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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ProPLayer

Best_Built_Ever Watch!!!

ProPLayer Last updated on March 19, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Chapter 1

Char description.

Master Yi is a fast char that can diliver great amount of damage in short period of time. He is one of the greatest (if not the best) carry/pusher/farmer ingame.
Apart of great dps, huge criticals, great atack speed he has a superb chasing mechanism as well as it can be used as superb escape mechanism.

Pros and Cons

+Great damage
+Great atack speed
+Superb chaser
+Great escape mechanism
+Superb pusher/carry/farmer
+Easy to play
+Good harraser

-Squishy early game
-Vurneable to disables
-Easy to harras (Melee)
-Low HP pool
-After using Ulti on a gank that is not working out, he has no way of fleeing from battle.

Diablers like
Taric Sion Alistar Amumu Udyr

Slowers like
NasusMundo Nunu Swain

Shen Rammus

And ofc Supports :)
Blitzcrank Morgana Janna Lux

Worst enemies

Blinders (!&^%(@%@%@!*&%!(*&%&@)
Teemo Heimerdinger

Heavy range dpsers (Especialy casters)
Malzahar Annie Ryze Tristana Veigar

Yi Solo Mid?

YES! You are better person to go solo mid than Ashe that is so commonly going solo mid just to farm creeps.

Why Solo mid?

- Going 1v1 is way better than going 2v2. You are quite squishy early game, easy to harras, so if 2 champions focus on you early game you will die pretty much in 80% if not used a Flash or ulti to get away.
- Lvl up faster to 6 and gankonanza!
- You are much better mid killer than many ranged that go solo mid often. Often you will end up with kill every 2 lvls ending up with 3 or more kills while reaching lvl 6. Other champions like Ashe are totaly useless before lvl 6. Ashe has to go to base to replenish mana and kill on lvl 6 while her ulit is ready and that is not always sure kill (clense?)
- Taking tower down with Yi is matter of seconds while other champion is dead leaves you pretty often on lvl 4 tower kill on mark of 5-6 min and free to help other lanes.
- Safe creep killing. You need to last hit your mobs. on double lane you are often pushed back by range char and not earning money that you DESPERATLY NEED. Beeing in mid will let you farm alot easier.
- Mid is the best place for ganking after coming back from base.
- Close to other lanes for help and getting even more kills.
- Getting lvl advantage on 4(or even 5 if harrased and killed alot) witch is very viable (Wuju style maxed = 35(70) AD bonus! that is nearly an Infinity Edge bonus damage. So you have a free IE on lvl 9!

Middle lane champions that you will take with ease:
Ashe, Karthus, Anivia, Ryze, Veigar, Shaco, Sivir, Twitch, Janna, Swain

Medium Hard:]
Amumu (stun, tank), Annie (stun), Corkie (valkirie), Ezreal (Arcane shift), Fiddle (fear), Katarina (shunpo), Kennen (lightning rush), Nildae (pounce), Tristana (rocket jump), Twisted Fate (stun), Zilean (time warp), Morgana (dark binding), Lux (binding).

Heimerdinger (Stun, blind, turrets, long range, passive playstyle), Teemo (blind, high damage, mushrooms), Kassadin (Riftwalk, silence, good damage), Sion (2sec stun, BIG DAMAGE, tough (passive), high hp), Malzahar.

Evelynn's Early Game

The way I play Evelynn early game is to be fairly mana conservative, but make sure you're harassing still. At level 3, come out of stealth with a Ravage, throw a few Hate Spike out to scare them and run back. It is almost guaranteed that the shock of "all-of-the-sudden" being under attack by some purple chick shooting red spikes at you is going to get them to run away. If they are running, you are not taking damage, and they are. This is definantly something you want. Rinse and repeat. If your opponent is a tank or someone who hits considerably harder than you at that level, just wait it out and get them when you have a few more items. I find tanks to be a bit tricky to 1v1 on Evelynn, however if your jungler or someone else comes in for a gank, it will normally be an easy kill due to the fact that you have a stun and will be doing double the damage. Otherwise, no point dying trying. Use your instincts. If you are running very low on mana, play fairly defensively, or head back, get your mana to regenerate and around level 6 or 7 you'll be able to finish whoever you're laning against off, if not sooner.

