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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author DjBenny

Brand, I will Brand my name on you.

DjBenny Last updated on April 22, 2011
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Brand Build

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Lore: Hes Badass that's all you need to know.

Brand is a nuker. A mage. He's for people who love combo's and watching their enemies writhe in pain from your combos. He's also a very good poker. If they puch you all the way back to your base, if you are playing Brand Correctly you should have shredded a lot of their hp by then. He's also a very excellent harasser.

So he's good for players that are:

-Like playing ranged
-Like Ability power typed heroes
-Love harassing enemies
-Like Heroes with some form of CC
-Love Nuking
-Love Farming easily.

Hes bad for players that are looking for:

- Tower Divers
- Tanky
- Junglers
- 1 V 1 Supremacy **

He is not that difficult to play, but requires some form of skill.

** Yes He does a lot of damage and you ocassionally see him downing and rocking guys in 1 v 1, but that's only if you can string together his 3 hit combo. Otherwise, if you miss 1 combo 1 v 1 becomes increasingly hard.

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Brand Uses the typical Mage Mastery tree Going up to Archaic Knowledge in Offence and pooling the rest into utilities.

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Pros / Cons

-Great Farming.
-Great Harassment.
-Great Range on Pillar of Fire.
-Great Team Player.
-Has CC
-Decent Ganker

-Really bad at killing towers, really really bad and slow.
-Very squishy.
-Has no escaping mechanisms what so ever.
-Easily ganked if alone.

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Summoner Spells.

Good Summoner Spells:
- Flash: A Hero with No Escape Mechanism, Must have always.

- Ghost: Better then nothing. Decent Escape Mechanism, Though you can be hunted down. You can also use this to gank.

- Ignite: Combined with your Passive can make micemeat of tanks.

-Cleanse: If you know you are in for a fight with specific heroes, Great escape combined with Flash/Ghost.

Situational/ O.K Summoner Spells:
- Teleport: Brand could use this to get around, early game.

- Fortify: Always great to have at least 1 on your team, But Preferably not on Brand.

- Clarity: My build Shouldn't need Mana, But You do run out early game, Only if you want to blast away.

- Exhaust: Everyone loves exhaust, But Brand only Likes it.

Your Plain Stupid Summoner Spells:
- Rally: Brand Says You are just Plain Dumb.

- Clairvoyance: Eagle Eye? Brand Shoots Eagles out of the sky. Brand just says no.

- Heal: Brand say's Healing is for noobs and squishies. But Brand will not comment on the fact he is squishy.

- Revive: Brand says, As long as summoner doesn't make me do ******ed things, I don't need a second chance.

- Promote: "What the heck is Promote?" Says Brand. "I'm the only one that's allowed to get promoted. **

**Is a joke.

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Skill Sequences.

1. Pillar Of Flame.
2. Conflagration.
3. Sear

Levels 1 through 3, You get all of them. Pillar of Flame for huge radius Harassment of course, Conflagration to farm the minions away and push to their towers, and sear for the CC.

You then from levels 4-15 Go between Pillar of Flame first, then Conflagration, and Pyroclasm whenever possible.


Sear for me (How I use him) is only use for the CC and the Blaze, not damage at all. Sear in essence is the worse harassment skill for Brand. Hits the first target, annoying. Seocndly it's probably the least to guarantee a hit on the enemy champion for damage. So, isntead, base it for your CC to set up kills, and instead pool it into Conflagration and Pillar of flame for Massive AoE, Great for farming, Great for team fights, Great for damage.

All in All it's a win. Sear is only used to set up my CC for Pillar of Flame. And boy, Does it hurt them. Plus,

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Skill Combos For Brand.

1 V 1 Combo:

E. Q. W.:

Conflagration --> Sear --> Pillar Of Flame.

Conflagration is ONLY used to set them abalze, the damage is nice to. Sear is to Stun them and Reset them Ablaze, and finish off with a Pillar Of Flame for a massive 3 hit combo sure to take down anyone to a low hp level. Except insane tanks.

Farming Combo:

W. E.

Pillar Of Flame --> Conflagration

Set them all ablaze and damage them all heavily with Pillar Of Flame, Then Use Conflagration which finishes them all off.

