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Brand Build Guide by Guest

Brand - Scorched Earth

Brand - Scorched Earth

Updated on June 19, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Build Guide By Guest 2,293 Views 0 Comments
2,293 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Brand Build Guide By Guest Updated on June 19, 2011
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LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite



This is my very first build, so don't get mad at me if i screw this up.
If you have any questions about the build or want to give me any feedback, my LoL name is Blazer16113
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The offense should have no need for explaining. 15% magic pen and a 10 AP bonus after ignite, and 3% CDR is win, especially early game.

Defensive masteries, some of you may be asking why do i need that? 6 magic resist, because i find mages are the most likely to harass me, but the whole reason i went here, was for Strength of Spirit. with your Archangel's Staff constantly giving you bonus mana, this will eventually lead to a high health regen rate at the cost of 7 points. It makes early game much better, even with a low mana pool, it is definitely noticable.

Utility masteries, with the bonus 5% exp, it gives you that small edge early game, and the bonus health and mana regen doesn't hurt. and we get to keep our blue buff for 30% longer.
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Magic pen. thats all that needs to be said about the marks.

Mana regen runes, i prefer scaling, but flat is fine too, but mana regen is crucial. Brand drinks mana like a fish. Scaling is barely noticeable early game, but with a few levels, it is definitely noticable. these runes will make running out of mana as Brand a joke. Of course you could go with glyphs of force for a massive AP boost, but whatever floats your boat.

Cooldown reduction runes. Scaling is recommended here, because you need your abilities most in the late game, and by level 18, you will have almost 12% CDR passively from masteries and runes.

Quints, again, i dont have to go there, early ability power is great for harassing and winning in your lane.
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Start with the Meki pendant, with a few pots, this will give you 10 extra mana per 5 (if you include the Meditation mastery) this will allow you to stay in lane with bran MUCH longer than without it. Continue to build it into a Tear of the Goddess, this will increase your mana pool, and increase your health regen, allowing you to stay in lane even longer, and make you feared in your lane.

Work on your boots next, because we all love magic pen as Brand.

Next, get your Archangel's Staff, by now you should have well over 1000 max mana, and Archangel's Staff will cause you ability power to be based on your mana. This is great, not only is your health regen based on your mana, but so is bonus AP. This item will cause your AP to jump.

Next, work on either a Void Staff, or a Rod of Ages. I prefer the void staff because, well, its magic pen, but the rod of ages is also wonderful for you, it gives you more mana (AP + HP per 5) and more max HP, and more AP in one item. This item is great if their team is mostly DPS squishies, like yi or vayne. The choice is yours.

Next stop is Morello's Evil Tome, this bad boy will give you 20% CDR, mana regen, and 75 AP. Wonderful item for Brand, if you dont get it you're missing out.

Next, Rylai's Crystal Scepter give you more health to survive in team fights longer, 80 AP, and a slow for your spells. As if you weren't awesome enough.

Finally, if you're enemy is being stubborn as a mule and wont die, put the nail in the coffin with a Rabadon's Deathcap, by now your AP will be tremendous without it from your items, but with this (30% extra AP) it could very well cause it to hit the 1000 mark, and your enemies will run in fear. Great last item game for winning or losing, you can get this sooner if you please, but i like this item as a game ender. The near doubling of your AP will catch your opponents off guard, and its most likely game.
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one of my favorite moves is to get a squishy such as vayne or yi to try and chase me (being too greedy). whip around, hit them with E, then Q them, if it lands, instantly W, ignite, and ult if needed. This WILL kill almost any opponent in one hit if you get everything off. and with your CDR and mana regen, it'll be no time before you get refunded in your abilities, and mana. This also works with a lot of other situations, it's very flexible.

A great (late game) farming technique is to W the mage creeps, and hit them with E. it will bounce around and hit them all, and hopefully you will get 3 creep kills.

Early game farming try to last hit with your auto attack, if you cant get it quite right, dont be afraid to use your spells. However, as soon as you get Tear of the Goddess, spam your spells, but not to the point of starving yourself of mana. It will pay off in the long run with HP regen, AP, and a higher mana pool.

In teamfights, focus (yet again) Squishy DPS such as yi or vayne. With your high burst damage you should either knock them out or knock them down. Supports that heal the team are also a great focus, they should die just as easily as the DPS, in fact, i think they should take priority. Lowest priority targest include tanks with high health and MR, or anything with high MR really.
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The End

That wraps up my first guide, don't forget to comment, and i hope this will help some of you. If you want more of an in-depth guide with this build, leave the comment or message me about it in LoL. Any support/advice or suggestions would be great, as i would also like to improve this guide. Thanks for reading and rating.

League of Legends Build Guide Author
Guest Brand Guide
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Brand - Scorched Earth

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