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Build Guide by veggieburger

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League of Legends Build Guide Author veggieburger

Blitzcrank super tank and ganker

veggieburger Last updated on February 10, 2011
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Hye guys, so u think my build is in-effective ? well u are wrong. It is a very effect tank and team player. In my play style, i dont use blitzcrank to do damage but rather to utilise the best of his skills in a team fight. I put my mastery on the best defense aginst champs and teh rest on ultiliy because mana is very important to blitzcrank.

I have built blitz this way so that he can be a strong tank, good ganker and a confident tower jumper as well as a good team support

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-Make sure your team has high damage output champs and laning with a burst damage champ or a champ with slow or stun capabilites complements your rocket grab ability and ganks. (Preferably close ranged champs)

-Make sure your not the only 'tankish' champ in your team so u dont have to be relied on to tank 5 otehr champs but instead 3 or 4.

-Always start teh gank with rocket grab, if teh enemy starts building on banshee veil ( this means taht either they are good players , or they see you as a hig threat) you can run to them and use ur ulti or power fist, run back and then confidently start your team fight/gank.

-Soloing isnt this builds biggest strength becasue of teh low damage output, try harrassing and running and tnaking the enemy so that your teammates will have time to come and help.

-try to be around team fights as much as possible, dont go farming minions in another lane, any damage you do during afight will give u a stack for your leviathon

-Dont be afraid to tower jump when neccesary beacsue this build makes you quite tough

-THis build also allows you to solo in a lane, use ur abilties conservatively and strike (when tower hugging) whne th opportunity comes to get some easy kills

-You can be very offensive with this build and run around with confidence. Ur tank dont worry, enemies are very afraid of you when they are at a distance.

-Dont over use rocket grab, make it a suprise becasue the enemy will be careless after a while of not seeing you use rocket grab. (and try to be as accurate when using it)

-YOU are TAnk, ne the one who pushes and leads the group. Blitz is the most effective when you have team mates behind you ready to gank.

-Finally dont think you are god and take on 3 people by urself, alwasy have a tema ate cover your back and you can get some kills

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Summoner spells

Many poeple may not like my summoner spell taht i have chosen. I always choose heal to maximise my tanking capabilties and clarity is always essential. If you are low in mana, and low in health (<70%) and you know u are going to be atatcked and take considerable damage, use clarity to maximise ur shield. Clarity can also be used in team fights and pushes to keep the tema going as well as heal.

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Ive used runes taht build primarily for Magic resist, health and cooldown reduction, with a little bit of dodge. Ive chosen these runes whihc give you flat health/dodge/magic resist/CD reduction because it make a strong early game champ. Doing well early game helps to quickly build yur items so you are at your best in mid game (20-30 mins) and able to finish the game quickly. I haven't build flat on one type but spread the runes evenly for each stat and all these bonus stats can really lift your game as blitz

Magic resist runes are good becasue magic resist items are often harder to attain then armor items in game while balancing armor against strong melee champs and health.

DOdge complements your "nimbleness" talanet and increases you tanking capabilities

Health is awesome for early game and allows you to easily be agressive against squishy champs when you want

Cooldown reduction helps with teamfights, as well as increasing your tanking capabilities when spamming powerfist (e)

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Skill Sequence

Skil sequence is quite important, it is very important to keep ur powerfist to an apropriate level becasue the higher the level of the skill the lower the CD. Damage is always a good bonus but i s not neccesarily important and over drive is fantastic for ganks, damage plus jumping towers

Rocket grab
is the best ability for blitz, it is very mana consuming at low levels so use it very conservatively unless you sure u can grab your target and a gank is in place. You can also use rocekt grab and other abilties just to harrass champs and lower their health (esp if they are on the lane themselves) and this will force them to 'b' at some stage.

Can be used for ganks and is effective for damaging turrents as well as runnign away

Is essential for fights, use it as muc has possible becase it is a low mana consuming abiltiy. Use it for disrupting channeling ults, or stoppping enemies fomr runnign away and even, in a 1 vs 1 situation, to lower the enmy champions damge output.

Static Field
Is good in a team fight, use to to disrput cahnneling ults, and also if the team fight is bunched up, use it to silence other champs, so lowering their damage output.
You can also sue it to secure teh kill or to ks, this will benefit ur leviathon item.
the ult can be also use d for farming creeps becasue it has a low CD but be careful not to over use it because it is quite mana draining

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I have chosen leviathon so health hwill not be an issue for item selection in early game. Since blitz is a good ganker, getting stacks for kills is good, an an assist is just as good too. So money is not a problem for being tank. You may choose to buy leviathon before boots if you are doing well early game.

Remember you can choose your 'mini-builds' in the approprate combination e.e.g choose magic resist before armour if the enemy team consists mainly of Ap or the most damage taken is AP

-Ninja tabi is also good and will enhance ur tanking skills against autop attack champs plus giving you bonus speeed complementing you 'nimbleness' mastery. Frozne heart is the next item becasue it gives you mana which will enhance your shield and coold own reduction to enhance your abilities, aoe slow attack speeds for enahnce tanking plus armour to enhance tanking.

-Banshee veil is good too, gives u health and mana, magic resists and the unique passives whihc will prevent you from being disabled in early in the team fight.

-Guardian angel gives you more tanking capabilities plus you can be more offensive and fight to the death (provided you have team mates around you) and not die.

-Randuins omen is not essential, you may choose for some damage items but i like it so it enhances ur tanking capabilites even more. THOUGH i have rarely reached this stage of the build because i have usually won by the 5 th item cos this build is awesome.