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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ferumvir

Brand- Stop, Drop, and Roll!

Ferumvir Last updated on May 2, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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This is my first build so please give feedback and I'll continue to improve it :)

Brand really shines early and mid game. End game he slows down but can still take chunks out of enemies in team fights. This build is designed to dominate early game and cause a lot of harassment with your level advantage as well as provide more survivability for late game ( If they don't surrender at 20 :P ).

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In a faraway place known as Lokfar there was a seafaring marauder called Kegan Rodhe. As was his people's way, Kegan sailed far and wide with his fellows, stealing treasures from those unlucky enough to catch their attention. To some, he was a monster; to others, just a man. One night, as they sailed through the arctic waters, strange lights danced over the frozen wastes. There was something hypnotic about them; it was something that drew them to it like moths to a flame. Trekking across the frozen waste, they came to a cave covered in ancient runes. The meaning of the runes long lost to them, Kegan led the way inside. There, inside a perfect cage of ice floated a dancing column of flame. There was no way such a thing should be burning, especially not in this place. However, its movement was as hypnotic as a siren's song, captivating and seductive. While the others stayed back, Kegan could not help but approach it while holding out his hand.

That is the last thing Kegan Rodhe remembers, for now his body belongs to Brand. It is a creature of olden times, perhaps even a casualty of the Rune Wars. It is known in ancient texts as the Burning Vengeance. It is a creature of pure fiery hate that exists for no other reason than to lay low the world of men and yordles. No one is quite sure how Brand found his way to Valoran, but he began his predations at once. Overcome by Demacian forces, he was given a choice: fight within the confines of the League or die. Naturally, he chose to use his destructive powers in the League, for now.

"This place will burn, not by cinder flying on breath of wind, but by the vengeance of my hand." -Brand

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Pros / Cons

-Great burster
-Early game menace
-Good AP ratio
-Chains have amazing results
-His Passive.
-His Ult.

-Slows down late game
-Skill shot dependent for chains
-Mana Hungry

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Greater Mark of Magic Penetration and Greater Glyph of Magic Penetration are for Magic Penetration so you can cut through a lot of Magic Resistance early on.

Greater Seal of Ability Power is for the flat Ability Power to make your spells sting more right from square one.

Greater Quintessence of Replenishment to allow you to stay in your lane longer.

Greater Quintessence of Experience to keep that level advantage

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Pretty standard AP burster build.

9 points in Offense for Archaic Knowledge while also grabbing extra crit, AP, and CDR,

21 Points in Utility for mastered summoner spells, increased regeneration, more maximum mana, faster move speed, more XP + gold, and lots of CDR.

The total benefits are:

+ 0.6% Crit
+ 10.8 AP at 18
+ 15% Magic penetration
+ 4% Health regeneration
+ 4% Mana regeneration
+ 3 MP5
+ 1 gold / 10 sec
+ 5% Experience gain
+ 3% Movement speed
+ Mastered summoner spells ( Faster Teleport cast and cooldown + Full Clarity benefits to teammates )
- 9% Champion spell cooldowns
- 15% Summoner spell cooldowns

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Laning Strategy


Level advantage is key.

Harass constantly, but don't get reckless with your spells and misfire or commit suicide. You can keep your mana up with Clarity and Meki Pendant, but always have 200 mana early game and ~400 late game to spare . This is important so you can Pillar of Flame / Conflagration + Sear to stun enemies and get out of sticky situations.

Try to keep your enemy out of the lane or out of range of minions. If your dealing with an aggressive enemy last hit minions and use your spells to keep them at a distance.

Tip: Once your Pillar of Flame can do 300+ damage toss it into the ghost camps whenever your near them. The extra XP + 100 gold is always welcome.

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Skill Sequence

Sear- Lots of damage and a stun! Can you ask for more?

Pillar of Flame- This will usually be your main harassing spell. There is a delay while casting so it takes some practice to master placement. The cast range is slightly longer than it is shown.

Conflagration- Single target, TONS of damage, and can be used for AoE. A good trick if your enemy is out of range is to pop this on a burning minion and catch them with the AoE. Brands passive allows the little spark to be very dangerous.

Pyroclasm- Just an amazing ult. A huge fireball, 5 bounces, and only a 100 second cooldown. I must stress: DO NOT USE THIS ON A LONE TARGET, unless it is absolutely necessary. Take advantage of it's bounces. It bounces off of minions too!

Blaze- Great passive. Target looses 2% of their HP + the damage of the ability.

I take Pillar of Flame first for the lane control. Aside from just damaging you enemy it can be used to down minion waves and also scare the enemy away from your own minions.

One point in Sear next for the stun, now you start killing your enemy. Catch him with a pillar for the burn effect, then stun with sear and auto attack. This combo will usually result in a dead, or a seriously crippled opponent.

Now just go back and forth with Conflagration and Pillar of Flame, with the usual ult at 6 11 and 16. Max Sear last.

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Meki Pendant to stay in the lane, with some Health Potions for survival.

Build into Morello's Evil Tome quickly with some boots along the way. Morello's is amazing to have early on and will stay your best friend the whole game.

Sorcerer's Shoes- More magic pen! Now you can run to other lanes for quick ganks.

Hextech Revolver- Helps you to heal and stay active around the map.

Kage's Lucky Pick- Extra ability power and 5 gold/ 10 sec. This will build into Deathfire later on so it is placed at item slot #4 so it can be quickly pressed with your chain.

Lich Bane- I take this for the extra AP and movement speed. The passive is nice too ;)

Deathfire Grasp- Everyone loves more AP! Upgrade from Kage's. After this you shouldn't have any more mana problems and the active synchronizes very well with your chain. Placed on slot #4 so it can be quickly pressed with your chain. Congratulations your now at the CDR cap! [ Within your chain the enemy will lose 34% of their HP along with the damage done by your spells. *This is assuming your casting fast enough to skip one cycle of Blaze* ]

Now just upgrade the revolver to Will of the Ancients for the increased effects and aurora.

If the game lasts long enough it's time for Rabadon's Deathcap. Now even your tiniest spark should take out chunks of enemy health.

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So that's the build.

Please comment and rate :) Your feedback is important to make it better!

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Change log

V1.0 - Posted.

V1.1 - Changed Frozen Heart to Deathfire Grasp. Added Kage's Lucky Pick as item #3. Updated Introduction, Laning Strategy, and Masteries sections.

V1.2 - Fixed various typos.

V1.3 - Some item revisions after getting some feedback.