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League of Legends Build Guide Author skylinex4

Best skarner team ! (Team Rush)

skylinex4 Last updated on June 30, 2012
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Team Rush

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"Team Rush"

The idea is to give skarner the best comp to be usefull, I mean a team wich increase mobility, wich is the key for him to engage, grab someone then back-up.In competition we dont see many skarner nowadays ,its probably because he need a team like this to be a real monster.(The big deal is to give mobility to champ who dont have it, like cassio,gp, taric...)

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I-The Champs

So we need champ who give moblity and great slow i think, and skarner can only grab one champ so individual burst is required :

Sivir :Shes the ideal ad carry, with ulti up it will be very effective. Normaly the only problem of sivir is her **** range, here it doesnt matter she will have a chance to deal and run away !

Taric:He give a massive buff of armor, massive buff of ad, and get a stunt and a heal.
He is a very strong support and its probably the best to lane with sivir.
In this team he will have an increase mobility.(Soraka can be used too)

Gp: Here's again a strong laning, his ulti will be the engage this team need, a huge aoe of slow anywhere on the map, then he give a movespeed buff and an ad buff.
He's the perfect champ for type of team.

Cassio: Again a strong laning, a champ wich miss escape or defence, she got the best counter-engage of the game with her ulti, the slow we need (miasma) and individual burst damage for the one ho get grab.(karthus can be good too)

Skarner:A tanky fast jungler the problem is that its very hard for him to gank even lv6, but with his ulti its a freekill.He will build fast shurelia and will have to rush in and get back as faster as he can with his increase movspeed.

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1)Early game
All lane are pretty strong ,and the jungler prety fast it will be hard to gank top, so skarner need to be at botlane before his lv6 because of the taric stunt, then he can go at mid.As always even if we dont get kill, we need to burn all the flash before taking drake ,after this it will be easier to engage or a free drake.The jungler need to rush his lv6, gp too, and taric is very usefull for early drake.

2)Mid game
Basicly its in mid game when u just use this comp at his best,we got lv2 ulti, 1/2 shurelia... The fact is that sometimes its the first who engage who won, so be sure to always engage first, or even if you get engage u can run away and disengaged with cassio ulti (but it's a waste of time, you need to recover all the ulticd...).

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We always got problems so, even if one lane get counterpick, we got counterjungled, a ennemy carry gets feed :
That's why i think that team is super strong; you just need to wait the ennemy team to make a mistake, take a bad positioning then :

-Just rush grab the one which is fed, get back as fast as possible (and slow them), you won time to farm, get drake, push/multipush...

-If all the ennemy team is fed ,or just a double Ap, u dont know which one to focus.Even if their comp is stronger, USE the mobility to start a push then back, go to drake then back...

We got extremly good champ at pushing in this teamn u can even backdoor with 15k gold behind and get away.It isnt the best team in late game, you are not suposed to go to it but with the positioning, a flash grab of skarner all is possible.

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Chapter 5

Finally, you must use that team a his best to increase your win rate, I really dont care how to build your champ, its to every people to manage this, however you can pick nunu as a supp if you want, adapt yourself .