Evelynn's Mid Game

At this point you're going to want to be ganking non-stop. If you have chosen to take Smite, you can forest on your way to the lanes if the enemy is playing a bit too defensive, wait until they think the coast is clear and come out of stealth with a Ravage, multiple Hate Spikes and all the damage your partner is doing. If you have not chosen Smite, I'm sure its obvious what you're going to use Exhaust and Ignite for at this point. Gank mid when you can, chances are you'll get a few hits on the turret or your partner will blue pill and you'll have a solo lane if you did not already start on one for a little bit. Grab items when your mana is really hurting, but try and stay in until it gets to a point where its almost costing you kills (You always want to be able to get kills, do not sacrifice two kills for a level. The kills alone will most likely give more gold and almost as much XP, and you want your mejai's)

Late Game Evelynn

You and your team will be grouping up at this point, and most likely even mid game. As Evelynn, you do not want to initiate a fight. You are a fairly squishy character, and hopefully you have a few stacks of Mejai's Soulstealer by now. You may feel invincible stealthing around your enemies, and have the urge to stun them and have your team come after, all I can say is pick your fights. The hardest part about Evelynn is knowing what the outcome of the fight is going to be and picking your fights. If you know you're going to kill but not be killed, go ahead. Let the tank go in, open with a Hate Spike creating a two person stun and Ravage/Hate Spike the hell out of em. Make sure you pop your ultimate if it is eminent that you will kill someone, even if they are close to dying. I have had many situations where it was a 3v2 gank, we killed one, I popped my ultimate, found the other person popped it again caught up... stun, Ravage, Hate Spike. And now its off cooldown for a third time. Even if you dont get lucky like this, it could help you in many situations. If its there why not use it, right? Your ultimate is also not a bad tool for killing turrets aswell, so if its going to make the difference between the turret dying and the turret not dying, definantly go ahead and pop it. It will be worth it 90% of the time. To sum it up, push turrets (with or without ultimate), dont rush to stun in team fights, and remember your heal from your ultimate aswell.

A little trick I know

I'll let you in on a little secret for stealth characters. Activate your Shadow Walk, and immediately start to recall, resulting in a stealthed recall. While I'm sure most of you know about this, it's a huge lifesaver and I thought it was definantly worth mentioning.

How to Counter Vision Wards/Oracles Elixirs

This is a problem that your going to encounter 99% of the time. Normally you'd think it'd be a big problem, but it's usually easy to solve. Lets say you're stealthing around your enemies, casually just roaming around getting experience, and then all of the sudden you're getting attacked. What happened? There is a good chance they have a vision ward. Personally, when this happens, I take the economical route and buy another vision ward, put it around where I think they have one and kill it. This works the majority of the time, but oracles is of course the best solution. If you are unable to kill the vision ward, or if it is someone with an oracles, you need to utilize those bushes. Your team can engage, and you can pop out of nearby bushes and still get a stun off and burn that person with oracles. If it is a tank, you are going to need help from your team. If you feel confident enough you can probably go ahead and 1v1 them if your stacks are fairly high. But you gotta remember to play as if you were a non stealth character that merely has a stun.
Teemo- The Swift Scout
Hey guys, it's Xaioli here again with a Teemo build! This build is going to help give you all a better understanding of AP Teemo. Yes I said it, AP, it's amazing. Everyone says "Teemo is bad!", and etc. Well see, AD Teemo isn't that great, but AP is when the monster within this little fella comes out. Blinding Darts, Poison Shots, and Mushrooms will burst your enemies down. So, here we go!

Great support/carry.
Your poison hits like a truck
Mushrooms everywhere. Used as wards, teleport docks, just beautiful and amazing.
Blind! Oh yes.
Move Quick can let you get a little movement speed burst.
Invisible when idle for 3 seconds. Then, attack speed!

