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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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Black 'n Blue

Last updated on April 19, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Change Log

APRIL 19, 2011: POSTED

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Let's start this off

So many people think Veigar is only an anti-Karthus, which i'll say it, it's way too fun to play against him and "ult-melee" him. But I like playing Veigar on just about any day, so this is my little 2 cents on how I play veigar.

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Summoner spells

Teleport and Flash are my prefered ones, i do also pick flash/ignite sometimes, but 19/20 times I'm going flash/tele.
You guys know how to use them and when.

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Masteries 'n Runes

Don't really have to talk about masteries.
Pretty straight forward, I pick up most of my beginning AP from last hitting with Baleful Strike and find it somewhat of a waste for my runes to be AP ones.
I love the entire "/per lvl" runes since they get me started quite well and do amazing end game. Such as the cd reduction ones I chose, they let me replace the cd boots for magic pen ones or depending on the opposing team, boots of swiftness (omg I typed it).

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Laning parters

Personnaly I think the general match up a melee with a ranged or 2x ranged works pretty good. A particular match last night with a Ryze worked pretty well. So 2x stuns idealy?
My favorite laning parters since people who play MF or Nid absolutely MUST have mid since they're mothers will die otherwise are:
- Blitzcrank
- Morgana
- Irelia
- Jax
- Teemo (as much as I hate teemo, it's way too easy to gank someone laning with him)
- Ryze

Other than that, I solo mid and lvl 8 I get my kill (if I haven't killed the other before) and go gank bot or top and push that tower, b back, and keep the man-handling coming :D

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Random reminders

Unless you have your stun at lvl 4 or 5, when you go for your combo of stun/meteor/bale strike, make sure to slightly overlap the stun and meteor (especially around lvl 1-2). As the stun duration is quite short in the beginning lvl's, you need to do this in order to land your combo.

Later on, if you do choose to get lich bane, and if you do decide to burn your ult on someone, consider the distance away to ensure your have the time to stun/meteor/melee/ult/strike/(melee if you can, target will definatly be running by the time he even see's you pop out)
And for the lich bane haters, I dont care what you say, but a 900+ melee hit during a combo without critting is amazing, and so fun. My highest AP acquired was 910, then they surrendered but hey, I still got there and could solo just about anyone, except that darn Shen.

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Item Choice

I choose the a bit of health regen simply because any attack on the enemy is gonna have the minions are your arse, so health pots don't do it for me when playing Veigar. B'in back when you have enough for Philosopher's stone and boots.
Yes I know it's odd to have spell vamp on a Veigar but it definatly keeps me up, so Hex revolver and finishing boots are priority for me. After which, I normally grab a Needlessly large rod then grabbing Will of the Ancients to finishing that off.
Then Rabadon's obviously
I sell my philosophers stone around here (it's served the purpose of health and mana regen)
[Make sure to jungle for blue buff for that extra little mana regen]
Sheen and a blasting rod give me an option here, finish off lich bane, or grab my Void staff to tear people down.
The hourglass is such a lifesaver, ridiculously so. - Random tip, for those who don't know this yet -> the positon the item you have (ex: 1st slot) can be activated by pressing the number 1

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To be honest, play around with this, but, the wraiths are the easiest thing to kill with a meteor and a bale strike from the other side of the wall (meaning in the middle lane sending a meteor over the wall)
Somewhere around 100ap and meteor lvl 2 just keep doing this as much as you can whenever not in a fight, I even do it retreating from a fight. If I remember correctly (since I'm at work and being lazy), it should be 12g x3 and 35g x1. 71g that happens so fast (remember there's 2 of them). Also you can easily solo anything in jungling (baron is the exception) so on the way to gank, be sure to drop meteor's on the wolfs, wraiths, golems, everytime you can.

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Please comment / Ask questions

I'm bored and at work
Need something to do
And don't be the troll going like : UUHHHH is bad now go away and uninstall
actually write something usefull please :D

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<(^^<) <(^^)> (>^^)>

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Leaving this here, first guide and I don't know if I can add chapters afterwards.