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League of Legends Build Guide Author NoobEater

Blitzcrank: Tank Attack

NoobEater Last updated on August 21, 2010
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My first build, wanted to learn how to use Blitz, so I thought why not. All comments/criticsim/suggestions welcome!

Summoner Spells (suggested)

Teleport Lets you go from lane to lane helping out teammates. Important to stop a push if you're far away.

Exhaust Combo this with rocket grab and bower fist, and the enemy has no chance of escaping.

NOTE: these are just suggestions, you can use whatever skills you think work. I personally use these, but you can throw in whatever ones you want.


9-21-0. Nothing too crazy about it. Your main job as Blitzcrank is a tank, so you want the defense, and some extra attack is always good.


Greater Seal of Resilience Armor, important for keeping you alive and taking more hits.

Greater Glyph of PotencyAP you say? what? Well, both Rocket Grab and Static Field gain from AP, so I threw some in there to help those out. Of course, this can be supplemented for more HP/Armor or ever AD if you really want to.

Greater Mark of Potency Gives more health, also good for keeping you alive

Greater Quintessence of Fortitude Yay for health!

Greater Quintessence of Resilience More armor you say? Don't you just love staying alive? (note: these 2 Quintessences can be switched however you like)

Item Build

Sapphire Crystal You want some nice MP from the start so you can keep Rocket grabbing the enemy (more on what to do with the grab in the Skills section)

Catalyst the Protector Trade in your Sapphire crystal for the extra HP and the nice bonus, which is good early game when you level up often, so you don't have to go back to base often

Ninja Tabi Some nice armor and dodge to go along with your speed

Innervating Locket Gives you a bunch of MP, so you don't need to worry about MP as much. And the aura is nice to the teammate you should be laning with

Randuin's Omen Great for tanks IMO, because when you start to take the damage the 20% slow chance kicks in, making it harder for them to run. And the active is good against other team's tanks.

Sunfire Cape Some more Armor and HP never hurt anybody, right? (excluding the other team, of course) Plus, the passive is nice, since it give you 40 more damage per second. But that's just a thrown in extra.

Frozen Mallet HP and AD, plus a slow for all physical attacks. Nice for when you have a running enemy, or you can hit an enemy and have your team give chance in team battles.

The Black Cleaver huge amount of AD, along with armor decreasing. Great if it's tank v. tank and you need to get their armor down.


Mana Barrier Passive skill, saves your life many times. But be careful not to become too dependent on it, since it doesn't last long and can be broken down

Rocket Grab Your main attack as Blitz, and it can be a pain it the rump for the other team if you use it right. One of the best ways to use it is to pull an enemy into tower range and then follow it up with a Power Fist. But getting good with this skill takes some practice, and you need to make sure you get hits on the other team every time you use this. Great also for taking out squishies in the back during team fights.

Overdrive Personally, my least favorite Blitz skill. I haven't quite figured out how to use it fully yet, but usually I use it to chance down runners while Rocket grab is on CD. Also can be used near the end of a teamfight, but be careful of the slow at the end.

Power Fist Knocks enemies up into the air and deals double damage. I usually combo this with a rocket grab right before it, but if you're in a teamfight you won't even need to wait for Rocket Grab to CD.

Static Field Not the best Ult in the game, but it certainly doesn't fail miserably. Another one that you should consider comboing with rocket grab, especially on pesky assassins and mages. True, the Silence is only for 0.5 seconds, but it's still nice to have a break for all the attacks. The passive is nice, and you should keep it around for the extra random damage.

Well, there you have it. Like I said at the beginning, comments+tips would be most appreciated.