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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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Brand, The Fire Of Chaos

Last updated on January 19, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Summoner Spells

Hey guys so this is my first time submitting a guide so i will be glad to see many responses telling me if anything is wrong or you found something better. So we all know Brand is by himself an overpowering force if you have him on your team if he is built correctly. Lets start from the very beggining meaning the summoner spells. Except it seems it was made for Brand Ignite is a really helpful skill cause if you combine it with Brands damage-over-time abilities it can be seriously deadly. It also gives you an extra 5 points in ability power and attack damage if you use the offense tree mastery. Next the Flash spell is a very useful one cause Brand has an unstable stun meaning you dont really know if you will stun the target or not so you must have a second plan for escaping if you cant kill the opponent or if you are ovewhelmed.

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Mastery trees

For masteries now. You may think a defensive or utility based build would be better but sometimes the best defense is a great offense. You use summoners wrath to enhance Ignite and after that you use almost every mastery that can help a mage against a champion. If you arent at level 30 yet use the offensive tree as much as you can and after you make it in level 23 begin the utility masteries. Brand can deal way more damage than needed but he can also use his Pillar Of Flame to weaken his enemies before engaging in a fight so sometimes you may run out of mana in the worst time. Thats why you use expanded mind for some extra mana and meditation for some regeneration. If you die the good hands will help you to spawn sooner than you sould and fall into the battle once again.

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Skill Use

Brands skills are some of the deadliest in LOL if used correctly. Before using each skill it would be useful to learn the second effect it applies to an ablazed target. Ignite isnt one of Brands skills so it wont trigger Blaze when you use it. Sear is the most useful one when the target is ablaze because if it hits it stuns the target but at the same time it is the most difficult to land. Pillar Of Flames causes by itself a whole lot of damage and when the target is ablaze it deals an extra 25% damage making it the deadliest skill Brand uses. Conflagration isnt as useful as the other ones to an ablazed target so you can use this to start your combo either for you to escape or to kill the opponents. But it can be really useful for landing the last hit even if the target is out of range because if it is used to an ablazed target it transfers to all the nearby opponents let it be champions or creeps. Pyroclasm is your opponents worst nightmare especially if he is near another opponent as Pyroclasm bounces between random close targets and so it can hit the same opponent up to 3 times and deal a heavy amount of damage or even kill a couple of opponents if used at the right time. As it doesnt have a really useful effect it can also be used to ablaze a target and then stun him with Sear but it would be a time when you dont have other skills or it wouldnt be the right time for it. Now for some tips and combos. A common combo usually has Sear casted second so it can stun the target but you can use them whenever and in any way you feel more comfortable. First is the most common combo to use which is: Conflagration-Sear-Pillar Of Flames-Pyroclasm. It is used because Conflagration doesnt do any more damage to an ablazed target and you can use it for the ultimate damage combo. But the hard part is that you get very close to an opponent to start this combo as Conflagration doesnt have a really long range so it makes easier for your opponents to come close and even dodge your stun. Another good combo is Pillar Of Flames-Sear-Conflagration-Pyroclasm so you can be in a safe distance from your opponents to stun them and then go closer and land the other skills. Also as i said earlier you can use Pyroclasm instead of Pillar Of Flames to start the combo and that would also help to maximize the damage but your ultimate is a fear of many characters in the game so it shouldnt be used that lightly. Still you can use the abilities in any way you want.

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Rune Choice

Runes is a pretty easy issue as it isnt ideal to spend you runes in 3-4 different things. Instead you should spend all your runes in empowering even more ability power as the more ability power Brand has the more your opponents will fear the moment he shows up in a lane or a fight. So the obvious choices are the ones that enhance your starting ability the most. Someone would ask why to use a rune that enhances ability power all together and not by the level as these runes give you more ability when you have reached 18 lvl. The truth is you can take whichever you think it is better but heavier is better when nobody has items yet. So if you can start an early game killing score it will enable you make another powerful item later at the game that will give you much more power so a rune that gives you maxed ability power can be better than one that gives you little by the level.

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Item Building

As most of the times the best way to start your item building is by taking the one thats on your champions list. There are 3 items that you can start with depending on what kind of character you use. For Brand the best item to start is Dorans Ring. It gives you 100 more health along with ability power and mana regeneration so it is just about perfect for starters. Next you want to get some extra movement speed as Brand isnt quick enough so your next item should be Sorcerers shoes as it gives you 20 magic penetration and enhanced movement. Next on the line is Void Staff. It gives you a good amount of ability power and also enhances your magic penetration by 40% which make it a really good item if you want to deal some heavy magic damage. The next one is the most expensive item you build but at the same time the deadliest. I am talking about Rabadons Deathcap which gives you a gigantic amount of ability power and to make things even worse it grants you another 30% of your ability power. Another one of you items is Will of The Ancients. It gives you another good amount of ability power and its passive gives you spell vamp and some more ability power so it actually helps you stay alive just a little longer while making you even more powerful. And last but not least is Morellos Evil Tome. It makes your ability power even more enhanced and grands you some mana regeneration and also reduces your skill cooldown reducton by 20% so it fits perfectly. And if you build all of these and still you want more power you can always sell Dorans Ring to build Another Rabadons Deathcap.