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League of Legends Build Guide Author BackDoorCurbStomp

BOOM Headshot Critplank is cappin all yall

BackDoorCurbStomp Last updated on November 12, 2010
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Well this is my first build. So i ask that you be nice with me because I'm new to this and I have seen most of the builds on this website, and thought it might be time for me to contribute. I decided to do it on Gangplank because I play him a lot and i think he is and amazing champion capable of monstrous amounts of damage. This build is very text orientated and lacks pictures (I'm new to this and I'm still learning how to make it look good ;p but please take a bit of time to actually read it before you comment)


For my runes I like to go crit dmg marks and quints because once you get your Infinity edge your critical hits will be feared by all who aren't complete brain dead ******s. I like to get doge seals because it works nice with your Phantom Dancers and helps keep you alive in team fights because they will focus you mostly if you already have most of your items since you kill be the one dealing most of the damage.


I use the standard 21/9/0 I do the 9 in defense because the extra dodge goes a long way, and nimbleness helps you escape which is a bonus. I've never needed to go into the 9 utility because if you play smart you wont be majorly mana starved early game

I ALWAYS start out with meki pendant because it a huge help to harassing with paRRRley and healing with Remove Scurvy you can start out with brawlers gloves if you like but just keep in mind your going to be major mana starved and if your a stubborn prick and are fixated with brawlers gloves early game go 9 into utility and change your blues to mana regen. I usually upgrade my meki into tear of the goddess then into manamune because i think in benefits gangplank a lot better then the chalice does and i have tried both many times but i usually do better with the manamune if your generally new to gangplank though I advise you to get the chalice because it's a lot cheaper but if you feel confident and have a good early game manamune is defiantly the better choice in my personal opinion if your a manamune hater and think the chalice is 10x better by all means buy it but i advise you to at least try the manamune and see if it works for you. Then we but 2 avarice blades because it gives a nice little crit boost but also makes buying your very expensive item build that much easier. Then we rush our first zeal because its a great early game boost then build your first Phantom Dancer this item on Gangplank is a match made in heaven it give him some of all that he needs movement speed= Easy map movement and makes it possible to track down those silly enemy squishys laning by themselves and doge= great survivability in team battles or just plane 1v1 seeing as you have no hp items so you will be generally squishy ANNNDDDDD OFC CRITICAL STRIKE THE HEART AND SOUL OF GANGPLANK uhhhh crit= huge crazy BOOM nuclear parrley explosion and huge amounts of auto attack dmg. Then we build a Infinity Edge ofc becuase the crit and dmg are awsome but the passive which makes your criticals deal 250% instead of 200% is absolutely GODLY on gangplank. Then another Phantom Dancer you should know why ;p. Then you sell your first trusty avarice blade and buy your Zerks greaves OR Ninja Tabi if they are DPS heavy i go Zerks 90% of the time though. THENNNN you sell your next avarive and pick up a black cleaver the passive will make you a rape machine with a pirate hat a gun and a gold sword in other words your death in pirate form. THHENNN if the game is still going on you get a blood thirster it gives nice dps and once you kill those 40 creeps needed to unleash it's full potential you'll be lifestealing for absurd amounts. i sometimes just skip boots altogether seeing as your Phantom Dancers will give you all the speed you need. But if you really want boots but them before you finish your Infinity Edge and sell your Manamune late game for blood thirster


Meki Pendant, Manamune OR Chalice of Harmony, Phantom Dancer, Infinity Edge, Phantom Dancer, Black Cleaver and Blood Thirster

I have tried using many other build this one is not entirely unique. It's play style is similar to most other Gangplank builds, but this is what works for me try it and comment (I do appreciate constructive criticism and if you are going to -1 the build at least tell me why and what i can improve on) THANKS!! :D