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BOTH Muramana and Seraph's Embrace on a Champion.

Last updated on May 6, 2013
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An unconventional build that actually works!

(First guide ever, still need to refine it(figure out how to include Champion/skill/item pop-ups), updating, etc.)

=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= WARNING =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
Do NOT try this unless you are already well-familiar with the champ you decide to try this on. You will typically lack early game power (although you will gain crazy lane sustain) to achieve insane mid-late game power.
This is NOT a troll-build.

Okay it sort of is. But don't flame me, keep an open mind and please read through the guide. It actually works and I like it. This is not an absolute way to play these champions; however, this is how I like to play mine since I find the Muramana active interesting, and its damage potential is crazy.

I get both Muramana and Seraph's Embrace on a champion because we want to abuse their passive and actives.

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Who does this work best on?

Champions that scale with both AD and AP and also benefit from being slightly beefy. It also helps to have a champion that can easily stack mana on Tears of the Goddess.

With a full build, your champion will have roughly 250 AD, 350 (700) AP (depending on Rabaddon's Cap or not), dealing up to 600 magic damage on lich bane procs, and dealing up to 250 bonus physical on-hit damage at max mana with Muramana's active, and can shield for roughly 1000 damage with the active of Seraph's Embrace.

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Champions and Potential Others.

Amumu - More trolly but decently effective since his crying easily stacks Tears. Gives his auto attacks some oomph but I don't go full AP if I build Muramana and Seraph because he still should be a bit tanky. However, a fully stacked AP Amumu would MELT opponents, despite being melted yourself.

Evelynn - Her E applies on-hit effects twice and gives her a massive AS buff to abuse that Muramana active. Also her Q and E scale off of both AD and AP. Her passive also allows her to regen mana at up to 40 per second so she'll NEVER be low on mana even with that Muramana active. Those 300 AD 850 AP ravages with 250 Muramana swipes and lichbane procs absolutely destroy enemies.

Ezreal - His Q applies on-hit effects and scales with AD, and ALL of his spells scale off of AP.

Jax? - His W will supposedly proc Muramana twice. He also scales well off of both AD and AP.

Nidalee - Her E gives her a massive attack speed buff to abuse that Muramana active. Muramana also synergizes well with her Cougar Form Q. Muramana is also applied on her spears. And Nidalee easily stacks mana on Tears.

Nunu - Nunu was a weird one. I jungled with him for the first time ever but I decided Muramana and Seraph's would work well on him due to his attack speed buff and single target E. Plus his spells scale hard off of AP. An early tear in the jungle allows him to give the blue buff to the APC after the first blue and allows Nunu to stack mana from the beginning to make Muramana easy to get. You'll hit like a truck with your E, R, and auto-attacks fully built.

Ryze - Ryze scales off of maximum mana and AP. He also has 2 single target spells for that Muramana active.

Singed - Singed gains 25% of his maximum mana as health. He can also stack mana easily with his poison trail.

Sona - This is not a support Sona. I have yet to try it in a legit game on Summoner's Rift and I probably never will since she is a much better support. However, in ARAM's, Muramana+Seraph's Embrace work well. Although I still build Muramana even if I am support Sona due to the heavy damage potential she can do. Apparently (unsure if it still does) Muramana's active will proc twice on her power chord passive. Include a Frozen Gauntlet on her and you have a bruiser Sona!

Tristana? -


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The items.

Somewhere early you will want to buy a Tears of the Goddess so you can convert it into a Muramana as soon as possible to start on another Tear of the Goddess for your Seraph's Embrace. You also want to build a Rod of Ages ASAP too to make the most of its passives while still fairly early in a game to more than out-sustain and out-poke your opponent due to having a Tear and RoA.

Boots of some variety

Muramana ALWAYS

Seraph's Embrace ALWAYS

Rod of Ages ALWAYS (That huge health, mana, and ability power all in one item is just too good to pass up!)

Lichbane or Frozen Gauntlet (depending on who you are, if you need to build armor to be more tanky, however you lose that 600 damage bonus on-hit effect from Lichbane)

Rabaddon's Cap for maximum AP

The order of Lichbane and Rabaddon's is up to you. I prefer going Rabaddon's first, but sometimes you get those games where you get that awkward phase where you can't farm well due to the lane phase being over. However, you should more than overpowering your opponents at this point and more than easily net gold from teamfights to rush the Rabaddon's after the Archangel Staff.

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This is NOT the only way to play these champions. This is how I like to play mine (primarily Nidalee and Evelynn).

I hope you can try this out for yourself and see how effective it really is!


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