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Blitzcrank Build Guide by Guest



Updated on September 24, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Build Guide By Guest 2,012 Views 0 Comments
2,012 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Blitzcrank Build Guide By Guest Updated on September 24, 2011
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This is an AD/Critcrank guide focusing on using blitz as a carry/ganker. That being said, you get what you need for the TEAM, not for yourself. League of Legends is focused on team gameplay, not one or two people carrying a team to the win, like in DotA. This is also not a ticket to a win, it is upon yourself to read on the abilities of other champions and build and play accordingly.

AD - Attack Damage
AP - Ability Power
AMP - Armor Penetration
AS - Attack Speed
MS - Movement Speed
MR - Magic Resist
MP - Magic Penetration
AM - Armor
CC - Crowd Control
CS - Creep Score (Creep Kills)
EXP - Experience
HP - Health Points
SR - Summoner's Rift
TT - Twisted Treeline
DOM - Dominion
Crit - Critical Strike
Stacking - Taking excessive amount of something for a specific purpose

Dodge (The Stat)
Magic Resist
Evading (Physically dodging skill shots and other attacks)
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Pros / Cons


*Excellent at almost everything he does

*Short cooldowns and well designed abilities sync perfectly with him

*Has the only "grab" to initiate with

*Mana Shield is very strong

*Has a LOT of CC


*Melee Attacker

*A fairly hard to use grab which can make 1 ability ineffective if player skill is lacking

*Fairly predictable at a moderate/high level of play

*Static Fields passive can attack creep randomly which may reveal bushes or aggro unwanted creep
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*Blitz is an initiator, and having a blitz on your team should mean you invest a lot into landing his grab. His mana shield and natural bulky stats make him excel in surviving, so grabbing should not be a concern for safety.

*He has excellent mobility since the buff to his Overdrive, and can be played with hit-and-run tactics for ganking early-mid game, especially against continuous fight champions like Jax.

*Dont be afraid to stop being AD and start being a full-on tank for your team. Blitz excels in every kind of build, therefore making him one of the most versatile champs in the game.
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As this is an AD build, take Armor Pen reds and quints, Armor yellows and CD blues. The reasoning behind this is -

*AMP is endlessly useful for an AD champ for a simple reason - more AMP = more damage output. You would be surprised on how many people would argue against that.

*AM yellows for the thought of this - Blitz is a melee champion, and in this build, that is your damage, as in Power Fist and auto attacking. So in order to attack, you have to have some brawn. Armor is a general stat I find very useful because of not only champ mitigation, but creep and turret mitigation as well. Armor is also a great stat against any champ early game, as they rely more on auto attacks until they get their all of their skills. (If you have another rune page with the same setup, and youre doing Draft Mode, it might be a better idea to sub the AM runes for MR ones.)

*CD reduction blues for the thought of being able to use abilities quicker, as well as helping your mana build up via Tear of the Goddess/Manamune.(Which will be discussed later in the Items chapter)
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Following this build in an AD playstyle gives you the most bang for your buck, although there are some slight deviations in the Defense and Utility trees which are perfect acceptable, and possible better for certain situations. Getting the Crit/Crit Damage talents will increase your damage output significantly, and the AMP and AD give a slight boost as well. The points in utility are for more of a carry than anything else. "But why not get the mana talents in utility, since his mana shield is so good?" The mana points dont scale as well as alot of people think, and the regeneration talents arent very good either. Getting the EXP talents increases your damage output quicker, by giving you level-up stats, as well as more powerful skills. The gold/10 helps with, well, gold, considering a decent lane will be able to do quite a bit of harassing to last hitters. The Utility tree can be traded in for different points in the Defense tree, if the situation calls for it.
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I will go into item purchase times into the Early, Mid, and Late game chapters. This is simply a list of items that are feasible for AD blitz.

