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League of Legends Build Guide Author Chesco1

Boring Tank Shen

Chesco1 Last updated on May 29, 2010
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Explaining some choices:

- Clairvoyance: I wasn't thinking about kills when I chose it. I thought about helping all the members, escaping from ganks, and still ganking too. I could do almost the same things of Clair with Ignite, but cooldown and the possibility to Clair anywhere on the map made me choose it. Clair in the beginning of a game ensures that both you and your lane friend won't give FB (can help you to get FB too). If the enemies in your lane don't go to grass, look another lanes to use it. It's useful in ganks too, to see if your gank would be a trap or not, or to help killing someone seeing which way he'll go while running. Useful the whole game, recommended.

- Fortify: Just to "grant two lives" to a probably down turret. Can hold the turret the necessary time for your friends to gank the enemy. Although a 9min cooldown, using it in the right time is a powerful point (for example, tower hug with Taunt + Fortify; defend a turret while your whole team is pushing). And of course, Fortify can count as an assist.

- Runes: I have a preference for Runes, but don't think about a "better" Rune Page. Basically if you get health Runes, your initial health is boosted. Anyway, you can get any Runes you want.

- Masteries: I have no preference for it, but it MUST have Nimbleness (helps when you are escaping from a gank), Veteran's Scars (60 HP to your Champion, helps in the beginning) and Tenacity (4% less damage received). Of course, when I choose talents I prefer that which are useful in the whole game (for example, Awareness become useless when you get level 18).

- Skill order:
Vorpal Blade in the beginning to make your early game easier, and upgrading it as soon as possible. The first one to be maximized.
Shadow Dash basically to Taunt enemies, while tower hugging or ganking. Maximized after Vorpal.
Feint I get one point in the beginning because although it absorbs only 40 damage, it absorbs. When you run from someone, you won't use Energy for anything but Dash or Stand, so use it. The last skill to be maximized.
Stand United although it's possible, I don't use it as teleport. Possibly you'd need to use it and it would be on cooldown, and only you stay alive from your team. Or you don't get some assists or kills. So, I focus it on possible saves. 1x1 in jungles; their team focusing a friend who's running and they start to come to us; to save me when a Champion with slow is harassing and I'm with low health. You judge when it shall be used or not.

Item build:

- Regrowth Pendant: With Vorpal Blade, you don't need to stop creeping to heal yourself. Starting with it, I play offensive. Can be a shooter Gangplank or a bomberman Zilean, doesn't matter.
- Boots of Speed and Ruby Crystal: If for any reason I need to go base soon, I buy both of them. As I play offensive in the beginning, I can farm money quickly enough to buy both soon.
- Ninja Tabi: Basically if your lane calms down and your partner is a Champion who could solo a lane, you can let him farm alone a bit and go buy Ninja Tabi. And of course, you can choose for Mercury's Treads too.
- Warmog's Armor: Make it as soon as possible to start to get stacks of it. It must be the first tank item you'll have (except for boots). In the end, it gives you 1220 health and 92.5 health regen per 5.
- Leviathan: I started to buy it after Warmog, and it didn't disappoint me. You'll start to get stacks of it without realizing you're getting. After 20 stacks, 15% damage reduction makes you almost immortal.
- Sunfire Cape: It gives you some armor and health and also helps you to farm a little. For example, farm killing creeps or even getting assists (if Sunfire does damage on a enemy and he dies, you get an assist). So, it helps you to get stacks of Warmog and Leviathan, and of course, gold.
- Guardian Angel: Let's say it "stacks" with Leviathan. Probably you'll get it when you get approximately 10~15 stacks of Leviathan. This point dying would remove a substantial amount of stacks of it. Guardian Angel saves them once every 5 minutes, so every 5 minutes you can jump into the enemy team and get some assists or kills. Just don't forget to jump with your team, otherwise you'll lose Angel and stacks.
- Frozen Mallet: So, this is the item which I have some doubts. I chose it in a game because it gave me a 100% on-hit slow and 700 health, helping me tanking and playing with my team. Anyway, you can choose. You can get Thornmail (damage return - I don't like it), Frozen Heart (reduced cooldowns and slows enemy's attack speed - never tried it), Randuin's Omen (reduced cooldowns, can slow enemy's attack and movement speed, and active slow - tried it once, didn't like), another Warmog (would give extra health and health regen - tried it once, liked but not as Frozen Mallet), among any other options. Anwyay, you'll hardly get to the last item of the build, so it's not a so big problem.


This is about a game I played with this build.
Early: just farmed a lot. Lots of Vorpal used, some Dash to gank/kill with team, almost didn't ulted. Try not to die early (although it's easy to do with Shen). Don't be afraid to ult to save a friend.
Mid: farmed only to get stacks of Warmog, and started to get stacks of Leviathan. Kill creep's mobs when you get Sunfire (without it, would take a while to kill a mob, but you can do too), and stay jungling (you'll be closer to any fight you see, and still get stacks of Warmog). Don't forget: although you can lose stacks of Leviathan, you are the tank. Your job is to tank, so act as one. Start the battle, don't be afraid to Taunt a whole team at a time when your team is ready to jump after you. Assuming you lose 5 stacks, you can recover them and still get an ace. You are a tank, fed or not.
Late: just ended my build, got 20 stacks plus Guardian and become immortal. At this point enemies probably won't target you more, so make them do it. Jumping into them, preference Dashing, is a good way to do this. Anyway, abuse of Feint and Stand United, but only when needed. And abuse to Taunt them, a good Taunt with your team with you means a kill or assist to you.

Basically my Shen became immortal. I could do everything, from some kills to tanking 5 Champions together. As soon as i got 20 stacks of Leviathan, I died once in a 3-tower dive, when Angel revived me.
In general, got 5200 HP, 70% physical damage reduction from armor, forgot to see magic damage reduction, 20 stacks of Leviathan and a Guardian Angel to save Leviathan and make me even boring.

That's it, hope it helps new and old players that want to tank with Shen. See ya. o/