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Last updated on October 21, 2010
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General Blitzcrank tips:

One thing to always remember as Blitzcrank is that you control your enemies Position in the lane 100% of the time, if an enemy does not constantly re adjust his position to be safe from your grab then he will eventually be grabbed, depending on the position of your ally the turret and your exhaust cooldown, this can be fatal. Move around the lane side to side and watch that the players take note of your position and re adjust, good players will do this often, almost constantly however arrogant/bad players will negate it.

This build is not built on spamming grabs, you should never need to throw more than a grab every minute or minute and a half in laning phase, hence only once point into it for so long, all adding more points into it does is decrease the cooldown and increase the damage. Before attempting almost any grab I highly recommend tapping the S key quickly. This will bring Blitzcrank to a halt and will let you line everything up, unless of course the grab is happening during a chase. You simply do not want to be grabbing while running side to side surrounded by minions. Additionally do not throw your grabs around like they are free. it takes time but learning to be patient with your grabs is a key aspect of playing Blitzcrank, later on you can throw them around as much as you want. However in laning phase they cost a large portion of your Mana pool and you cannot afford to miss three in a row because "he totally looked like he was in range broz". Missing say 3 grabs with no payout whatsoever except a minion pulled to you here and there means that for the rest of your time in lane until you "B" you are scrounging for Mana, which is not good. At first it will be hard but eventually you will learn when to grab and when to wait a few seconds and maybe not.

While grab may not be a spam-able ability one that I see to few Blitzcranks abuse happens to be Powerfist, which is what this build is built around abusing. Powerfist is a beautiful spell that makes your next melee attack do double damage, this may not seem like much but when you take into account the fact that it procs sheen/trinity force adding on an additional 100%/150% of your damage, the incredibly short cooldown and the large amount of damage and armor pen in this build. Suddenly we have a spammable high damage ability that also comes with a few second stun while the enemy is popped up into the air. Powerfist is the unsung hero of Blitzcranks abilities. Even at times when the enemy is hugging the minions being un grab-able simply walking up and hitting one with a Powerfist and then your ult can send them retreating out behind their minion shield, at this point if your partner is not brain dead he will be chasing them with you. once you pass the wall of minions suddenly they are in open lane in retreat mode, 9 times out of 10 the enemy will not think to dodge a grab directly after the Powerfist-ult-chase with partner combo. also they will be very close at this point having just passed their minions a grab is almost a sure thing. Abuse Powerfist whenever you can, even if its just hitting an enemy and popping back out, the short cooldown and large amount of damage this build gives it make it a great Ability to abuse.

One of your main jobs in TeamFights aside from Blitzing Cranks is to interrupt channeled ults, such as Nunu's Amumu's Akali's or even Karthus' and FiddleStix's or Galios. 3 out of 4 of Blitzcranks spells are interrupts, Powerfist is on a short cooldown so you can pretty well pop it whenever you want, Grab is kind of a once in 3 - 4 games interrupt as normally it is used to Grab. Finally your ult, it is VERY important that if your opponents team contains one of the characters mentioned above( or a different one as I did not name all the characters whos ults are interrupt-able by Blitzcrank) that you SAVE your ult at all costs during TeamFights for interrupting those channeled ults. It can be the difference between a won game and a lost game very easily and it is something to many Blitzcranks forget.

Early Game: (Pre Minion Spawn)


Get your items as fast as possible, I prefer to start with a Sapphire Crystal and a health pot or two, grab one rank of grab(note that if your laning partner has a stun such as a sion it is possible to start with a rank of Powerfist first to help with that early first blood), and head to your lane, you should always prefer a lane with a partner over a solo lane no matter what the circumstances when using this build. If you do have a choice in laning partners ALWAYS go for the partner with a slow, stun, or a large amount of burst DPS, as those in combination with Blitzcrank's grab and popup abilities spell easy ganks all around.

A quick example of some champs Blitzcrank is great in lane with:
-Kassadin -Anivia
-Kog Maw -Ryze
-Sion -Annie
-Singed -Swain
-Morgana -Pantheon
-Cho Gath -Veigar
-Poppy -Urgot

These aren't absolutes of course, it depends on the player playing the champ. You can still have a terrible laning phase with any of these champions on your side. But the point is that each of these champions either has a very powerful stun or slow that they bring to the table to pile ontop of Blitzcranks own disables, or they have a large amount of burst DPS, or both.

A quick example of some champs Blitzcrank does not want to lane with:
-GangPlank -Warwick
-Master YI -Nasus
-Rammus -Soraka
-Shaco -Eve
-Shen -Sivir

As with the above example none of these are absolutes, it depends on the player in many situations. Even while some of these characters become very good partners for blitz once they get there ults (Warwick, Gangplank) or some are useful with proper use of key abilities (Shen or Rammus using taunt for example) those are very situational in comparison to the characters on the previous list.

Basically when using this build you either want to be with a carry feeding them grab / popup kills (and catching a few yourself). Or you want to be with a support DPS champ getting kills fed to you.


Early Game: (Level 1 - 10)


Be patient with your grabs and harrass with Powerfist whenever possible. Control your enemies position and Try not to feed. you should have just enough for your sheen right around level 6, b and Teleport back to lane with sheen at this point. Now from the moment you get back with sheen till about level 8-9 is when you have a massive window of opportunity. once you get your sheen and your ult you are going to be able to pack a serious punch(really the damage output is surprising) , assuming your ally is not brain dead and assuming you have exhaust up you are almost guaranteed to get kills at this point.

No matter what the circumstances if there is a jungler ALWAYS purchase a ward for the river. Blitzcrank has a large amount of damage with this build right around level 6 however you are also slow at that time, only 1 rank into overdrive makes you very gankable. A ward will save you lots of grief.

Try to stay in lane until the teleport is back up again, hopefully you will have enough for your boots and maybe the first pieces of your manamune by then either way B when you can get your boots and preferably teleport back. Build manamune when possible.

While this build is not exactly a gank machine use your time in between teleporting back whenever you go back to perhaps check out the lane opposite the map or mid to see if an enemy is vulnerable, if you see an opportunity take it.

The Tower
Because you are Blitzcrank and you are most likely hopefully grouped with one of your preferred partners, you might get several kills during laning phase and have an opportunity to kill your turret incredibly fast. however do NOT kill it before level 10 - 9 preferably, get it low, be in control but as Blitzcrank ending your laning phase to early can be punishing. he is not the easiest champion to get minion kills with and being level 6 - 7 when you kill your enemies tower feels good for a few seconds then you realize well what the **** do I do now, if you are wrecking your lane there is no reason to blow your load early and kill the turret forcing you and them to play incredibly cautiously or switch lanes, let them feed you and get the turret to a point where you can finish it off whenever you please.

will finish the rest later, any good so far?