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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Shibbi Shwing

Bloody Murder

Shibbi Shwing Last updated on August 25, 2010
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NOTE: THE BUILD ON THE <<<LEFT<<< is for BEGINNERS the build on the >>>RIGHT>>> is for advanced players. Do not try the advanced build if you are new to Vlad!

So, this is my first build writeup, and I'm not going to put a huge description...Play Vlad, see if it works. I will note that I take the AP book at the beginning because I feel it really just makes the rest of the game easier as far as buying **** goes - the extra ap does help a bit in the beginning, after several games as Vlad, I found that there were much better options out there than Doran's Shield. Also, as far as Runes go, I went for ap with some cooldown...a little health from the quints...pretty standard from the Vlad builds I've seen. The mastery tree is also standard, the cooldown reduction definitely helps. ALSO THE MOST IMPORTANT: I take Ghost and Flash because I don't find ignite as useful in the end game. YES, you can and WILL get some assistance in first blooding or killing your laning partner from Ghost/Ignite in the beginning, but by the end, Ignite really tends to lose its usefulness in my eyes and having Flash will allow you to live far far longer as Vlad, even with his mighty health, is very squishy.

Pretty much, just start with the AP book, I always try to go MID, if you can't mid, not a huge deal, but Vlad is easily one of the best mids in the game and a great counter for Heimer

Once the game begins, I start with the Haunting Guise for some immediate health [which also gives Vladdy AP] and actual AP. Then I go to the Mercury Treads - I chose them because Vlads biggest weakness is CC. Even with the 4.5k health that this build will give you, a hard CC will knock you right down. Then, get Rylai's. Rylai's is the most important item in this build due to the massive health and ap boost. After that, I usually go for Warmogs - a lot of people will tell you thats a bad idea, but those people probably don't play Vlad or are bad players in general. Warmogs gives you a really ample amount of health and conserves a slot that would otherwise go to another Giant's Belt. From there, once the Warmogs is done, you should be doing pretty well. I go for Zhonyas - once you get Zhonyas, if you've been following this build, you'll have around 4300 health and 350 AP. That's a lot. That's going to kill someone very badly. I ALWAYS get the Void Rod after that, the magic pen is undeniably useful and with the AP from that, you'll be over 420 AP. If you need to, you can switch Void Staff with Abyssal Scepter. If your game makes it to that point, you have options: You can sell your Warmogs and sacrifice some health to get more AP, I recommend a Will of the Ancients for AP + Spellvamp for maximum trolling. That's about it.

As far as actually playing...BE DEFENSIVE, YOU ARE A SQUISHBALL! Your Q [Transfusion] is your BREAD AND BUTTER, maxing it is super important. I always get W at level 2 because it lets you escape a lot of hazardous situations that can arise in the early game. Once you hit level 9 though, if you've been playing defensively and spamming that sweet transfusion CAREFULLY [Use it ONLY to LAST HIT or to TAG AN ENEMY CHAMPION, the starting cooldown is LONG], you'll find that Transfusion is down to a 3 second base cooldown now. That usually means the death of your laning enemy, usually without them understanding exactly how much more powerful that one level made you.

From there, it's usually gg. Just play it careful, use W to dodge sticky situations and escape and spam Q to win. You can also use W to tower dive and then Flash or Ghost to grab a good gank and then flee. I do that ALOT and it always works. But be careful. Be very careful with E early on, as it might kill you if your not careful. Taking a Hextech Gunblade in the beginning can help with this because you'll get some returns on that health cost that may eventually equal the Rank 5 cost of 100 health. At the very end, if your game lasts that long, I recommend selling the Haunting Guise to get Abyssal Scepter, for more AP.

So that's about it...try it out, see if you like it, I have yet to get a negative KDR with this build, even if we lose the match.

Please leave feedback! If you +/-, please state the reasons so I can improve the build and description.