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Big Boy Malphite Guide

Last updated on July 14, 2015
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Let's start this guide with a bit of honesty: you're here because you want to gain LP. For whatever reason, you were inspired to click an obscure malphite mid guide on mobafire. Regardless of whether you are a Platinum V Sejuani main, a Silver III Riven main, or even a Bronze I attack damage "carry" main, this guide WILL gain elo for you. The glorious LP will be all yours if you follow this guide exactly and proceed along the highlighted strategies. Without further ado, welcome to the "Rock Solid Carry" guide, featuring big boy malphite.

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Skill Sequence

Ability Sequence
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You may be thinking to yourself, "Why would I skill my abilities in such a peculiar order?" Stop that line of thought right now. I, the writer of this wonderful guide, am blessing you with my vast knowledge of rocky boy malphite. Statistically, you are likely a bronze I Jinx main and are not qualified to even open your mouth. In fact, if you do not follow this guide exactly as written, tab out right now. Go back to your midnight duo with another bronze scrub and lose more LP.

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Easy Matchups

This matchup is a complete joke. Use q for harass, block all his damage with your OP passive Granite Shield, and all in him at level 6. Most yasuo players spam "R" as soon as they see an enemy airborne, and if you manage to hit your huge AoE ult on him, that bronzie will probably ult himself. After that you will have such a massive lead that the enemy team will ff@20 and practically hand you LP / Freelo

Though slightly more difficult than the matchup with yasuo, this matchup is also very easy. Harassing is a bit harder since fizz can playful / trickster your q's, but this lane is easily winnable. Use your innate tankiness and brutal strikes to hard farm until 6, at which point you will ult fizz and land a sweet wombo combo with your yasuo jungler.

Medium Matchups

Annie is an extremely tanky melee fighter and is capable of soaking up damage almost as well as malphite. A simple strategy for outplaying annie is to simply hide in the top side brush of mid lane. When that bronzie annie inevitably facechecks the brush, ult her and wombo combo with your yasuo jungle and orianna top. A fiddlesticks support is recommended albeit not necessary.

Hard Matchups

You lose this matchup. Simple and plain you cannot beat zed. 9/10 zed players are actually Eazyhoon aka hide on bush aka Faker faker playmaker aka look at the cleanse look at the moves aka RIP Ryu's career. Zed will just deathmark you after you deathmark him and you will get outtraded so hard that you get banished to EU on a trash tier team like H2K.

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Core Items
Ludens Echo - This item provides a fat chunk of AP and extra waveclear. A bronzie like you has probably been building tank stats on malphite but what more can I expect from a Bronze I Fizz main. Remember... AP Malphite = Freelo


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