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Blue build Corki

Last updated on July 24, 2015
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Blue build Corki, WHY? (or the corki special)

my initial thought was that he is very similar to Ezreal so it could work... then i tried a game and i just melted the enemy team.

I'm not the most detailed person... but here is my basic guide of "Blue Build Corki"!

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i'd recommend standard ADC runes and if you have a special "blue build" one feel free to use that. i'm not the best player at runes so just take whatever... recomend 9 AD reds, 4 Armor and 5 HP yellows, 4 MR 5 CDR blues and 1 AD and 2 Lifesteal quints.

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21/0/9 get what you feel like, i would put CDR over AS in offensive tree.

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start Dorans blade and 1 Pot, rush Tear and then get Frozen Gauntlet, now its time to pick up boots (upgrade whenever you find a good time for it) i usually take sorcery shoes as you have tons of ap damage. After that you should go Bork in to Manamune, then you build Black Cleaver and finish off with either frozen mallet, mercurial scimitar,infinity edge maw of malmortius or ghostblade depending on the match up/how fed you are.

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Skill Sequence

Max Q first, then E and last W- Level up R whenever you can.

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Always take flash, heal/barrier is optional, take cleanse if you feel like.

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Pros: you gain kite-ability, almost never run out of mana, great in duels, gets a bit tankier.
Cons: You don't have trinity force, less crit chance

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Thanks for Reading this guide!

this is my first guide... and hopefully not my last... i have a nice Vayne build that i would like to share to the world too!


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