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League of Legends Build Guide Author Thee AC

Blitz the mana *****

Thee AC Last updated on June 9, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This is my first build but I have been playing blitz for a long time now and have found that his grab can change the game in one team fight. If you land the carry and initiate that way you have a great chance but if you grab the tank more then likely you will loose the team fight.

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magic pen marks are a given i feel, the mana in the glyphs is needed for your early game as long as the one mana quint. at early game blitz has pretty low mana and that grab costs 140 mana. The two health quints are obviously used for survivability.

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I start with the mana crystal and one of each pot. Blitz needs the mana early because his early mana is very low. Now dont go back if you can help untill you have 600 gold (595 i think is what tear of goddess after you have the mana crystal) purchase the tear of goddes and if you have enought get boots of speed. on return get your boots of ionian or if they are heavy cc team get merc treads (if you get the merc treads you may want to get the frozen heart sooner or just get the glacial shard early so that you have some cdr early on) then start building your lich bane, this will allow you to deal alot of damage but yet stay tanky cuz it gives you mr good mana and a passive that doubles the damage dealt of your next attack after the cast of an ability. now grab banshees if they have have heavy ap damage or instead skip to the frozen heart for your armor. These two items are really interchangeable in the guide just depends on the situation you are in. then finish off your tear of goddess since your mana by this time should be maxed out from the tear of the goddess. now your ult should be pwning. next grab the opposing item you didnt get before either frozen heart or banshees viel and then finish it off with really whatever. If you feel you need more survivability then grab thorn if they are heavy ad damage or grab force of nature if they have heavy ap damage but if you are tanky enough you feel then grab a death cap.

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Skill Sequence

Always have the E last because it doesnt give you anything but cdr when you upgrade it so it is pointless to level it up for only a cdr boost on it plus you normally only use your E after a grab so that you can knock them up hopefully in turret range.

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Summoner Spells

I normally take exhaust and flash for my summoner spells. Clarity is only good for you early game as you will see with this build you will have so much mana at the end it will be pointless to have clarity. ghost is an OK one but why have it when your W is already a ghost and has a pretty short cool down at its level 5. Clairvoiance is always good on an off tank i just personally dont use it.

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Team Work

Your job early game is to feed your lane mate. Take the AD carry as your partner in your lane. land the grabs and pop up then ult if your level 6 (Q,W,R) then let the carry get the last hit. As blitz crank you cant carry the team to the win. It wont be a glorious 20 kill game but a good blitz will have 20 assists plus and very low deaths. your job as mentioned before in team fights is to land the grab on the carry pop up and silence with your ult. But if they have a carry that ults that you can interrupt for example katarina then you save the ult so that as soon as you see her ult you can just hit the R key and say no. Please never grab the tank unless he is the last one alive and is almost dead and running away.

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your farming is down to just last hitting early game. If they try to harass you make them fear your grab by letting them know you know how to use it and can hit them at any moment. Late game just run to the creep wave ult then walk away cuz they are dead and your cdr on your ult is so low you dont have to worry about saving it, unless you see them pushing the middle lane while you are on a side lane then please save your ult cuz your short silence of their entire team can be game changing.

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What it comes down to is that your are blitz not tryndamere or twitch or eve or any other champ you can think of that will have all the kills for your team. you are an off tank that can control the crowd with his area silence pop up and last but no least his grab.