Innocent Harassment Technique:

Q. E.

Sear --> Conflagration

Shoot a fireball at the enemy, If it happens to miss, no worries, It should hit a minion in essence. That minion get's set ablaze, wait till the right time in the next 3 seconds, and use Conflagration, It will set them ablaze as well. Many heroes keep forgetting that Conflagration spreads, use this to your advantage.

The Harassment:


Pillar Of Flame --> Pillar Of Flame --> Pillar Of Flame Until dead.

Pillar Of Flame is your main Harassment technique, Use it well for it's range is huge.

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The Items, And Situation.

No matter the Circumstance You always start off with/ Get:

Meki Pendant, For mana regen to lane longer.
Then off to a Tear of the Goddess, for Mana of course. Eventually this transitions into a nice Arch Angels Staff.

You always Have to have a will of the Ancients as well, The Ability Power boost is nice, but the Spell Vamp is a huge huge must for Brand.

Health Potion, ALWAYS ALWAYS carry 1 until you get your Will of the ancients or Hextech revolver. ALWAYS.

Situational Items:

Boots of Swiftness: If your team is destroying, Switch to these to keep up with the pace.

Ionian Boots Of Lucidity: The Cooldown reduction is nice, but only go with these if your comfortable if the current pace of things.

Ninja Tabi: For Melee Heavy Teams with AD.

Mercury Treads: For CC heavy teams

Banshee's Veil: For AP Heavy teams, Especially with Mordekaiser.

Haunting Guise: For when you are losing and don't have lot's of gold. This is good for Power, Squishiness and Magic Penetration. All in all a good basic all rounder.

***To be continued, Further testing with Brand Required.

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Early Game and laning.

Items: Get a meki pendant as Brand burns through his mana like butter. This will keep you in your lane at least 30% longer then usual, better then nothing. Buy a Health potion, because you are squishy and eventually your gunna need it. Play it safe and get the Tears of the Goddess ASAP.


Middle Lane: If you can, get middle lane, Brand is very good at middle lane. Especially with Pillar of fire. That's the reason why you get it first. You want to pillar of fire at least 4/5 minions each time, and try to do it when the enemy champion positions himself into it. Anticipate where they move.

Acceptable Fire Pillars:
- 4 to 5 minions.
-3 to 4 minions including enemy champion.

Top and bottom lanes:

When you are lanning with someone try to lane with people that:
-Are ranged.
-High Damage
-Has CC

Good lane partners are:
-Ryze (Really good)
-Veigar (Also really good.)

Bad partners to lane with:
- Non self sustainable Heroes.
- Melee Heroes in general.
- Heroes with no CC
-Heroes Heavily dependent on other heroes helping them push.

Bad Lane Partners are:
- Xin Zhao

Who you want lane against:
- Melee Heroes
- Heroes with no escape mechanism
- Squishies
- Stupid Over Confident People.

You want to Lane Against:
- Tryndamere.
- Malzahar *
- Trundle
- Garen *
- Master Yi *
- Lee Sin *
- Katarina

* Are Heroes that are slightly harder, but if you play smart you can do it.

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Early To Midgame Transition.

Regardless of Lanes, you want to get Tears Of the Goddess ASAP. Because you burn mana so fast, You need this to be able to lane longer. Follow up with movement speed, and Evetually your really important Will of the ancients for AOE spell Vamp.

Timeline ( Average for me )
5-7 Minutes: Tear, Possibly Boots of Speed.
10 Minutes: Finish boots.
13 Minutes: Get 1 - 2 Amplifying tome
15 Minutes: Finish your Will of the Ancients.

So by 15 minutes you should be set in and ready to rock.

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Mid Game.

As Brand, You totally suck at killing towers, Don't even try backdooring unless you just happen to be in a backdoor situation and your tema is handling fine.
You want to stock with your team, and CC as Much as possible for your team. You should be a beast at farming. Not much to say mid game. Just follow your teammates, and farm and gank whenever possible.

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Notes: This guide is Thourough, Yet Not Complete.

I'll be updating this a lot. Thanks.