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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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BRAUM B!TCH Patch 5.22

Last updated on November 20, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

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i have no idea how to put icon and stuffs but i just wanna share my build (5.22) for Braum. i love the support this patch, it's faster to build items.

(edit: fock yeah, i now know how to put icons and sh!t.)

no need for that long intro, we all know Braum, if you don't know him try reading some of the longer guides here, this guide is just for his items and masteries, and it's quite advanced. (yeah)

let's go to items.

first item, get that Relic shield, that damn refillable potion and warding trinket.

first back, get that crystal that builds sightstone, get yourself some brown boots then get some pink wards. no need to rush sightstone since you get 2 wards with that trinket anyway and your ADC can put wards too (two times!).

now when you have enough money or time to go back, get that damn sighstone, get that boots of swiftness (yes i prefer this over mobility boots since that boots is useless on team fights) this one was buffed this patch and IIRC also got cheaper. buy some pink again if they killed your pink or if you want to move your pink ward. if you have extra money upgrade that damn potion to that Ignite potion stuff. It's ****ing amazing.

now when you reach level 9, immediately upgrade your warding trinket to that blue orb the ADC loves so much. yes, that BLUE ****. that red trinket is ****ing ******** useless now, it doesn't detect invisible enemies, yes it does give you that shadowy red when you place it on an enemy without vision. but it's ******** useless now against Akali, Shaco, Evelynn, etc.

why the blue orb? so you can light up that jungle! for every ~60 seconds or less, drop that **** on every bush on your jungle. now when you have lighted that **** up, you can now start dropping it on enemy jungle. i also suggest to tell your team to get that blue **** so they can drop unlimited wards every ****ing where.

final build would still be, Face of the Mountain, Locket, get that Dead Man's Plate for that damn movement speed, Boots of Swiftness (Alacrity, Homeguard), that Pink Sightstone.
last item would be for that damn Pink wards because that damn Red trinket is ****ing useless if they have invisible ****ers.

if they have ******** AP ****ers get that damn Visage for maximum healing.

if you have stupid ****ing teammates that keeps getting hit by that Morgana ****ing snare get that damn Crucible ****, wait no. don't get that stupid item, it has ****ing long cooldown, they nerfed it this patch and it's ****ing useless. just jump in front of that stupid ***********er so you get CC'ed and not that stupid Melee Jinx.

if you ****ing fed their ****ing Kogmaw with that ****ing attack speed get that damn Snow Heart.

or just get Warmog.

now on to Masteries.

right now we're still testing that Bond of Stone ****, this part right here is kinda useless so far (8% of the damage they would take from champions is dealt to you instead). it's useless. we tried it, it doesn't do ****.

but that damage reduction. (+4% Damage Reduction. While near an ally this bonus is doubled) mmmmmm.

so it should look like this 0/12/18

for that middle masteries,
put 5 **** on that Wanderer (man, this **** was tier 3 before),
get that ****ing biscuit,
then put 5 **** on that ****ing Mana regen cause they ****ing removed that Mana pots.
then get that ****ing Gold income.

for the Resolve Mastery tree,
i would put 5 ****ing **** on that health regen, so you would feel like Mundo regen ****. or if you wanna feel like Alistar then get that damn Bonus Armor and MR. but i prefer that ****ing health regen.

then get that ****ing Movement speed on that ****ing River and Bush, cause you know people run faster on water and bush.

then after that i prefer putting 5 **** on that bonus to all shields and healing. cause i calculated that 4% additional health and at level 1, that's like 25 ****ing health. which is like 1 poke by Vayne, well 1 less poke could save you, but i prefer that healing **** that amps your healing ****. and at level 18 that's like 120 ****ing health. yeah amazing. no.

then put **** on that 50% health regen, yeah it's ****, but that 200% when down 20% health? mmmm. and besides IIRC, that ****ing Insight Mastery before used to include activated items. but not anymore though. fockers.

then put 5 ****ing **** on that Tenacity and Slow Resist ****. so you can ****ing take all that **** *** slow and CC they throw at you (they throw ****ing slow at you? yell I CAN FOCKING TAKE IT B!TCH). and add that Boots of Swiftness, you don't move like **** anymore (you don't****ing drop to 300 ***********ing walk speed).

then get that ****ing Bond of Stone so when you press tab in game, you can see your ****ing keystone. and also that damage reduction. mmmm.

i did a little bit of testing with the Windspeaker's Blessing and Runic Armor and i get around 45-46 health with Relic.

for Runes,
i run the typical Braum Runes here.
9x Mark of Armor
9x Glyph of Magic Resist
9x Seal of Health
3x Quint of Armor

for maximum protection.

you end up getting 21 Armor, 72 Health, 12 MR.

im thinking of dropping some of the MR and putting in Mana Regen cause they ****ing removed Mana Potions.

now on to Ability Sequence.
always, always go Q first. cause that ****ing slow and your ****ing passive can ****ing kill someone at level 1.

then go for E if your ADC isn't some dumb **** that's always out of position and can't go back because they can't pass through ****ing minions now.

if he's a dumbass ADC that's always out of position and need saving then get that damn W first so you can ****ing save him with that extra Armor and MR.


****, totally forgot about Summoner Spells.

it's the usual. Flash / Exhaust.
Flash - for that SS initiation. never, ever use your Flash for running away. cause Braum does not run away. die with honor you ****ers.
Exhaust - for that Yasuo SS.

so that's it. hope you ****ers enjoy this guide. good luck and protect them damn Kogmaws.

- Mister Kunat
Best Braum PH.
well not really, Im Unranked.


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