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Brand - Every Day I'm Shambling by GC

Last updated on November 1, 2012
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Hello Summoners, Names Roy AKA GraveCritter, 25M, and a fan of LOL the first moment i layed eyes on the game, and aproximately play around from 2 to 5 hours a day whenever i get the chance to play.

I'm from the Netherlands and i hope throughout the build you bare with me as i try my hardest to make myself clear and understandable, as i mentioned i play the game quite frequently and even when deciding LOL was to much time consuming and addictive, i find myself coming back to the game, and not because of the random community we all have our seperate opinions about, but the fantastic art, the humor and the lovely well layed out gameplay and mechanics.

I'm not here to claim im good as brand as everyone has their own interpetation, ill just say im decent in my own way and i love playing him as an allround AP carry due to his epic skins, style and being able to keep summoners sizzling when they just thought they escaped the torment.

I'll also hereby announce that i DONT play ranked just because i cant find decent people to play with or are plainly to rude for me to be around with, and hate debating on whos going where, what part they play, and how i must play or get reported, it seems normals are just more loose, and not that indebt teamwork wize, it really does have its own set of flaws we all came to be frustrated about on to many occasions.
I just see his potential, and even though i just play "Normals" i just know people can make it work in ranked if they gave it a shot.

As i bought brand, he brought alot to the table because ive tried endless mids, and even though they were good in their own way, i think brand can do it better, or that he just suits my own playstyle. at first like many players i just googled "brand guide" as i was looking for help for a build, i just like to give it my own twist, my own explaination, something for myself to look back at and hopefully something that people might find interresting or edjucational themselves like i had with my first build i visited.

I haven't looked at alot of brand builds i dont know how similar mine is, i dont claim to have a better one, and please bare in mind that the items listed above are just an indication of a way i usually build him, as it provides a decent amount of ap/health early on and throughout the game. there are many ways to build him and they are all situational, i even found myself buying Merc boots and a quicksilver at some occasions just to keep myself alive long enough to keep the team going to victory.

I'll get into the items section later as well as runes and masteries, just know that even the masteries and runes are open for debate, specially the Glyph's, not that i will change them but i can understand that people might adjust it a bit more to their own gamestyle.