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Blitzcrank Build Guide by Jagdpanther

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Jagdpanther

BlotzKronk - I'll be whatever you want me to be baby

Jagdpanther Last updated on December 7, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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With around 1,000 games won as blitz I have built AP, AD, Tank, Support and Jungle with entirely new builds slowly tweaking it into what my guide will show. Blitz is simply unique in that he can literally viably fit into every role needed (some more effectively than others) So come time for some ranked play you can be that giant hunk of metal in any role.


Its important to note the importance of your role as BC as its clearly defined from every other role. BC is there there to keep your ashe and brand alive. Hes there to initiate deadlocks and there to cause as much lane disruption as possible with ganks.

Be Prepared for some flaming

You will also need to prepare yourself for the fiery wrath of the entire community while you learn to play him (It truly is the only unenjoyable aspect to BC). When i first started playing him i would be flamed on average once every 3-4 games for missed grabs etc. The problem this causes is that it stresses you out which further reduces the chances you get grabs. You have to stick with it - deal with the flaming and try enjoy yourself. I now am lucky if i get flamed once every 40 or so games...


The best build to go is AD with a hint of support and will be the base of this guide. If you finish manamune with a few deaths head straight to defensive items. Blitz picks up a little late game but if it means you will feed some more kills its not worth it. Manamune means you can go defensive but still hit like truck. It also has Ol' Mate Mana which keeps you alive. Its important to note its prefable to have Randuins over frozen heart unless you are only having one defensive item - mana is too important and as a general rule pick either banshees or frozen heart, not both. If your doing well go from manamune to triforce to inf edge and end with a defensive item.

Tanking blitz is similar in build with manamune as core to get that base mana then banshees to randuins. A ROA can be used for increasing your health pool.

AP blitz (Least prefable build since you turn into an AOE nuke with literally no hitting power for 30 seconds after) starts Archangels - ROA - Deathcap - frozen heart (for the CDR). If fed you can literally walk into a team, ulti and take off around 70% hp off the squishies and 30% off tanks. Also not uncomon to two shot squishies with grab ulti combo. However when you dont get fed your really only good for that initial burst then runa round soaking damage and keeping your squishies alive.

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AD: Attack damage marks (since blitz hits like a wet noodle early game this is too important to pass up) Mana regen seals and mana glyphs and quints. This allows for a large early shield and more importantly more grabs during the laning phase. Mana is too important to blitz. So often have people interpreted me as the squishier laner and i get targeted over someone else only to have a whopping 200 HP shield pop at level 1. This comes back to your role; Keep your squishies alive. Posing an AD threat increases the chance you get targeted maximising damage time for your team.
AP: Magic pen
Tank: HP


AD: Mana regen seals Giving more grabs for a longer laning phase
AP: Mana regen
Tank: Armor


AD: Mana for a larger base mana pool at level 1 (should geta round 250hp shield at level 1)
Tank: MR


AD: Attack Damage Again to ensure you dont hit like a wet noodle...
AP: Mana
Tank: HP/Mana

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With the old tree i always stacked into Defensive but it just doesnt have the attraction the defensive tree gives. With my guide you should have 76AD at level 1 (which is strong considering a powerfist takes it to 152).

If your tanking you stack defensive tree and AP stacks offensive with points in utility for the mana and regen.

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Skill Sequence

Your first point is grab. Grab is by far the best skill for any team to have in your level 1 ganks. Its also brutal in lane and is blitz' signature ability for a reason. You then want to max out powerfist (since this is your core CC to keep those squishies alive) and overdrive second.

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Summoner Spells

Flash is still very strong. Paired with overdrive makes catching a blitz a nightmare. You save flash only for slows simply to get the distance to pop overdrive. On average i would say it saves me around 2-3 times per game. Next is TP since blitz' ability to ulti creep waves makes defending and pushing towers very strong. With a small amount of AP or getting level 11 early means you can clear an entire creep wave except siege minions making a tele, ulti, grab, knockup combo under a tower a very easy kill.

Alternatives are CV for support reasons. You shouldnt need ignite (very easy to flash ulti low hp) or exhaust due to your overdrive and CC ability.

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Pros / Cons


His grab
Ulti is an AOE disruption (dont like calling it a silence since .5 seconds is nothing) which makes WW, Malz, Karthus - all other channeled ulties count for nothing.