The items that i consider the "standard build" are (In no particular order) -
Merc Treads
Trinity Force
Randuinns Omen
Hextech Gunblade
Infinity Edge

The items you get and the items listed above can of course be swapped and whatnot, but i feel that these items really add to the "core" of blitz. Some other items that can be substituted for AD blitz are -

Phantom Dancer
Black Cleaver
Last Whisper
Banshee's Veil
Tiamat - DO NOT hang on to this item for too long, it is NOT a late game item.
Youmuus Ghostblade
Atma's Impaler
Frozen Mallet
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Skill Sequence

The skill sequence listed above serves as standard leveling. However, leveling is situational, and you must be able to understand and adapt to the environment and battles around you. Onto the reasonings -

Power fist is your source of burst. A critical Power Fist paired with a Trinity Force is one of the most devastating attacks any champ can do. Therefore, Power Fist takes first of the three starter skills, priority-wise.

Overdrive is amazing. Increases your AS and MS, enabling you to chase and hold enemies, as well as dealing massive amounts of damage. You also become quite a nuisance to your enemies in team fights, as you can target and secure yourself onto your teams focus quite easily.

Rocket Grab is debatable. If you were to start leveling it, you would be in more of a pinch team-fight wise, because the increase of time in Power Fist and Overdrive. If you still feel the need to level Rocket Grab, swap it around with Overdrive in the leveling sequence. Power Fist should be your first priority.

Static Field is excellent. High base damage means your ulti is still very beneficial (besides the silence of course) to team fights even though it scales off of AP. Dont be stingy with your ulti. You need to use it off the bat, silencing as many enemies as you can. Your kills will come from you attacking and Power Fisting. The passive on Static Field is a lightning bolt which strikes down on a random target every few seconds, a bit buggy, but not a main source of damage, do not be concerned by this.
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Summoner Spells

Summoner Spells are always debatable. I always say, go whatever your comfortable with. The champions of League were designed without the thought of summoner spells. I feel good with Ghost/Flash or Ghost/Exhaust, but almost any spell will work. I do feel one thing is always good though, and that is to have at least ONE mobility spell. Survival is worth more than dying for a kill and getting one as well. The longer youre in the lane, the more you can farm, the more you level up. If i remember correctly, about 30 CS will get you around the same gold as a kill. However, 30 CS will give you more exp than a kill. Now, that being said, Blitz is a supreme ganker, and you should take every advantage of that. Which is where Ignite/Exhaust could come in handy. The only spells i wouldnt recommend for AD blitz are Smite, Fortify, and Revive. Teleport is also iffy, it depends on how well you and your team ward and control the map.
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Warding is essential for everyone to do in every game ever. Warding gives you control of the map - preventing and creating opportunities for ganks and turrets. A rule a teammate of mine once made was "every time you go to base, get a ward". Its a tried and true method, and doing that will seal the deal of controlling the map. Its even more crucial against a jungler. Holding them from the blue buff could mean the difference of them being able to have an ultimate in the team fight, and holding them from red buff could mean the difference of their prey getting killed or escaping. Holding the Dragon and Baron buff under your sight can severely alter the games flow, as they are both a large amount of gold and experience, and Baron buff is like Gamebreaker in NFL street. In short, warding is a team effort and everyone needs to participate. You can never have too many wards.
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Early Game

At the start of the game, go with a Mana Crystal and two Health Potions. Blitz can duo lane or solo lane, and depending on the what the lane compositions are, you will have to be ready for both. Look below depending on the lane that your team needs you to go against.

