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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author NexDeus

Brand is on FIYA!

NexDeus Last updated on April 18, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Hello and Welcome to my Brand's Guide.

This is my first build on mobafire so forgive me if there's some mistakes and stuff.

This is currently the build that i'm using with Brand. It is still in the testing phase but so far it's been pretty good. Of course, like any build most of the time it is situational and might not be optimum for every single games.

Please leave a comment (only constructive ones please!) if you find that I should modify or changes anything in this guide.

Nex Deus

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Pros / Cons

Here I'll list the Pros and Cons of Brand.


    Can deal a high amount of damage over a short duration
    Works great in team fight

    Really squishy(like all casters,most of them)
    Once all his spells are unleashed can't do much

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Here's a brief description of Brand's abilities.

Brand's spells light his targets ablaze, dealing 2% of their maximum Health in magic damage per second for 4 seconds.

Pretty self explaining :P

Brand launches a ball of fire forward that deals magic damage. If the target is ablaze, Sear will stun the target for 2 seconds.

So basically if you hit the target with another spell before casting Sear, the target will be stun. If not Sear will only deal damage and put the target ablaze.

Pillar of Flame
After a short delay, Brand creates a pillar of flame at a target area, dealing magic damage to enemy units with the area. Units that are ablaze take an additional 25% damage.

In other words, Brand create a circle of fire at a specific area. If you hit the target with a different spell and that the target is already ablaze Pillar of Flame will deal 25% additional damage.

If the target is not ablaze Pillar of Flame will deal normal damage and put the target ablaze.

Brand conjures a powerful blast at his target, dealing magic damage to them. If the target is ablaze, Conflagration spreads to nearby enemies.

What this ability means is that Brand hit the enemy with a powerful spell that hit for a specific amount of damage and if the target enemy is ablaze it will spread to it surrounding.

Again if the target is not ablaze, Conflagration will only deal damage and not spread to its nearby enemies and will put the selected target ablaze.

Brand unleashes a devastating torrent of fire, dealiing magic damage each time it bounces. If a target is ablaze, Pyroclasm's missile speed increases.

In short, Brand sends a HUGE fireball at the enemy when it hits the target its going to bounce at the closest enemy unit. If the target is ablaze its going to increase the speed at which the fireball goes.

Again if the target is not ablaze, Pyroclasm is going to put the target on fire.

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Here's the reason behind the choosing of my runes.

Marks: For marks I use the traditionals Mark of Insight. It gives the necessary MPen that every caster needs.

Seals: For Seals I go with Seal of Clarity. This gives us the mana regen to not run out of mana too quickly.

Glyphs: Glyphs were a bit more tricky. I went with 6x Glyph of Force and 3x Glyph of Insight. The reason why I use a 6/3 glyph combo is to reach the 30 MPen cap at level one so that way you can deal full damage to most champion right away as we mostly all start with 30 MR (Magic Resist).

Quintessences: For the Quintessences I went with Quintessence of Potency for additional AP.

Rune Build Link

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Here's a link to the Masteries build I'm using.

It's mostly like any other caster build but with some of my personal choice.

I go for a standard 9/0/21 build, as usual the 9 points in the Offensive tree is only got grab the bonus AP ( ) and the MPen ( ) that it gives.

As for the Utility tree I grab all the mana boost and mana regen I can get with a small time spend dead reduction ( ) and the bonus 1 gold / 10 ( ). Again those 3 points can assigned somewhere else.

Masteries Build Link

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Item Breakdown

Starting items

For starting items I always start with a Meki Pendant and 2x Health potions.

Reason I grab the Meki Pendant is that it gives the necessary mana regen for the beginning and it's also part of the Fiendish Codex.

If you don't want to start with the Meki Pendant, you can either go with either a [icon=Doran's Ring size=32]Doran's Ring or a Sapphire Crystal.

Those are the other options to start with.

I strongly suggest to grab your Boots of Speed and upgrade them to Sorcerer's Shoes as soon as possible.


When you are done with your Sorcerer's Shoes, it's time to start saving for those AP items.

First on the list is the Fiendish Codex. I find that item pretty decent and is part of a very decent item, Morello's Evil Tome. The evil tome as everything a caster want, a good amount of AP, some MP5 and some CDR, you can't ask for better then that :P.

Next in line is the Hextech Revolver. Who said that we don't need some spell vamp along the AP????? Well this lil' baby got what we need. Good amount of AP and some spell vamp. Again this is part of a very good item which is the Will of the Ancients.

As for the third item that I consider mid-game is the Rod of Ages. The Rod of Ages is a very good item and is better to get as soon as possible so it has the time to gather is stacks. So the earlier you get it, the faster your getting those stacks and the better survivability you get. As for the stats it gives really good amount of AP, decent amount of hp and mana. You can't go wrong with this item.

Late Game

Here we are! Late game stuff, this is where we start getting THOSE items :)

For starters we go with the traditionnal Rabadon's Deathcap. The Rabadon's Deathcap is just awesome, gives a very good amount of AP along with a superb passive that give you more AP base on a percentage of what you currently have. So the more AP you have the more AP you'll get.

Next in line is the Zhonya's Hourglass. I can never get enough with this item. It is simply beautiful, give a nice amount of AP along with some armor so we are a bit less squishy! Plus to add to the greatness of this item, the activation grant you immunity to all source of damage for 2 seconds.

Alright so now it's time to finish those two items we started earlier. I always like to go with Morello's Evil Tome for the mana regen and the CDR then I finish my Will of the Ancients but of course you can go with either depending on your team. If your team consist on more then 2 casters i'd say go with the Will of the Ancients if you are mainly the only caster go with the Morello's Evil Tome.

Situational Items

Of course there's always a situation where you need to sacrifice one of your item to get more survivability so if that happens i'd say drop the Will of the Ancients and grab a better item which would suit more the situation.

If the other team is:

Melee heavy grab a Thornmail

Caster heavy grab a Banshee's Veil

50/50 grab a Guardian Angel

There you have it now you have Brand pimped out :P

Item Build Link

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Summoner Spells

For my summoner's spell I personally use Teleport and Flash.

If you don't like Teleport you can always go for Clarity. Again this is depending on the player playstyle.

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This section is where I will post updates on the guide.

Version 1.0.0 - Release of the Guide