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Blitzcrank Build Guide by DotZ

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League of Legends Build Guide Author DotZ

Blitzcrank(Off Tank)

DotZ Last updated on October 31, 2011
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*Will be updated frequently*
*Please do not vote unless you have read through and tried this guide :D*
*Also i believe this guide is for everyone so i do like suggestions.*

This build is basically consists of being a durable tank while having the capability to do damage or bait your opponents into diving or some kind of 2v1 or more situation.

As well as being durable this build allows you to hit 168.66x1.5x2 damage (505.98 damage)every few seconds either using your grab to activate your trinity force then smashing with your knock up e for the full damage or by doing them separately.

Or as an alternative of having a heavy fist you will still have some ability power doing almost 400 damage grabs and about 600 damage ultimate's.

One last thing to note the calculations did not add 46.393 health regen to the stat info from the 1% of your mana turning into health regen mastery and 50 health regen from the unique passive of Force of Nature.

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Pros and Cons

-can easily bait people into turrets or one-sided fights using your mana shield.
-strong ability power and ad attacks that can surprise them from such a tanky build.
-nerfs any attack speed carry's that try to 1v1 you by the 20% less attack speed and constant disrupting skills.
-very fast allowing no one to escape and for people to chase you.
-super sustainable with high health regen ending in 150 health regen.

-early game farming is not very easy.
-a bad lane partner or enemies whom utilize the minions can make the laning phase hard resulting in not many or 0 kills.(exactly what you don't want)

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For items i tried to get as much mana as possible while trying to maximize his damage,sustainability and endurance to damage.
*The items i have above do not need to be bought in this specific order although i put it in a decent order for people who do not like to change it depending on the circumstances. This makes it easier for the less addicted people :P*

In my opinion the trinity force and tear of goddess are items that are a must for blitz even if you decide to play ability power and turn tear into an archangel.

Other alternatives to the build i showed up top would be adding more ability power instead of a Force of Nature by buying another Rod of Ages or if you think you can play without the boots utilizing the Trinity Force and Force of Nature's 20% movement speed bonus you could also buy an Rod of Ages there instead.

One last build I have used when winning badly would be going straight damage per second by buying a Manamunai, trinity force, 2 phantom dancers, infinity edge, and a Rod of Ages.
This brings your character into the 1000+ damage category because of the 250% criticals on top of the x2 punch and 1.5x trinity force allowing total domination if your able to build it.

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These runes I use are not mandatory but give blitz 833 mana which results in 416.5 extra to the mana shield, 8 additional health regen and finally 16 attack damage at level 18. This may not seem like much but it really helps out.

Otherwise i would suggest flat armor runes flat mag resist or cool down glyphs while for the quints and marks i usually would pick offensive runes such as penetration and flat ad or ability power but isn't necessary.

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Summoner Spells

I always use exhaust and fortify since it allows you to utilize your grab if your in a solo lane or if you just like to hang out by your turret with your lane partner.

Otherwise Fortify just helps keep all turrets up as well and is a great choice for Blitz to hold since other champions have higher priority's then using this.

Meanwhile exhaust can be used to help u chase down people or escaping by popping it then pressing w to speed up.

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Skill Sequence

Some guides like to raise e more before w but in my opinion having the w at a higher level early on will allow you to use it to escape since in this build you do not have any sort of escape summoner spell.
ex: ghost or flash.

Also blitz earlier in the game from my experience is at his most vulnerable so learn his limits, bait thise enemies and utilize those summoner spells.

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Early game blitz whether it be solo or not i would strongly suggest to be aggressive using your grab as much as possible. (don't throw arms that have 0 chance to grab them though.)
Although when soloing make sure your are near the turret if its 2v1 until your tanky enough.

Laning: when laning the best thing you can do is either make sure the other team is scared and doesn't get to farm or allow them to push hard and feel safe while you keep pulling them into you and your lane partner.
Also remember blitz does not have to be as straight forward as initiating all fights or tanking, because not everyone takes notice of his mana shield and how much he will gain after he goes below 20% baiting when at low health is one of the best things this build helps you do and the best way to get them to take the bait is usually to stand in front of the turret a few steps and pretending to back. Tons of over-cocky champions will go for the bait like its gold and then all you do when they get close or dive is knock them up exhaust or fortify or grab if they tried to range kill you.
Otherwise good baiting is when you pretend to run away from a Jax when you are at 30% health. All you got to do from there if you have the damage to kill him is turn on him and start fighting and as soon as your mana shield pops most likely he will try to run but there is no running from blitz.(If you feel your not strong enough to take him just get him to follow you to your team :D)

Soloing: Best advice would to turret hug and let them dive over and over to keep dieing or overextend and find an arm the pulls them into the turret. And when your tanky enough push and push and push.(With a high mana shield just turret hug when you get low till your life is full since 50-150 health regen is nothing to laugh at.

Team Fights:
Last thing I would like to say would be during these situations as blitz the best idea is to just stay on top of the carry's preventing them from doing much damage while you continuously knock them up or pull them away from your low health team.

Ex: Katarina is on the other team you are having a 4v5 team fight and she hasn't shown up yet.
Make sure to save your ultimate until she arrives and initiates her ultimate.(Her ultimate like Fiddlesticks can be disrupted by silencing, stunning or etc... Although Fiddlesticks' must be disrupted before his channel finishes.) Meanwhile pound on the Corki or etc... carries who are attacking your team and make sure to pull that Garen or any one else chasing your low health fleeing allies to you so no one dies.

Doing these type of things will make it a lot easier to win any team fight in any situation even if you die while saving your team who just took out 3 enemies.