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Malphite Build Guide by Bootywarriya

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Bootywarriya

Booty's Soloque Harass Malphite

Bootywarriya Last updated on November 13, 2011
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First Off

This is my first build and I'm a total noob at league still, but when I want to win, I play Malph. I play him as a heavy harrass tank in lane and a late game tank. With his q and e, you have big burst in lane and trading mostly always comes in your favor. This is MY BUILD and how I play him, feel free to point things out where I need to improve or your own opinion's.

This will be a very quick guide since I'm doing this for fun since I'm bored and I'm also curious to see how many people actually read my build. If I see that I'm actually helping people, I'll come back and make this build better.

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Malphite is naturally tanky with his passive, which gives 10% of your max hp as a shield. Early game it doesn't seem like much, but when mid and late game hits, it becomes a big damage blocker. The shield regenerates every 10 seconds your not hit, and this is big on the way I play him. His q steals the target's movement speed and adds it to your own, this helps catching people and landing your e a lot easier. W is a decent skill, although I max it last, I put one point at lvl 4 because the extra armor, damage boost, and aoe basic attacks help farming as well. His E is a AOE slam that does damage based on 50% of your armor. It has a small range so be sure to get right up near the enemy and then use it, if not you will most likely miss. His ultimate, is a big difference maker in team fights and also a great damage dealer. It dashes you to a target location and while in the dash you cannot be disabled. When you reached your target, anything around you will be knocked into the air taking big damage; I often use this as the initiate for my combo.

Max Q, then E 1 point in W at level 4. Grab your Ult whenever it's up.

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Harrassing in lane

This build is generally for normal games and solo que. Malph is a great solo top lane, just today I shat on a Nocturne 9/0/7. In lane I generally poke with my Q to weaken them. Malph's Q and E have great synergy, the Q slows and adds speed to yourself allowing you to close the gap to an enemy, therefore allowing you to land an easy E. After your ground slam (E) the target should still be slowed, this gives you an opening to land a few auto attacks before retreating. When your enemy is below 600-700 hp, and when you have you ult, you can instantly drop them if you hit the whole combo. Generally, I open with my ulti, then hit W, then E, land a auto attack, hit Q, then finish the job with ignite if necessary. With the mana regen of the chalice, the poke then the big burst is a surefire way to get kills in lane, ultimately winning the lane.

Also, when poking with your Q, wait for your passive shield to come up, since it's free hp every 10 seconds, don't bee too agressive. You q and e have a flat cooldown of 8 seconds, and your shield 10. so waiting 2 extra seconds and saving a chunk of health everytime you poke really adds up. If it wasn't for his passive, the harass wouldn't be as effective.

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I start with a meki pendant and 2 hp pots. The first few levels, I concentrate on farm so I can get my chalice. When I farmed about 900-1k gold, I head back, grab the chalice, some boots, a ward and a few more pots. When you have obtained your chalice, that's where the fun starts. Chalice of Harmony is like a bottomless amount of mana regen which goes great with your harass. Just poke with your Q whenever it's off cooldown. Eventually after burning all the enemy's hp pots, it zones them to the point where you start shutting them down. Then I get Merc treads, If I need more MR, I grab a aegis. Basically after the merc treads, the build is comepletely situational. WHatever your team needs as a tank you get. More MR I get an Aegis. More armor, i grab a chain vest. If I dont need either I get a quick warmogs and build a thornmail. I personally love warmogs thormail combo. It shuts down any carry thats auto-attacking you. Then I finish the build with whatever I feel like is more necesary. Generally more armor since your E scales with it.

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Runes are standard, armor seals and mr/level glyphs since your a tank. magic pen reds because your skills are all magic damage. Hp quints are nice, Armor quints work as well.

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Summoner Spells

IGNITE. I love this spell. It is a must on Malph if you want to get kills in my opinion. After your combo I slap ignite on the person and just walk off, its almost a guaranteed kill everytime. I also bring flash. If your solo top, you can take TP instead of ignite but I enjoy ignite.

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PROs - Strong harass
nice base damage
big damage combo
amazing passive
a carry tank (IMO)
shuts downs squishies like nothing
He can't carry a team since hes a tank
can get shut down if not played correctly/carefully
missed ults can screw up a teamfight
not much damage late game

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This build was done in about 20 minutes. I just threw stuff down that was on my mind. I don't see many Malphs at all and I think it's because people don't enjoy him as I do. With this build I can harass all day, which is quite fun to me. If anyone has a suggestion feel free to tell me. I'll check back with this guide if I remember to, and if I get good feedback I'll keep it updated and improve on it.