Squishy, easily killed
Can be CC'ed
Oracle's and Wards can catch you or your shrooms stealthed.

Summoner Spells:
Exhaust: You already have a blind, but a second can help. It's a slow also, so it's great for kiting. You are Teemo, and you are a support/carry. Your job is to shut down enemies like Ashe and Tristana with your blinds. This will help you accomplish your mission, and it'll make melee enemies tremble when you are nearby. Drop a Shroom of GG and show your dominance!

Teleport A surprise ability! You can teleport to your mushrooms to give yourself the element of surprise, and to save the travel time to an area to place shrooms.

Flash: A good "OMFG I've GTG" ability. I use this when I don't feel like using teleport.

Ignite: Another DoT to go with your poison?! Of course, you'll be surprised how fast your enemies' health bar will burn down! Trust me. It hurts.

Teemo: Early, Mid, Late Game

Early Game: Teemo is an excellent champion early game. Your poison is ridiculous, and it does so much damage early game. Use blinds wisely, it's fine to use for harrass, but beware, if you have no blind, you are vulnerable to melee attackers. Once you get Level 6, scatter your shrooms in bushes and areas in the lane where minions will not pop them. Use them as wards, use them to whatever! They are deadly land mines. I usually place a ton in the bushes, and bait my opponents into the bushes and watch their HP bar fall over. It's fun stuff.

Mid-Game: Around this time, everyone should be breaking away from their lanes and have begun pushing lanes. Take advantage of your shrooms and place them at essential areas like Baron, dragon, blue and red runes. However, if they have wards that catch stealth, or have Oracle's, your a tad screwed. Focus ganks on that person, and make them pay for making that 400gold investment. Keep building, you should have at least a Zhonya's at the end of Mid-game.

Late-Game: You should have shrooms scattered everywhere, and you should have 500-600 AP. I know, this isn't as much as most champions, but this applies to your shrooms. Your mushrooms themselves do 650 (+AP), almost at a 1:1 ratio. Your blinds should be doing a ton of damage. Move with your team, infest jungles with shrooms, and dominate jungles and lanes. Make your enemies pay for playing against you as AP Teemo.

Want some Tips? Be careful, they might have poison!
1) Blue and Red Rune. They work amazingly with Teemo. The red rune effect applies to Teemo's poison. Think about it, damage, a dot, and a slow!? Oh yes! Blue rune virtually means endless mushrooms! FUN! FUN! FUN!
2) You can solo dragon around 15-20mins. It's not impressive, but if your team is pushing and you aren't doing anything important, go ahead!
3) You are amazing at backdooring. I can't tell you how many times I've done successful 3 inhibitor drops as Teemo. Sneak a shroom into their base, teleport in while there down pushing lanes, and snipe them out!
4)You are a very good harrass. The range on your poisons are pretty large, so take advantage of it!
5) Remember, have fun with Teemo. It's annoying at times playing a champion with such low health at the start, but once RoA kicks in, and you start killing fleeing champions with shrooms ,just laugh and say, "DEM SHROOMS". (:
6)When you're recalling, take advantage of Teemo's passive before they change it! You stand still for 3 seconds, you are invisible.

Great shroom placement is essential for playing Teemo. When laning, I quickly cover all entry points with 1 or 2 shrooms, so you have a heads-up when someone is coming. When a shroom, is usually popped, the invader will back-off, due to the fact that you are aware of their presence. If you are top or bottom, fill each bush with 2-3 shrooms. For mid and the side lanes, nicely decorate your lane with mushrooms, leaving just a "Teemo Sized" space. By that, I mean that Teemo should just barely fit between the gap of one shroom to another. Put one shroom in the way of the minion creeps, so when you are distracted with other things, that shroom will reverse the movement of the creeps. With the new Teemo shroom change, always keep a shroom on you to place down at ANY moment! You never know when it'll be needed. Also, place shrooms in some corners where people's auto-pathing will lead them into. It could end up being fatal! Place shrooms in the middle of the river to see the movement from jungle to jungle.-The Orange Points are shroom placements recommended for BOTH sides.
-The Purple Dots are recommended shroom keypoints that cover entrances for the purple team's jungle and lanes.
-The Blue Dots are recommended shroom keypoints that cover entrances for the blue team's jungle and lanes.

