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Brand AP mid 2.4k player guide.

Last updated on December 17, 2012
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Well,sorry for my english mistakes,but here I go,

Brand is my fav mid champ I have 2433 elo atm EUW,playing with him a lot of ranked games ( 25 win 2 lost season3 yet).

So let's start with this guide right now.

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Basically i use for brand 2 brand rune pages: 1. 8 magic pen(red),at 18lvl 25ap(blue),armor +13 (yellow),14.5 ap (purple runes). Or,if u think u win mid easily and u thinking about roming a lot u should take same runes just purple runes not ap but movement speed.

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Masteries is simply 21/0/9 , if ur smart u no need mana regen or mana, so go 21 offensivelly for some dmg output at the beginning and late game, and 9defensive for hp per level, armor,manig resist.

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so ur brand items depends on enemy and ur team champs: but basically u always start with boots and 3,4 pots,then rush couple doran's. then rush liandrys torment and finish magic pen boots,after go for deathcap,and then its all depends on u , well normally i go for ga or rylais for sustain in team fights,then for magic pen or abyssal and finishing with zhonyas.

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Skill Sequence

So its easy if u wanna go aggresive (i do so) u will start with Q then max E , ur skill setup should be like this : lvl 1 Q , lvl 2 E,lvl 3 E,lvl 4 W, And then max E and Q (ofc dont forgoet ulti 6,11,18 :D). So what u have to do,just poke enemy with q + basic attacks and so on,when times right just e+w+q+r+ignite+flash if needed and its dont ur unstopable. really it is all depends how u can play and farm on lane.

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Flash always. And Ignite ALWAYS. gg :)

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Dont forget it if ur like 7/0/0 dont think ur god. cuz ur greedy play can just threw whole game. suggest rome lanes and help others. buy more wards for the team. :)

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Ranked Play

what i can say. as to me i can beat any mid champ with brand but if mid goes bruiser like talon and zed its ****y ( ofc it depends how talon or zed plays) :)

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Pros / Cons


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Creeping / Jungling

suggest to farm with basic until got like 100ap and u can w+e+q farm :)

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Team Work

well u have to take good position for harrasing enemy team and when it times come w+e+r+q or something like that and poke nonstop ofc dont be greedy dont die like ****t. be smart. think of all enemy champs abilities.. :)

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Unique Skills

unique skills that if ur team like 3/20 in ranked u can easily carry them. just rome,win ur lane and u will see :)

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u can easily go for urs or enemie wrights,so as wolfs. :)


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