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Warwick Build Guide by amatthews12

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League of Legends Build Guide Author amatthews12

Best Jungle Warwick!

amatthews12 Last updated on April 24, 2012
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This is my first Champion Guide, and I decided to do it on one of my favorite champions. Warwick.
In this guide I will try my best to explain my thought process behind my strategies,builds, and masteries. I won't go into detail much on the runes I use, as I haven't tested them enough to find what I believe to be the best.

If you find anything wrong with my Guide please feel free to leave me a comment about it.

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With my masteries I aim for two things. 1. I try to get some good damage,attack speed, and lifesteal to improve jungling time. and 2. I pick up a few masteries on the defensive tree to improve sustain while jungling early game.

I also pick up improved smite (gives 10 additional gold when you use smite) and improved ghost (increases movement speed bonus to 35%)

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For runes I've found that I prefer using AD for the reason that, Warwick has an insane amount of damage to begin with, mixed with his passive for life steal it makes him really sustainable while also having a lot of attack damage. My rune set is based off of, Physical damage, Armor Penetration, Crit Chance, and a little bit of crit damage. This is what I've found to work the best for me so far, but I haven't tried very many combinations. (You should find what works for you and stick with that).

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I start off with a Dorans Blade because the extra damage helps with Warwick's already high damage, plus the extra 3% life steal may not seem like much but it can help a lot! After Dorans blade I try to get boots a soon as possible (to make ganks much easier) it is very important to get spell penetration boots for this build, allowing you to do more magic damage. after boots I tend to try and get a recurve bow as soon as possible giving an extreme amount of extra attack speed, which will extremely help with faster jungling, and better ganks. I turn the Recurve bow into a wits end giving (42 magic damage every basic attack) after getting wits end your damage will increase amazingly especially when using his ult because his ultimate applys on hit affects like (madreds bloodrazer, wits end, malady, ionic spark, etc...) after I get wits end I rush for madreds bloodrazer giving damage based on your opponents health (Madreds is great for taking out people with a lot of health, for the reason that it does 4% of your targets health in damage!) after blood razer if you decide your damage isn't high enough go for a ionic spark for some more on hit effects. After you are done with all of your damage items try to build something tanky. I suggest something like Frozen Mallet, Warmogs Armor, Sunfire Cape, and anything else that gives you sustain and health. Madreds will help with fighting champions such as Renekton, Shen, Cho Gath, Olaf etc...

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Summoner Spells

I like to get smite and ghost with Warwick, when jungling. I hear some people say "warwick doesn't need smite, its a wast of a summoner spell" I don't believe smite is not only very good too have, but it is a necessity for two reasons 1. Faster jungling (meaning you can gank more) and 2. for team battles at Baron,Dragon, and Both Buffs (red, and blue) when you have smite it gives more of an assurance that you can smite the monster before the enemy team has a chance to steal it. It also gives you the chance to steal their monsters with your smite, which can cause a game changing effect. Second I get ghost. Ghost is a great summoner spell for many reasons. Ghost is good for initations, gap closing, escapes, and getting somewhere quickly. ex. lets say your trying to gank top lane but you don't think you can pull it off becuase they have someone with high movement speed. Ghost will make you able to keep up with almost any champion and keep attacking them while they run. It will also make so you can initiate on someone a lot faster, while giving you a way out if it turns out to be a trap.

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Pros / Cons

Pros: This build has great damage early and mid game.
Makes his ult do a lot more damage.
Allows you to come toe to toe with a bruiser and be able to shred through their health with your madreds bloodrzer

Cons: Damage isn't as good late game.
You aren't very tanky early game.
Makes counter jungling against you easier.

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Jungling Route

When jungling I think it is best, and most effective to start at blue buff, head to wolves, wraiths, golems, Red (your smite should be back up by this point) back to wraiths, golems....

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Team Work

Though Warwick has great damage he rely's greatly on using team work. When playing Warwick you want to prioritize your targets. (1.Ranged AD/or AP Carry) (2. Support) (3. Bruiser/ or jungler) the priority's may change based on who your facing, and who is the most threatening for your team fights.

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Why I Recommend This Build

I recommend this build for many reasons.
1. Quick Jungling.
2. Amazing Ganks (Especially when you hit lvl 6)
3. His ultimate does way more damage than normal, meaning you can jump someone (depending on who they are) and take them down to half health with just your ult and a Q.
4. Warwick will become a great counter for almost any tanky characters.

Thank you for checking out my build, and again, if you see anything out of place on my Guide please don't hesitate to tell me about it. I am open to suggestions, tips, and strategies.