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League of Legends Build Guide Author ZarkosGotama


ZarkosGotama Last updated on August 2, 2011
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Alright, obviously warwick is jungling, kassadin is taking mid, and swain is taking the solo lane. Of course, if a switch needs to happen between kassadin and swain for any reason, the players can just teleport to their new lanes, which leaves the duel lane to singed and wukong. Just trust me on the singed and wukong combination, it is amazing...aslong as you are not a ******. If you guys who are reading suck **** at the champions i have put above, that is fine. Just make a team with two ap nukers, two ad nukers, and one tank. Of course if you suck at this game you play Tanky Dps characters, and if this is the case then just go ahead and kill yourself and please stop reading this guide. Theres nothing wrong with tanky dps characters, they are good, they just require no skill and the best among the LOL players do not use them.

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The Duel Lane

Alright, with wukong you do not start harrassing until level 4, look at the skill order if you do not understand this. But since you have singed, your ****ing tank in your lane, you should not be initiating anyway. Basically, singed and wukong are both huge trolls and do not enter a fight and stay there. To play both correctly you never stop moving, spam that right click. When it comes to playing as singed, if you cannot figure out how to play as him you are a ******, it is easy as hell and your enemies almost always fall for it. I will not tell you how to play these characters, that is too tedius and you guys should be able to figure it out anyway. If not, theres an X button surrounded by red when you exit your game, click that and immediately uninstall game if you cannot figure out how to play singed or wukong to the best that they can be. And then go kill yourself because there is no point to living without LOL ;) . I did give you pointers though, both do not fight like xin and kill when they initiate, they both get in and get out (ideally you deal a **** ton of damage as wukong without getting hurt), and the only other pointer for those who are not ******s, do not underestimate wukongs ultimate. If one of the two enemies are half health, that guy will run and if you ignite him and keep hitting him with you long *** ult, he will die and then singed will save you from the other enemy champ. Then you pop your W and get away, repeat this enough times and it becomes a GG. Fed wukong is fed. Just make sure your singed isnt an ******* to you and KS constantly, then you will lose. And you will cry about it. One last thing, it is not required that you get two dorans blades, it depends on how the game is going. Hell, sometimes i end up getting three of them just cause they are useful early game. But if you end up getting two kills early, and with singed in your lane it is entirely possible, then dont bother with the dorans blades. Start getting your ****ing trinity force ******.

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Mid as Kassadin

Alright. You harrass with your Q spell. Thats it for a good portion of the fight. Basically, just about any other mage who goes mid against Kassadin will be ****ed by him. His Q has a better range than many other spells, and it silences. And if you actually read what your abilities do, you will understand why i told you to get your W at level 2. The only champ that i can think of who would **** Kassadins world up, is either Urgot, and possibly Leblanc. Urgot just because he is ad and is a huge ***** early game to any mage in mid. Leblanc just because she is...Leblanc. Nuff said. If you do fight a Leblanc, use your ult to close the gap, silence her, use your e, and get out with your ult again unless you can just kill her. Remember, Kassadin is melee mage, and can take any other mage with auto attacks, assuming you silenced them. And also, dont be a ******, have your e spell and your ultimate on smart cast, its the only way you would have a chance of either killing, or making a leblanc b. Plus the best among LOL players use smart cast whenever possible. A good strategy late game, and i mean very late game like, if you are on your third or fourth archangel, you will do what im about to say. If you and your team are running back and forth, you know, all that manuveuring ******** that happens before a teamfight, then its not a bad idea to just ult around and build up your damage as Kassadin. If you do not understand the implications of what im saying, read what Kassadins ultimate does, you ****ing ******. Basically, if you do ult around enough times, you can either nuke down the entire enemy team to nothing when you ult into them, or just outright kill them, and of course you then use your e, which will **** them, and silence any ap carry they have.

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Solo as Swain

Most underplayed character ever, which is stupid, because (and obviously if hes played right) he is a nuker who has insane sustainability, and will carry your team. Swain is, at the moment, full of ********. He can nuke people down, but he can also very easily be tanky...OMFG. ******** right? Basically, go with the build I gave you, and learn how to play Swain to the best he can be. And you will tear *******s into your opponents, and they will cry about it, and ask who the **** is swain anyway, and you will HUEHUEHUE at them, and HUEHUEHUE when your team wins. You never say GG as swain, you just HUEHUEHUEHUEHUE.


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