowing him to fulfill the roles of vanguard, assassin, skirmisher, battle mage, burst mage, and catcher with proper builds. I laugh when people call random champions “super hard to play”. One good example is Taliyah. In fact, Taliyah’s only combo is W E Q. I acknowledge that landing her W is not easy; however, her complexity is not even close to Gragas’s complementary ability kit.

Because of Gragas’s extremely risky playstyle, I do not think that pro players will play AP Gragas, meaning that he will not receive nerfs directed at his AP playstyle. Even though the community has started to learn about AP Gragas, there are still very few people who know how to play against him. After all, his playstyle is both amusing and devastating. Gragas charms players, making them one-trick-ponies after a fair amount of games. I think everyone should at least try him.
League of Legends Build Guide Author Berke Unal
Berke Unal Gragas Guide
Berke Unal's Gragas (Season 10 Complete Combo Guide)