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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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Boob Slasher

Last updated on June 3, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Brute Force
Improved Rally

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Summoner Spells

You should pick flash/ignite over other spells cause ignite gives you big burst + reduced heal and we just need it.
Some people prefer ghost over flash, but trust me, flash is soo awesome escape/chase ability. Example, when you are stealthed and your enemies are around you, you can flash over the wall - 100% survivability (if nobodys there where you flash ^^).

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First of all: Masteries.
I recomend 9/21/0 because you will get m.pen and AP from offense tree, and going 21 points in offense is kinda useless because you DONT get any talents (beside these 2 that I've mentioned beofore) that are worth spending points in there.
And defense gives you dodge, HP, resist and armor, 4% bonus AP, and 4% reduced dmg.
These bonuses are much much better than just 5% bigger dmg (if you go 21/x/x).

If you arent lvl 30 summoner you should go 10/x/0, picking improved ignite in offense tree, these 10 AP give you some burst at early game which is nice bonus. Its not worth going 9/x/0 if you arent lvl 30 because you wont get last talent in defense - the best one.

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I prefer 20 AP, dodge and m.pen over 20 ap and 10 dmg.
Why? Because m.pen gives us mid-late game burst and dodge is of course super uber pr0 anti-bonus for auto attack champs - these that are most dangerous to Akali.

// As you go 9/21/0 in masteries you will get your AP passive on 2nd lvl.

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Skill Sequence

First and best skill is on your Q - mark of the assasin, as you get lichbane it gives you soo big burst that even tanks will run away in fear ;)
But seriously, you should max Q first because:
- you can last hit mobs
- you can harrass
- you can heal (spell v.) yourself easily without going into mobs and giving your enemy chance to hit you (like you should if you max E first)
- it has lower cooldown and bigger dmg over E.

At 2nd lvl you should pick twilight shroud (W) soo you get even better chance to last hit, harrass and gank (slow).

Max Q and R ASAP, then E and last W.

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First you should buy doran's blade to get your second passive on.
Spell vamp is very important soo if you are able to, recall when you have 1550 gold to buy boots and hextech revolver (30% spell vamp = rape).
As you buy m.res boots... I prefer them over m.pen because your main aim is too kill mages/squishies first - 35 tenacity and m.res are just perfect to finish this task easily.
As you buy m.res boots you should collect rylais ASAP.
Next item is lich bane - you will have like 160 AP as you collect it soo dont worry about your dmg, you already are real Boob Slasher.
Last 2 items are hextech gunblades - you ask why 2? Because they give 75 AP, 60 dmg and 25% SPELL VAMP! - if you collect full inventory (6 items) you should have like 60% spell vamp - uber tanky.

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Keep im mind that your first and main task is to kill squishies/mages/burst first.
If you succed - be happy and... RUN!
If you wont succed - keep training ;)

Teamfights: Dont initiate...
Wait till you have chance to dash to their mage and nuke his face around, throw stealth on ground, wait 1-2 seconds, and dash to another squishy and... smash his face.
Well, its hard to explain, you just need to be experienced in this ;)

Dont forget that you can ulti-escape from fights if there are some mobs/players in range of ulti but away from enemies.

Sealth: You should know that when you exit shroud, you have like 0.25 sec of stealth soo you can reach some wall and flash thru even if your shroud is not enough close.
And... thats all.

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Ugh, dunno. Thats all...
Trust me, I've played akali for like 400 games already - you can find me, nick Bywa on US (lvl 30) and on EU (lvl 29 ATM).
But I dont play on US anymore ;)
I didnt played ranked games soo maybe there are some better build than mine, dunno.
I havent read other builds soo I dunno if theres same build - dont troll me if there is ^^

This build is 100% mine, based on my experience and tons of hours spent facerolling keyboard ^^

See you ingame ;)