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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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Blue Zyra

Last updated on July 21, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello guys. This is my first Mobafire guide I've ever made. I had to create an account to be able to share this build with you all. English sin't my native language so be aware of that.

This guide will focus on Zyra's plants. They will deal alot of damage with this build and so will Zyra. It's alot of fun too when you melt people.

Zyra will have no burst at all. All she does is sustained damage with her plants and some extra damage with auto attacks and spells.

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Pros and Cons

This is pros and cons with this buid, be aware of that.

-Great ability to harass and deal alot of damage with AA's.
-Plants does alot of damage.
-Deals mixed damage which will make it harder to counter build.
-Easy to kill someone alone in the jungle if prepared.
-Great sustained damage.
-Great jungle build too.

-No burst.
-Not as strong as other builds.
-Should not be something you try the first time in ranked.
-Other mages will outburst you.

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As I said earlier, the damage will be sustained and focused in her plants. By getting The spirit of the elder lizard early your AA's and your plants will do alot of damage due to it's passive. Getting CDR boots and tear of the godess early too will help you get your plants out faster and not running out of mana. That's why we are getting a sheen too after that. The AP and mana from sheen will help you out alot and it's passive will increase the damage of your AA's too. SO both passives from the sheen and elder lizard will do alot of damage, especially early. So try to poke with your AA's as often as possible. But leave the sheen as it is for a while because the iceborn guantlet won't be needed since you already have some cc (get it after shen if your team lack in cc). Try to get Manamune after sheen to boost up your AD even more and it will do alot of damage with your plants AA's when it turns into a Muramana. Now it's late game and the enemy team will have some more armor, so get Last whisperer now to help you still doing damage to them. As my last item I would get one of the other blue jungle items, Golem if you need the health or Wraith if you need the AP. I could also recommend Blade of the ruined king if you want to but try to get it alot earlier then. Even before sheen. A banner of command will help you alot if you want some more AP. Would recommend someone else to get it tho.

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When you're fighting in a teamfight, try to get out as many seeds in one place as possible in hte middle of everything so it can reach everyone. Your job is not to focus anyone, just deal alot of damage. AA the most high prio target in your reach. If it's possible, have the teamfight in the jungle in small corridors so your plants will reach everyone and your ulti will hit as much as possible. Your plants will get alot of AS with your ult and will be hitting the enemies like a swarm of gatlin guns. You should try to be rather close in the teamfight, not so close everyone will reach you, jsut as close you can reach the middle of the teamfight with your spells. A well landed snare can change the outcome of a teamfight. When a snare is well placed (hitting 2 or more enemies) place your ulti (if you have 2 plants or more out) and watch your plants kill all of them. Don't get sad if your plants get focused because that will save your team alot of time.

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If you see a enemy running straight towards the bush you hide in, don't be scared, place all the seeds in the bush and wait. Don't snare him til he's in the bush. WHen snared, jsut place your ulti down and dead. You can do burst damage if you focus all your damage on person which I don't recommend in a teamfight.

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Thanks for reading my guide. I will try to update it whenever I can. PLease rate it and coment what you think. And don't say it's stupid til you've tried it and say why it's stupid.