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Brawler's Brand for Normal players

Last updated on November 5, 2012
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It's always the same thing from these top tier players where the environment is the same and everyone involved has a similar mindset. To hell with you people. Try Brawling in the jungle with lower to med ELO players that can go "full ******" at any moment. Where your team composition makes no sense and you find yourself as brand trying to carry an entire team with the only "CC" -crowd control on your team is you.

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AP blues,yellows and quints.
Magic Pen red's

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-.- Mixing as much AP and Cooldown % as you can manage.

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Forget all that **** you see in pro streams. You need to be deadly EARLY, MID, AND LATE game.
You can be a deadly glass cannon staying at a much better range than your ADC only you have some crowd control.

1 Dorans ring - because with the right runes/masteries you already have 55 AP at level 1 and one Q does 30%-40% of their HP no joke.
2 At roughly around 900 gold, pick up BOOTS and magic scroll ($435 ap thing) and 2 wards Warding your mid helps you own this lane. so your team may be **** but this mid lane belongs to you punk.
3 Next is either Giant's belt finish sorc boots, or Blasting wand. depending on how confident you are. But you are building a RYLAI'S STAFF (Rod of ages seems nice but it takes forever to build because you do **** for damage the entire early game and I have already killed you twice and finished my item.)
4 Build your deathcap. pure damage. yeah makes sense.
5 Void Staff for the damage plus Magic Penetration.
6 I don't care what you get. But the Rylai's + deathcap makes you a brawler cuz brawler's don't got time for Rod of ages or more damn spellvamp to still do **** for dmg.

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Ranked Play

So we know that unless you're ranking roughly 1400 ELO, you are colliding with stubborn ***es who will only use champs and spells that they seen the pro's use in streams. Yet they don't have a guy in bot go AFK because he's really 12 yr's old and in trouble with his mom, which of course leads to a 3 man gank on you mid where you gotta burn a flash and now can't use it on that fool *** Leblanc you been poking. Here's the deviation.

(Q) does more damage for less mana with less cool down. I know it breaks the "pro" mold but max it first and everytime. Learning to land 2 of these alone will send an opponent back to base. It never gets enough credit.
(W) Pillar is great, but it works a hell of a lot better as a combo STARTER as opposed to later. Pillar the creeps as your opponent passes thru, sidestep and now stun with Q. Beautiful. Now say you Pillar creeps and they manage to back off real fast to avoid it. Then just sit a second and when they walk up hit (E) on the the ignited minion at max range and let the effect "bounce" to your target. Now Stun and serve. Serve em extra crispy

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Ward you're own mid lane everytime you go back. even if it's just one, then hug that side.
Rush those Sorc boots and rylai's. once you get that Giant's belt, you now will survive the cheap burst from kassadin and leblanc. Serve em up while they sit with all abilities in cooldown. Practice landing that Q. the stun will save you're life and when you can double stun a fleeing YI. you are doing well.
Cheap guide I know but I have a real life and 4 kids. So I am off to work. Good luck.