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Best Annie build by JaSaS

Last updated on February 21, 2012
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I dont care what people are saying, but his build is best for Annie. I have never been on - with her, she is just too overpowered. Just try this build and you will see, i hope this will be helpfull

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Magic penatration marks gives you that sweet thing called magic penatration, and others are ability power per level. someone may ask why not some flat ap, well i can only answer buy both, try them and you will see that during game at 8th level you will have the same ap with per level marks like with flat, so at level 18th you will have lots of more ap then with flat :)

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I think everything is clear enough. 9 at attack tree for magic penatration and 21 at utility tree for cooldown reduction.

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Simple but best build for Annie. This build will never let you down.

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Skill Sequence

Max q because this is your main dmg.
Max w second because this is your second dmg skill
Max e last but 1st rank lean at leven 4 to give you some defenses + trick enemies that you dont have your stun, because e + skill and enemies wown' understand what hit them
Ultimate R max it at lvl 6,11,16. This bear is just OP!!

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Ranked play

I can just say that mid annie at ranked can easily carry the team

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Pros / Cons

1 Easy farmer
2 Easy escape with your stun
3 High dmg

1 Gets focused very often
2 Squeesee and a bit powerless without her stun

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If you have good tank such as galeo, malphite you can easily score quadra or penta because their ultimate following your utimate destroys enemies in few seconds.

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I think everything is clear. If you will have questions just write to me, i will gladly answer you :)
P.S. Sorry for bad english