Of course, you don't have to cover every point on a side lane if there is a existing tower. Usually, people won't enter points past towers because you know, they'll die! (:

Hello guys (and girls?!),

This is my guide about Jax, who been really nerfed in the patch where Riot removed dodge from Phantom Dancer. Since that, ppl stopped playing Jax as a dodging high-damage output dealer. Now ppl prefer to play him Hextech Gunblade(hybrid) and AP. Thats wrong. Jax should be played like a DPS'er, only with some adjustment, like Guinsoo's Rageblade. I play Jax that way.

In League of Legends, there are only one dodge item. The 850 coint shoe, Ninja Tabi, which gives u 12% dodge chance and 25 armor.
There is also only two types of dodge runes i LoL (9xSeal dodge and 3xQuintessence dodge (11,25% dodge)).
If u got the masterie Evasion in rank 4, u will have 2% dodge chance.
Last, there is only four heroes in all League of Legends, that master dodge as a passive or spell. One of them is Udyr's Monkey's Agility, which gives u 3% dodge (can be stacked three times = 9%] in five seconds. The other one is Sivir's Fleet of Foot which gives u 10/15/20/25% dodge while moving. Another one is Nidalee's Aspect Of The Cougar, which adds 10% dodge in Cougar. The last one is Jax Counter Strike, which will give u 10/12/14/16/18% dodge. Jax, is luckily, much more better as dodge champion than Udyr, Sivir and Nidallee, because his dodge spell will always work. That means, u have a adventage that no other champion got: U can go dodge, and win on it!

Allright guys. I tested how much dodge Jax will get IN GAME. Lets take it from the start:

I start the game with my 11.25% runes in dodge and 2% dodge from masteries. A total of 13.25%. But ingame it wont give me that amount. Instead i only have 12%.

Then i buy Ninja Tabi, who should give me 12% dodge. Instead of giving me the 12%, it give me 11%. So after the runes, masteries and shoes, we on 23%.

The last opportunity to get some more dodge, is our Counter-Strike spell. It should give me 10/12/14/16/18%, but lets see. I upgraded my CS spell, and my dodge output was raised from 23% to 31%. Again we got cheated. This time for 2%.
Then i upgraded to rank 2, but i only got 1% extra. Cheated again. We on 32% now.
Luckily, in rank 3, it was raised with that amount it should be raised with. First time. We got that 2% and now we on 34% dodge.
In rank 4 we sadly got 1% again. 35% now.
The last rank of our CS spell, we got 2%. Second time we got what we were promised. Our destination ends on 37% dodge.

Just a quick summation. Runes and masteries: 12% (1.25% missing) - 23% (1% missing) - 31%/32%/34%/35%/37% (4% missing). We should end up on 43.25% dodge, but we dont. So guys, we missing 6.25% dodge. My explanation to this, is following:

Early game:
U start grabbing Doran's Shield and heading for a double lane. Until level 3, u have to be very defensive, so dont head after a first blood early! When u reach level 3, u will start harrassing your enemies, with your W+Q combo. Try also to have a stun ready, so you can stun them just after u jumped on them. Try to stay on lane until u have ulti. Then its okay to port back and get your shoes - and maybe the Blasting Ward for your Guinsoos.

Mid game:
Your mid game starts as soon as u get Guinsoos Rageblade. This is where its going to be fun while playing Jax. Run overall on map, and try to gank EVERYBODY! 75% of the time u will get the kill and money. The last 25% u will get like 200 coins for the ***its. If its possible, try to keep ganking until u have money for B. F. Sword.

Late game:
Late games begin when your Infinity Edge is finished, and your Zeal is bought. This is also here the team fights will start. Be in all the team fights u can, but dont be aggresive. Just wait in the back, to the real fight begins. Jump in and pwn the whole team!

When u play Jax, be careful to meet silencers. This will make u unable to use your ulti or summoners spells, which is = dead.


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