You get flamed by every way too much. Its the biggest con since it makes playing him so unenjoyable at times.
Jack of all trades master of none. He can do everything but optimal tank, AP carry, AD carry, Jungle. So many better ones out there.
To be optimal and benefit from blitz' whole kid requires mana... This makes for a very expensive kit. A rammus looking for armor takes a 2k thornmail... you take a

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Team Work


You really dont want to initiate with your grab if possible. Both in laning and team fights its prefable to save your grab for other reasons to be explained later. During laning pop overdrive and go for a powerfist. This gives your oponents a target (you) and your partner some damage time. You grab is saved for two things here:
- Grab anyone on your laning partner
- Grab someone getting away/flashed away

Its prefable to lane with anyone with CC BUT NOT SUPPORT!!! The CC can be a trap or a stun either works. The only time you initiate with grabs in laning phase is if you simply cant get to them (tower for example) or if your pulling into stacked Jack in the box's or Caitlyns traps.

Good partners:

Its prefable to have high burst champions with CC but any of the above work well if they can work around your initiation.

BAD Laners:

Blitz is also a machine in top lane if they have no jungle (which seems to happen sometimes now the jungle is pretty average) Things to remember:
-Dont worry about last hitting - you want them on your tower
-When you hit level 6 you have a small window where you can play very aggresively and try dominate the lane.

When they are on your tower you can time tower hits on minions; 2 tower hits then one auto attack kills a mellee minion and 1 tower hit 1 auto attck kills a caster. You can get alot of CS even under your tower. Remember DOTS count as if your being attacked so if you have tibbahz next to you, malific visions etc you can immediately pull them under the tower for kills. The only time to go top is when your confident with blitz because he is very strong and very durable and you have to be naturally patient with grabs making you also naturally patient in top lane (Passive almost). With them on your tower ganks are also a piece of cake.


Due to overdrive blitz is a brutal roamer. Staying in bushes for the whole laning phase coming out every so often means you can quickly piss off to mid and gank before they know your gone. When you become confident of your grabs dont be afraid to flash over minions to assist in an obstacle free grab. Generally you want to be everywhere during your roaming. Noone likes to be on their tower but a blitz makes towers even a danger zone. Pull out a squishy from a tower and its game over.


As i said earlier these should be saved till during combat. You want to keep it off CD incase a wukong/renekton/twitch/kass gets to the back of the back so you can pull em away. This is your highest priority as blitz. If they are bad and you didnt need to use if then chase down any survivors and use your grab then.

You can initiate (and are expected to) under these circumstances:
- Stalemate. Those times where one team is locked under a tower and the other team is an arms reach away. This is where you use it. Not for tanks but those daring squishies that try harass.
- Baron. Pulling one over the wall turns a 5v5 into a 4v5 then with overdrive or flash puts you in the middle of them in no time.
- Ganks. Just out of range to get that powerfist off? No worries bring em back.

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Farming is very important for blitz. You can farm off assists (which is what i normally try do) leaving CS for your laning partner (who should be a carry) but if this fails you have a HUGE problem... Your up close and personal in team fights and die in 3 hits. You need tear early to help with this but if your not getting CS or assists in lane you need to swap something up because you will loose mid game. A squishy blitz becomes utterly useless.

If you dont have to give your CS to a partner you have a very strong farming ability. Powerfist has a small CD and mana cost making last hitting a walk in the park.


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Blitz is fun.... if you remove chat... You will get flamed... You will hate blitz for this. I have thought of never playing blitz again just from the flame you get. What people dont realise is if you land 9 grabs but miss that one grab you will be a noob, a deadsh*t, cursed hissed and spat on. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

It takes alot of practice but with the number of games i have i get arround a 3/4 grab rate with good games being 90% and bad games being as low as 30% (These bad games happen when you get flamed then you stress and then you miss more... you will have alot of these)

Your role is to peel off the enemy from your squishies at the back!!!

Alter your build with how well your doing... if your probably going to have to carry use the above build but if your around 1:1 KD go straight to defensive items after manamune. With only a banshees you should be hitting for around 200 + sheen + powerfist makes a 600 hit for a tanky blitz on a 4-5 second CD.