Start with a Mana Crystal and two Health Potions. Your primary goal will be to build that into a Sheen or Tear of the Goddess. With your lane partner, early game will be simple - either farming and being supported by your partner, setting up kills and "ranging" enemies from collecting EXP from keeping them too far a distance away from the creep, or leaving the lane for a short time to kill a jungler or a gank to the next closest lane. If youre getting kills, turn the crystal into a Sheen to increase your damage output on a single target. If not, a Tear of the Goddess will help start the Manamune for you. On the topic of Sheen, dont continue it into a Trinity Force unless you absolutely need the survivability. The ideal scenario is getting your Sheen, then your Tear, then Boots, Manamune, and then Trinity Force. The boot timing is situational. Usually, getting boots my first time back to base is a good call, but if youre getting ganks like crazy, it might be better to get the sheen first. Upgrading your boots is entirely on you. Mercury Treads are a personal favorite because of the Tenacity they give, but Boots of Swiftness or Lucidity are an option if the other team is lacking CC. If youre beginning to notice youre falling behind on CS, pick up your Heart of Gold from the Randuinns early, to start helping your gold/time. In a standard build, I usually purchase the Heart of Gold after my Manamune, and sometime before my Trinity Force. Try to get it fairly early, as the longer you have the gold/10 items, the more gold you accumulate from them.
The creep portion of the early game phase is essential for any champ, as killing creep will determine your flow of the lane, the gold and items you acquire, and the availability of each teams potential jungler. DO NOT auto attack creep like a mindless oaf. Try and score the last hit on each minion, it doesnt matter how much damage you deal to them, the reward is always the same. The difference comes in the flow of the lane. By auto attacking creep, youre pushing your lane forward, hindering your jungle from early ganks, and making you more susceptible to their jungler. However, when it comes time to push a turret or lane, a quick kill on their creep is essential.

The solo lane should be similar to the duo lane, minus the the extra teammate on both sides. Ranging and last hitting are the same, as well as build order, the only difference is how you will be ganking. It will be entirely up to you when you gank, you will be the only one in control of the flow in your lane, and you are a bigger target for junglers to gank you.

This is coined "The Toughie" by me, because im awesome, and because 1v2ing on any champ is difficult. I start this lane off by getting a Regrowth Pendant and a Health Potion, and building that into a Philosophers Stone, and getting the Heart of Gold sometime after boots. The reason behind this is you WILL be behind on your creep kills if your enemies are decent. The two gold/10 items will help keep your gold flow alive, and the regeneration/survivability from these items will keep you in the lane longer. Your objective in a 1v2 is to not lose the turret. You shouldnt be focused on ganking your enemies unless the opportunity arises. However, your jungler should be assisting you frequently, as your lane will naturally be pushed at your turret. Its important to keep yourself in the lane as long as possible, and in a 1v2 situation, this is crucial. You will be leveling quicker than your enemies, and the longer you keep that up, the better off youll be. Now, think of your turret as your lane partner. You turret will defend you, and setting up ganks alongside your turret will be an amazing source of damage. Blitzcrank is a turrets best friend, and your ability to steal and hold champions at the turret is excellent. All in all, communication with your jungler is the most important thing. Youll be farming two characters at once, and you will be higher leveled than two of theirs.

This lane is all about preventing that one enemy from getting any farm and any EXP. The build should follow the 2v2 or 1v1 style, and emphasize yourself on last hitting. If the enemy comes up to farm, you MUST punish them. Its a trade, the damage for the EXP, and the damage outweighs it ten-fold. The only thing to be wary of is their jungler, and you should be warding, which is discussed in an earlier chapter.
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Mid Game

Mid game is a whole new topic. This is around them time where you start moving around the map, ganking other lanes and taking turrets. Turrets win games, not kills. Kills only aid you in the quest for turrets. Now, by killing the enemy inhabiting the lane, you can push turrets with ease. With the assistance of wards, you should be able to see what lanes are the least defend-able by the other team, and pounce on those. However, dont put yourself in danger, you cant attack or defend if half of your team is dead. This is where blitz starts to shine. The power from your Trinity Force and Manamune will soon be coupled with the utility and survivability of Randuinns Omen and even the Hextech Gunblade. A good time to get Lifesteal would be from the point before or after the completion of the Trinity Force. Other than that, coordinating with your team and warding will be absoultely essential.
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Late Game and "The Push"

Late game, you should be developed nicely into a killing machine. All of your mobility, damage, and survivability will make you an incredibly effective teammate, along with your CC.
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