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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ramzkie

Bootless Fortune

Ramzkie Last updated on December 9, 2010
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This is my 1st time to make a build for a champion and I chose to do it with Miss Fortune.

Well I know the 1st question that will pop in your mind why no boots!?

In my opinion MF's passive give her enough movement speed to move around the map.

I'll discuss the pros and cons of this build as I go along.

First things first...
On selecting character you should always consider what your teammates needs and already have. I only go for Fortune if we have decent tank (have good disables) in our team. This is because Miss Fortune is squishy. This build relies so much on your tank that if your tank falls you better make a run for it unless you can take the enemy out cold.

For masteries I go for 21/9/0 taking note that I took the additional dodge capabilities in the defense part.

For spells I took exhaust and Teleport. Exhaust as we know it slow enemy movement but it can also be use for running. Teleport is good tool to cover other lanes since Miss Fortune is a good farmer.

For Runes, I took as many attack speed as possible but I put dodge seals since Fortune's passive relies on not getting hit and it also helps my masteries that increase my movement speed when I dodge an attack, I find it useful whenever I try to escape enemies. After some time I decide to put armor penetration because it's a good way to harass enemies' earlier round. With make it rain that slows them and impure shots that increase fortune's damage on same target, armor penetration could come reliable as to increase the damage you dealt to the enemy.

First Items:
For starter I choose Mana regeneration and bought 1 or 2 Mana Potions, depends on you anyways how many you will buy. You'll need mana regeneration to keep pumping those skill early rounds. Fortune's skill doesn't consume that much mana but you want those skills coming without you coming home.

First Blood Chance:
With armor penetration on your runes you could go try to grab the first blood but don't be greedy or else they might get you. Some Fortune who try to score FB always use impure shot as their first skill, this is not a bad idea but I find this more effective if you have someone that is also attacking with you, remember you don't want the attention so you could use someone to bait for you and using exhaust could increase your chance in getting the FB.

Early Round Harassments;
If you didn't get First Blood, you could start the game by harassing champs on your lane. Make it rain is a good harassment skill for it dealt Area Effect and slows anyone who caught with it. Enemy have the tendency to go out of the area or make it rain giving you enough time to make those cheap shots but remember always keep moving cause you don't want to be an easy target. Fortune is a good farmer so look out for those low health minions and try to get the last hit giving you enough gold early rounds. You'll be able to stay on your lane until level 6-7. Around this time you need to port back to buy tear of goddess because your ultimate is eating a lot of mana, also try buying items that will increase your damage.

When to use Miss Fortune Ultimate?
Miss Fortune ultimate is AOE in a shape of a cone and it is a channeling skill, meaning that you must not take any action while using it or else you're wasting you ultimate and mana. Now when do you usually use Fortune's ultimate? If you are going 1vs1 on an enemy you should always try to harass him by making those cheap shots to him/her, I usually use fortune's ultimate on low HP running enemies that I can no longer chase (inside turret range), remember fortune's ultimate have a good range and try to exploit this to its outmost. In team fights fortune's ultimate is useful when the enemies are group up in an area but like I said, you don't want the attention of your enemies so keep behind your tank/s

Middle Game Meddler:
At this time you should already have Manamune and last whisper on your arsenal and addition of Vampiric Scepter, vampiric scepter will help you recover those lost Health. It is also advisable to try to have Zeal to increase you attack rate and movement speed. Zeal will compensate for the lack of movement speed. And also around this time you should be already working on building your Infinity Edge, I suggest you to cooperate with your teammate to gank someone. Manamune and Last whisper is good enough and cheap enough items for you to give high damage to your enemies in addition to your skill impure shot. But always be aware of other enemy position so that you could avoid getting gank instead of you ganking. Remember that with your passive you could move around the map quickly but be cautious to enemy jungler unless you are lucky enough to cross with someone with low health. I suggest for you to get Lizard Buff (Red) whenever you have free time and you're somehow safe in being gank.

Late Game Lullaby;
You should have Infinity Edge at this time, when you get your infinity edge you could start kicking Butt! And it wont be hard for you to get the rest of the items since you'll get most of the kills. But don't be over confident my friend, as I keep telling you don't want the attention so try to stick to you tanks. This build suggestion relies GREATLY on you tank/s, and how much disable your teammates have. You want the enemies on your range but you don't want to be in the range of your enemies.

Escape Route;
When trying to escape an enemy, cast Make it rain on the enemy path to slow them down and giving you more room to run.

Pros of your Proposition?
This build is mainly concentrated on stacking attack damage and attack speed. With armor penetration from Last Whisper and The Black Clever you are sure to give the enemy something to be afraid off.

Cons of your condition?
As I said earlier this build relies highly on the tank/s and since you have no boots, when you are constantly being hit and slowed by the enemies, you're a gonner...

That's all!
Thank you for reading if in case you read all through it...
Good Luck Have Fun!