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Last updated on October 18, 2012
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Welcome to my amazing blitzcrank guide.
This guide will teach u how u can be a great teamplayer without being a ****.

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Lets start talking about the runes.
U need lots of dmges on ure Q so u can kill people with it and make it hurt thats why u got for the AP and Magic pen runes.
Sometimes people dont want to be grabbed and shoot arrows or guns at u so better get some Yellow armor runes so it wont hurt that much.
So u survive that part cause of ure runes but then u notice enemy karthus is lvl 6 and thats why u get the Blue Magic resist and u survive evrything grab that ashe her *** into the turret and Booyah first blood.

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So after the runes u also need the correct masteries.
I would suggest ure going evrything into Ability killing mode getting 3 in Brute force for better last hitting when ure Ad isnt paying any attention like always.
And some in mana and mana regen so u wont be OoM until u get the Chalice.
U get 1 point into recall fast cause recall is the best escape method in this game.
And 1 point into buffs cause u steal all the blue buffs on accident with ure ult passive.

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Get some boots at the start so ure fast and can keep up with evryone.
Always get a ward so they think ure a good support and dont call u a baddy.
And a health pot when ure ad messes up and take some free damage for him cause ure a goodboy.
After that rush the Mejais soulstealer because u get lots of benefits for it.
Sorceres shoes goes after that u can also take Boots of mobility to be faster but the sorc might be better cause people will build magic resist after they see a blitz with a Mejais.
Then u get a chalice cause i hate being OoM.. When u get the Chalice remember to keep on steal ure teams blue buff on "accident" so u get more mana regen./
Then u get the dcap by the time u get the dcap u already got 8 stacks if not ure not supposed to play a Blitzcrank.
After the dcap u get the abyssal since the enemies are afraid for u and are all building force of nature this might do some extra damages.
Then get the Athene cause mana regen is needed on the blitz.
After that get lichbane cause ure team is failing u and u got 570AP or something and need to backdoor quick cause ure team is ******ed like a ******ed person.

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Summoner Spells

For summoner spells u get flash and ignite.

U can also get Teleport for more stack ganking but ure team mates are ****** and dont place wards u can teleport onto.

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Pros / Cons

U do alot of damages
People will give u honor
Grabs are manly

Alot of QQ when stealing a kill
Alot of QQ when stealing a Blue Buff
Alot of QQ when stealing someones girlfriend with this awesome build

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Run to a lane with lots of minions ofcourse ure the fastest person in ure team cause of overdrive and just ult the creepwave... if carry gets mad says sorry didnt saw u there.

For jungle farming its even easier use ure grab / ult to steal the buffs and the other camps arent worth ure mighty pressence.

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Team Work

In team fights u do 3 things.

First u Grab Knock up someone.
Second u ult the someone and if someone is still alive ignite him
Third use ure overdrive ability to run away until ure cd's are back so u can start teamfighting again.

Sometimes flash is handy to run away quicker.


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