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Last updated on August 26, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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If you like dealing devastating amounts of damage then this build is for you. Before playing Nunu you should understand with this champion your ult will become hard to cast against a heavy disable team. If you are casting your ult and get sunned, or something happens which interrupts your ult the enemy team will take half damage. My best suggestion outa the gate would be try his ult in a practice game, against real players not bots. So you can get a feel on when and when not to try and get your ult off.

Nunu can be one of the best nukers in the game if you are great at getting your ult off. Which can result in enemy's taking over 1,000 damage each. Best place to get your ult off would be to a team lured next to or into a bush. If you can get a cast off from a bush the enemy will not be able to see your casting circle and most teams in the heat of battle will only trip out on why they are getting slowed and not think RUN!!! like they should lol! Another good thing to remember while playing Nunu if you got a team that thinks its time to bust all there spells off on a champ in your ult remember that you can move out of your ult by clicking which will activate your ult to do damage and a great way to kill low health champs and not get ksed. I do this a lot unless it is a player I can trust to carry our team if i die and lose stacks on my Soul stealer.

Masteries time I understand most of you are looking at it thinking I thought this was an ap build for Nunu wtf is this noob thinking!! HA! I feel I do just as much damage specked like this then i do when i have myself specked into utility. The major difference for me in game play as I find I stay a live much longer in game and can help a lot in team fights. Staying a live is key once you start to build stats with your Soul stealer. Of course if you feel better with it or you have a heavy tank team go for the 9/0/21 choice which will make your mana and exp gain better.

Runes you can pick a wide arrange of runes for Nunus cause as we no most of the players who dnt have 200 plus wins dnt have a full array of runes to buy. But those are the runes i use when i play this champ. I would suggest Magic pen, ability power, cooldowns, and if you wanna play a little more tanky then health runes and other stuff like that.

Ok so fer your items I usually start with building my catalyst first then go after boots of speed and finish my Rod of Ages. After that if I am already doing good then I go for the Soul Stealer if not i finish my boots. I try to counter the other team with boots but a good choice for nunu would be Sorc boots or Ninja tabi for the dodge chance its nice when someone tries to stun you out of your ult and you dodge them SoBs, leaving the other team with the WTFs and the Nunu is such a g.. champ to play kinda QQing lol!
After you build your Rod of Ages and Majis Soulstealer and boots i LOVE to get a Void Staff it is a great choice for the magic pen and the extra ap! The more ap you get the more damage you will do.
After that I go for Zhonyas Ring. Which speaks for itself.
For your last item it depends on the other team in my book as well as for the void staff. For example if the other team thinks that not getting magic resistance is a good idea then Void staff maybe no. Maybe through the lich bane in there at that time. Something else that has ability power or things like that. Other good items for Nunu could be Abyssal Scepter, Archangles staff, Deathfire graps, haunting guise and stated by Dewo a banshee veil would be another great idea, while the haunting guise will still be good for the cool downs and extra little ap.

Early game harass, harass, harass. If you lane against a champ with not much health it is so fun to use your Ice blast on them and let em run let em come back then ice blast em again! Once you have gotten them close to 200 health ice blast em then ignite them for the kill it works a lot early game and i find myself getting first blood a lot if not me then the player in my lane AKA if you find yourself in a game with me and im playing Nunu come to my lane:)

Once i get level 6 i try and find a lane with the least disables and have my team lure them close to a bush for my ult. Even if the other team gets a stun off on me my ult will still do a good amount of damage and hopefully your team gets the kill from him using his stun on you.

I like to be the player who carrys the Oracles because it makes team want to focus you and with Nunu at 18 with a full stacked Rod of Ages you will become kinda hard to kill and if your team is good you can keep your Oracle for a long time.

Dnt forget that blood boil should be used right when the battle starts and when u are pushing towers with your team. With this spell if you cast it on another player you will also benfit from the buff which makes it a great buff during team fights and tower pushes.