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Brand: AP + Magic Penetration

Last updated on May 6, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Introduction: IMPORTANT READ

Brand is fairly easy to play; which people don't realize at first, I know I didn't. I usually start out in the middle for the xp boost and for getting fed. Later on, when I get items and feel that I can, I branch out and be the **** to go into other lanes and kill thy teammates foes. I have a picture of my most recent games played with Brand that will be shown later on during this tutorial.

Note: I am level 15 in the game, so my Masteries consist of: 9/0/6 but above is what they will be when I reach level 30. Also, you will see that I have barely any runes. Again, this is because I'm low level and don't feel the need to get them till I'm level 20 for the Tier 3, but that is what I currently have. So use your imagination on the rest. I can tell you this, with the item set and the runes I currently have, you really don't need any more magic penetration of anything. You are pretty much maxed.

Note2: Some of you may be wondering about why I don't get mana regeneration talents. Well the answer is simple: Tear of the Goddesses does all that for you.

Note3: In the picture you will see a lot of kills + Assists. All my assists in all three games where my kills; due to kill stealing. There is a major difference between: Teamwork and constantly coming in at random moments to take the kill then running away. Don't mean to rant, but its just so you know what Brand can really do.

Note4: Here is a website I found that is basically a calculator to build an item set for League of Legends with any character. This is one I made to show you the stats of what I usually play. Sometimes the stats are increased depending on how fed and what not(Just to double check, I know they give you the stats in this guide):,75,4,18,91,94&runes=262,262,262,262,262&masteries=1003400100000000000000000000003120000000000&level=18

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I usually get them in the order above but it really depends on the current game. I will ALWAYS get: Doran's Ring > Tear of Goddesses > Sorcerer's Shoes > Archangel's Staff. After that It is a toss up between Mejai's Soul Stealer and Rabadon's Deathcap. If I notice I am getting kills early on, I will grab Mejai's Soul Stealer first. Otherwise I try to get more kills by increasing my AP early by getting Rabadon's Deathcap.

Note: I don't get Ryali's Crystal Scepter because I feel its not needed with Brand's Stun + the Damage Out Put + Speed Boost(s). With the rotation I will be showing bellow, you will see why I don't get hit often, and when I do, I get away. If you feel like you need the health and are getting hit you can replace Void Staff with Ryali's crystal Scepter.

Note 2: I usually grab at least two Health Potions in between items at lower level.

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Spell Rotation

I usually take middle, like I've stated in the introduction, but when I do sometimes others will join me (enemies). When this happens you have to change up your rotation in order to survive and win.

If it is 1 vs. 1:

Conflagration > Sear > Pillar of Flame > (and if needed) > Pyroclasm

If it is 1 vs. 2:

Conflagration > Pillar of Flame ; then repeat from a distant. If you one strays off, go back to the 1 vs. 1

If it is 1 vs. 3: (yes I've done this and killed all three without dying several times. This is also true against 4 or 5)

Conflagration > Pillar of Flame > Pyroclasm (you will need to do this fast so you can run away, but when I do it they usually run away first, it depends on who you are fighting).

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Summoner Spells: Recommended

I usually grab Flash & Ghost due to not having many Health related items.

Why Flash?

Cause it is your get away spell! If you are low health and being chased you can blink past trees, walls, and turrets. You can also use it to catch up to someone and stun their *** in your 1 vs. 1 rotation presented above.

Why Ghost?

It's another get away spell! If you are being chased and don't feel like wasting your Flash or you need to pop both, you will live. You can also do it to chase down low health enemies or people you just really want to kill. Don't get to cocky though!

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Summoner Spells: Not Recommended

1. Heal: This is absolutely not needed. If you do my rotations and get the items I discussed, you will remain virtually unharmed.
2. Revive: It's just a waste of a damage and or get away spell, we all know that.
3.Smite: Completely useless, enough said.
4. Cleanse: Not needed. You will output so much damage that it won't even matter what you have on you at that moment. Ya it can be a life saver, but it's just pointless.
5. Fortify: Again, useless.
6. Clarity: Once you get Tear of the Goddesses, you won't have to worry about running out of manna at all.
7. Rally: Who gets this ****?
8. Clairvoyance: Use teamwork or just look at minimap!
9. Teleport: Don't be lazy, just run to your location. I mean, I get its purpose, to aid a turret quickly or an ally, but its just a waste of a spell which you will find out when you have Flash and Ghost.
10. Ignite: Ignite is alright to have, I mean it's not bad. I can see why people get it. It's great for lower level, but once you are higher level you will realize you will have no use for it do to the damage you will out put.
11. Exhaust: I can also see why people use this. It's great don't get me wrong. You can get it in replace of Ghost If you want, but I don't see the use of it in my case since this character is my main, but for others I honestly see it's use.

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Teamwork Is Key

Although I like to own games by killing a mass amount of enemies, I do realize that teamwork is the key which unlocks the victory. You will have to work together as a unit in order to take down your foes and their base. If you are close by and you see that one of your teammates are dying, run in and help them, don't be a ****. Go up to the enemy: Conflagration > Sear to stun them so you both can escape. Now, don't be a hero. If you are low health, **** em. You don't want to die as well.

Note: If you are in the middle lane, which you should be, and someone asks for help on either side, make sure you have middle cleared up to the enemy turret first. You don't want yours to get over run while you are gone.

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Match History: Three Matches Recently Played

Note: When I tried to put in the picture, it deleted all my hard work of writing this tutorial. You can imagine how pissed I was with all this effort to help you guys. So I will just write it out as best as I can:

Match1: 12 Kills / 4 Deaths / 12 Assists

Match2: 19 Kills/ 9 Deaths / 17 Assists

Match3: 14 Kills / 1 Death / 8 Assists (This game was me basically. They needed up quitting due to me taking them like 3 at a time haha. XD)

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I hope this guide helped you all. It is absolutely vital that you read the entire guide in order to master Brand's game play. If you have any questions, you can add me in-game: Kilbox

Note: If you could please Comment and Rate :)

*Have fun!*